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3 Valuable Lessons Every Business Leader Should Learn From Israel’s Unforgotten Hero Rafi Edry

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Launching a business is a remarkable moment in every entrepreneur’s life. It’s a rite of passage that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. But it’s only the first step of your journey. Growing a company and steering it on the path to success is a different ballgame altogether.


The Reality of Being a Business Leader

If you want to take your business to greater heights, it’s crucial that you imbibe the right qualities to become a business leader. You’re the one responsible for motivating a team of hundreds or thousands of employees to do their best. Also, it’s up to you to brainstorm new ways to harness new opportunities and expand your business.

As you might have guessed, leading a company to success isn’t easy. You’ll have to overcome numerous challenges and motivate yourself to keep going despite every setback. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to look up to for inspiration during tough times?

Of course, when you think about role models for business leaders, a freedom fighter from Israel’s War of Independence won’t be the first person who’ll come to your mind. But Refael (Rafi) Edry’s triumphant life packs numerous lessons for today’s entrepreneurs.

The Hero Every Business Leader Needs

Rafi Edry was born in 1924 in Safed, Israel. He was only 24 years old when he lost his life during an Egyptian enemy shelling at a signpost near Revivim. But the courage and dedication he exhibited in his short life have become a motivation for younger generations.

Stories of Rafi Edry’s bravery continue to echo in every corner of Safed. He’s become the source of inspiration for his nephews, Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry.

Rafi Edry (named after the brave warrior) and his brother have devoted their lives to the upliftment of Safed and Israel’s periphery. They’ve launched various welfare initiatives to help children from underprivileged families. Also, they’ve raised funds to build a memorial for their uncle in Safed.

Here are a few valuable lessons you should learn from Rafi Edry’s life:

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Rafi Edry had barely crossed his teenage years when he decided to join the military. He’d always wanted to do something for his country and fellow citizens. He was even involved in the “Working Youth” movement.

As a battalion commander, he led several operations, including a raid in the village of Sasa. All he had with him was a machine gun, which he used to defend against enemy forces.

Similarly, when war broke out in Safed, he quickly engaged himself in hiding Slicks and preparing the Jewish Quarters. The thought of getting killed on the battlefield never deterred him from actively participating in the War of Independence. Instead, he always motivated himself by looking at the overarching consequences of his actions.

It’s easy for business leaders to lose sight of things when they have to deal with multiple failures. For instance, if you don’t achieve your sales target in a particular month, you might wonder whether it’s worth spending hundreds of dollars on marketing campaigns.

But like Rafi Edry, it’s crucial that you look at the bigger picture and assess the long-term impact of those campaigns. While they may not result in sales right away, they could be useful in improving brand awareness and authority.

Whenever your company faces adverse situations, remember that it’s only a small setback in the larger scheme of things. Keep your eyes on the end goal and keep striving to achieve it.

Stay Hungry

After leading the conquest of Safed, Rafi Edry became a commander in charge of guarding enemy warehouses. But his desire to remain an active participant in the war kept driving him. He couldn’t settle into the role of a passive bystander while his fellow citizens sacrificed their lives.

So, he joined the battle in the Negev as a platoon commander in the Yiftach Brigade. He left Safed despite repeated pleas and warnings from his friends and family. 


As a business leader, it’s crucial that you never become too comfortable or complacent. Being slightly discontent with your company’s performance is wiser. It’ll push you to explore new opportunities, develop innovative products, and build a better team. The idea is to always be on the quest to do more.Learn the Importance of Giving Back

Rafi Edry could’ve lived a long and happy life if he’d stayed at his job as an electrician. But the aspiration to do something for his fellow countrymen overpowered him. All he wanted was to make his country a better place. And that’s what turned him into a hero who’s remembered 74 years after his death.

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you find a way to give back to the community. When you contribute to the community’s development, it’ll boost the economy and ultimately help you grow your business. The best part is that you’ll get to create a lasting legacy beyond your company and products.


In Conclusion

Rafi Edry’s bravery, determination, and perseverance are a lesson for people from all walks of life. Business leaders should seek inspiration from his willingness to overcome every obstacle for the greater good. Also, learn from his unending quest to do more and build a better future.


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