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Honeygain: Can Earning Effortlessly Be Possible?

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All active internet users have seen headlines or ads that promise unbelievable passive income opportunities that are supposedly just one click away. They might have even piqued your interest – who doesn’t like getting money for free, after all?  The problem is, most passive income ideas you’ll find online are either scams or require financial investment, special skills, or additional training prior to the start.

Suppose you can barely afford to invest any time into earning but would love to get at least a little extra money on a regular basis. In that case, you might prefer trying Honeygain – an application that pays you for sharing your internet connection with its network. Right now, it’s also running a limited-time offer for our readers: everyone who signs up with the code PASSIVEINCOME receives their first $5 for free!

Easy, Quick, AND Safe

Let’s begin with what a new Honeygain user needs to start generating passive income effortlessly. First, download the Honeygain application and install it on your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone. Honeygain is free and currently available on all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android). Once you create an account on the official website and log into the app, Honeygain starts sharing your extra bandwidth with its network,

You can use your email address, Facebook, or Google account to log in. There’s no need to provide any other details that aren’t necessary to identify your profile (you will need to provide some more details when you decide to cash out – but more on that later). The application doesn’t require any permission to access the data on your devices, so your profits are not just effortless but also entirely risk-free.

Honeygain’s business cases

As you register on Honeygain, you become a part of the world-leading crowdsourced web intelligence network. If this sounds a bit confusing, think of the last time you booked a flight somewhere. Chances are, you used a specialized website that reviews and compares the offers different airlines have on their websites and selects the best deal for you automatically in seconds. Have you ever stopped to consider how so much data from so many places on the web can be gathered and processed this quickly? Here’s a hint: it’s not by using bots.

Bots, or applications that deal with monotonous tasks by running automated scripts, were a popular choice for this type of action in the past, but as time went by, bot-banning policies gained prominence worldwide. These days, however, businesses can partner up with a web intelligence network and use the bandwidth of its millions of users to gather publicly available data from the web instead.

Price comparison is one of the most basic examples of what Honeygain can enable companies to do – these partnerships also allow for brand protection, ad verification, and many other data-based processes to be completed swiftly and efficiently.

Let’s Talk Numbers

With default network sharing, Honeygain’s earning rate is 1,000 Honeygain credits ($1 ) for 10GB of shared traffic. To achieve the best results, make sure you use a fast Internet connection (>50Mbps) and connect to more devices (the limit is up to 10 per account), as well as IP addresses.

A typical Honeygain user has two or three devices connected to their account and earns $15–20 per month on average – which, as the app creators like to say, is enough to pay for their streaming platform subscriptions or cover their phone bill. The users can request a payout as soon as their balance hits 20,000 credits ($20) and receive it in either their PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet in a few business days.

Users have two options for making more money on Honeygain:

  • Content Delivery (CD): if you’re using a desktop device and live in one of the 40 countries where this feature is currently available, turn CD on in your app and earn 6 credits for every hour your device is in Active mode!
  • Referral program: get your friends or family to join Honeygain’s network using your unique code and earn a recurring bonus equal to 10% of their earnings!

If you’re sharing your connection actively, you can also try your luck in the app’s Lucky Pot lottery and win up to 10,000 credits every day. Social media fans, on the other hand, should make sure they follow Honeygain on their favorite network and turn off post notifications so they don’t miss weekly contests that typically take seconds to participate and provide a chance to win thousands of free credits, too.


So what is our final verdict? Yes, earning effortlessly is possible – and Honeygain certainly makes it do. Clearly, you shouldn’t hope you’ll keep running the app and get enough money for all your monthly expenses – still, you can’t say even an extra $20 doesn’t feel great when you get it for free. Join Honeygain now, and let passive income cover your Netflix subscription fee, get movie tickets for you and your date, or become the start of a life-changing investment!

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