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How to Use Video in Customer Support to Enhance Customer Experience?

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When was the last time that you actually read a ‘read-me’ document or browsed any manual before purchasing a product? It is kind of rare for all of us. Many customers have shared their sentiments with the ubiquity of instant customer service options from live-chat to SMS, email, voice and social as the customers have been training to expect things to just work and need immediate & seamless support.

The businesses are striving harder in every possible way to simplify communication between the brand and customers. One such method is Video Marketing which is a useful digital marketing tool to instruct your consumers in a far better way without a doubt. To retain your customers, live chat feature along with upgraded video communication can help your brand do wonders.

In this article, we will look at how you can embed video marketing into your business to enhance your customer support. You need to implement some of the hacks to get it implemented successful and yield desired results.

  • How-To Videos

How-to-videos are an exciting way to build a personal connection as you can help the buyers to get the most out of your purchases through brief and informative demonstrations hosted by your in-house experts?

Instructional videos improve customer experience with step-wise instruction to use their products or services. These videos aim to simplify technical information by making it easy to digest. With these videos, you can instruct customers on how to use your product and this approach is very essential when you have technical products on board. Even these types of videos are the perfect approach to connect with the audience and be familiar with your audience. Your audience can also make their positive personas about your company by the virtue of this because they can see that company’s also putting up videos that’ll help to navigate. Slack has created a video for new customers for product awareness added below:

#2 Include FAQ videos

Many organizations feature FAQ pages on their websites by providing prospects with answers to some obvious questions without a need to call or email. But still, the customers have a simple search through your FAQ section for scouring questions to find theirs. Social media seems to be a faster and more convenient alternative because the customers can simply send a quick message to the company’s account from their phone.

Instead of having reps type the same Tweets or Facebook messages over and again, won’t it be easy to simply reply with a link to a video? Creating a portfolio of FAQ videos ensure customers to get a quick answer to their queries without having to go through the bulk of texts.

#3 Video chat with purchasers

Live chat is one of the more popular approaches in customer support as it claims the buyer to purchase more. Still, a video chat is rapidly becoming a viable alternative by offering numerous benefits over other customer service techniques. A video chat provides face-to-face communication between company reps and clients which helps to humanize by adding a little personality to it. Video chat is much faster than a text-based live chat which ensures greater productivity by fewer reps that are needed for your customer support department.

#4 Customer Review Testimonials

The internet has given a voice to everyone and review sites that provides consumers across the globe the freedom to share their own opinions. Many organizations use testimonials from satisfied customers on their site in order to provide reassurance for new prospects. If the existing buyers are happy to record the video testimonials, this can help to encourage customers in a more engaging way.

Be sure to use real customers and not actors as it can create fake reviews which may put off your potential buyers. Also, you can share these videos on your social accounts from time to time but keep it shorter as video more than 30 seconds seem like overkill.

#5 Webinars

The consumers can actually feel closer to your brand by hosting a webinar and providing a platform to showcase the personalities behind the brands that help to build and create it. Webinars seem to cover almost anything you like and thus helps you provide a longer tutorial on using some specific products by inviting customers to submit questions for your team to answer.

Live video broadcasts can make webinars into an ongoing conversation between your business and customers. Any number of comments or questions can be handled with there and then by showing how much your brand values their customer’s opinions. After you have finished your live webinars, you can post them to your site to be watched again or separate them into relevant categories.

#6 Video Analytics

Just as you optimize landing pages and campaign over a piece of paper, you can have the same for videos. Optimize your content according to video analytics as it is vital to determine your primary video goal before launching any marketing campaign. A proper strategic video can guide leads by increasing brand awareness, engagement and even conversions for a free trial.

Keep in mind regarding the buyer persona and target audience when thinking of your expected goals such as to which age group they belong to, geographic location, interests, and much more. These factors can help you decide what type of video you should make and post for a better user experience.

Wrapping up!

In this social media-fueled world, it is vital to communicate visually than ever. Getting started with video is easier than it has ever been for which your customers will be thankful for any way your team can communicate instructions and tutorials visually. Visual support not only helps buyers resolve issues on their own but it can also reduce resolution time dramatically. Keep Learning!

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