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Chad Price’s MAKO Medical Partners with Maryland Department of Health to Offer Free State-Wide COVID-19 Testing

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Accurate COVID-19 testing is the best weapon we have against the pandemic. Stopping the spread of the virus has been a top priority since the outbreak first began back in late 2019 and early 2020. While vaccines have emerged, the truth of the matter is that many people are not protected. For that reason, state departments are looking into ways to offer community-wide testing programs that ensure people’s safety.

MAKO Medical Laboratories, a leading testing and research center, partnered with the Maryland Department of Health last month to do just that. The dynamic duo has released a free mobile COVID-19 testing program, giving more people than ever access to accurate and free testing. Underserved communities in the Maryland area will be at the top of the list when it comes to accessing this state of the art program. The two mobile testing teams will be traveling around the state, visiting each of the 24 jurisdictions over a 12-week period.

“As we continue to vaccinate more Marylanders, we are also racing against the spread of more contagious COVID variants,” MDH Secretary Dennis R. Schrader told NottinghamMD.com last month when the news broke. “Testing, along with contact tracing, are parallel efforts that remain critical to our ability to identify and respond to COVID-19 outbreaks and will enable us to end the pandemic.”

The Maryland COVID-19 Testing Task Force will be working closely with local health departments to ensure the success of the program. The move comes as part of a grander plan to offer smaller, community-centric testing opportunities for people, rather than merely relying on large test centers. The mobile team will be using PCR tests from MAKO Medical Laboratories, which offer efficient results in just 24-48 hours.

The mobile testing teams started their work toward the beginning of May 2021, first visiting Charles and Somerset counties. The team went to Somer Cove Marina, Mt. Carmel Church, Waldorf Jaycees, and the Charles County Government Building. Shortly afterward, the team moved on to visit St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Worcester Counties. As the 12-week program continues, the team will head to locations all around the state to ensure that the underserved communities there will have the access they deserve to proper testing.

“From the start of this pandemic, our goal was to make testing for COVID-19 as easy as it can be, no matter where in Maryland you live,” Jon Weinstein, director of the Maryland COVID-19 Testing Task Force told NottinghamMD.com last month. “As people increase their activity outside the home, we are evolving Maryland’s COVID-19 testing strategy to meet people where they are and to better support our communities.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Chad Price and the MAKO Medical team has stepped up to help the greater community. When the pandemic first started, Chad Price made some landmark adjustments to the leading healthcare brand. The stellar team of experts quickly shifted its focus to testing for COVID-19 and, simultaneously, researching variants along the way. To support these efforts, the company extended its testing capacity from 50,000 COVID-19 tests daily to around 100,000-plus tests per day.

Up to this point, the leading research company has identified 160 variant cases of the virus and identified mutations across nine of the 38 states in which they conduct their testing. Among the variants that the MAKO Medical Laboratories team has identified  are the B.1351, B.117, and L452R mutations.

Since testing is at the forefront of this ever-growing challenge, the well-known company is now working alongside state departments to offer affordable and free testing services to the local communities that need it the most. As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Chad Price and the MAKO Medical team will carry on supporting the efforts of state officials and other medical companies in the region.


About MAKO Medical Laboratories

Underpinned by an expert team of nationally-recognized doctors and PhDs, MAKO Medical Laboratories specializes in methodology development and pathological services. The game-changing testing company and labs prioritize patients by offering transparency.

Started in 2014 by Chad Price, Adam Price, and Josh Arant, the medical brand aims to disrupt the sector. Moreover, MAKO Medical offers support to veterans. The company combines a wealth of new technology including robotics, app platforms, and cloud-based tech. In response to the pandemic, the laboratories have adapted their services to offer accurate testing.

Chad Price is the CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories. He has had a long entrepreneurial career previously co-founding BrideGenie and founding Element Services Group Mechanical LLC. He has played a major role in starting Cary Reconstruction, and is a board member for Trill A.I. Moreover, he currently offers tailored consulting services to companies embarking on new mergers or primed for growth.

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