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How Does Fashion Influence Us?

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Business thrives on the performance of stakeholders. And performances are influenced by a lot of many elements. The elements like passion for cause, vision, and risk appetite are intangible ones that form the base of the business and drive it in a positive direction too. Whereas, clothing and accessories are the tangible and more visible ones which are found to have significant influence on the thought process, attitude and ethical values of the user.


Clothes’ material influences mood and enhances positivity


Business fashion is something that needs to be taken seriously. Power dressing, an important part of business fashion, is the term that defines well-tailored formal suits. These are considered the perfect code for formal business meetings and occasions and here is a proper reason behind it.


  1. Sense of authority


Slipping into business suit induces the sense of authority in mind. The hormone levels of the body and even the heart rate kind of vital factors show a change when the nice clothes are worn. The growing demand for clothes (about 400% rise in buying of clothes has been reported) has affected the quality of materials. So, amidst such demand, wearing authentic fabric has become a thing of luxury. Use of high-quality yarns in power dressing makes the person more confident. And he is able to practice authority in a more confident manner.


Appearances in business occasions are a matter of status symbol. Paying attention to clothing becomes essential to meet the demands of community business people belong to. When the correct fashion code is followed, a feeling of self-assurance comes naturally and they behave more confidently, more authoritatively. Clothes are able to change the perspective of the onlookers too. Those who meet the person who is dressed up fashionably report to feel intimidated and easily give in to the negotiating powers of the other party. Such is the charisma of business fashion clothing; it can help turn the tables in your favor, if you follow the clothing norms, take the high-quality fabric only and go for authentic accessories like status watches, etc.


  1. Better cognition and focus


One of the studies reported in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has shown the effect of fashion clothing on cognition and concentration abilities. Test groups were divided into two and one of these was made to wear smart, fashionable clothes and the others were in casual clothing. When the members of each party played a dummy negotiation game, those dressed up came out more confidently and struck better deals than those who were dressed down.


Clothing material, in these formal studies, has been found to have a profound impact on the energy levels of the wearer. The colors have their share of impact too on the performance. Red colored clothes make the persons feel more energetic and report a higher heart rate when they indulge in some physical activity. They are likely to report more wins than the contenders dressed in blue.


The concentration levels of people wearing new and well-ironed clothes are better. They can remember things more easily and retain information for longer periods.


Role of authentic fashion accessories


Business clothing is incomplete without watches, sunglasses, cufflinks, tie and so on. The authenticity of these accessories is something not worth compromising. And, the status maintenance is not the only reason. The impressions of fake accessories work inwards more rather than outwards. Means, the persons using fake accessories are affected deeply inside than by the impression that is created on the other people they meet. In one of the studies related to Psychology behind Fashion Clothing, it was found that people using fake accessories have less ethical ways of doing business.


The users of fake accessories were too pompous and too ostentatious, also; they lied more and promised more than what could be delivered. For example, a lot of business people like to wear Rolex watches, because it looks stylish and moreover it tells about their wealth and status, but how to tell if a Rolex is real? The users of real accessories, on the other hand, showed down-to-earth behavior, had compassion for others and displayed a sense of righteousness. They behaved with more responsibility and their business decisions tilted more towards the betterment of the world around than simply generating the numbers.


Some latest business fashion trends worth following


In light of the points made above, one can know now the rationale behind the emerging trends in business fashion. Some of the latest trends defining the present day business fashion clothing are:


  1. Personalized items


Whether it is initialed on the cuff-links or brand name on the tee, people are drifting towards personalized clothing more. This gives them a sense of easy recognition and they find it easy to make a statement. They feel more confident about the look and deal better.


  1. More purchases from authentic stores


Instead of going after cheap alternative and landing upon the fake accessory, the emphasis is ongoing to reputed dealers. Thus, the use of authentic accessories is the trend catching up with the status clothing fanatics. They are ready to shell out extra dollars to get what is perfect in all possible ways.


  1. Emphasis on ethical sources


Business fashion mongers are making closer associations with the clothing and accessories experts who are exploring ethical resources to produce their goods. The brands that declare and take responsibility about adopting the nature-friendly ways, lay emphasis on worker health and income and keep the premises secured are being adopted by the aware buyers. The buyers want complete information about the materials used and those brands making such declarations are being endorsed in the business world.


  1. Digital buying is certainly in


Millennial buyers are targeted more aggressively. People are looking for the clothes and accessories online and they are being served with correct platforms, too, to make the process easier as well as revenue-centric.


To keep with the fact that fashion influences us, designer branded clothing is becoming more popular with people having immense buying power. But, just going after the brand name blindly is not the trend anymore. The show has to meet the substance, that is the unspoken rule followed everywhere in the business fashion world.

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