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9 Common Explainer Video Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Video Marketing Efforts

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It is incredibly easy to create videos and publish them online to supply video content to the hungry market. The study predicts online videos to overtake the watch time of TV around the globe. Here is an illustrative image that might raise your interest in making more online videos. 

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We can see that the craze of broadcasting videos is declining over the period at a steady rate among various age groups. Today, you can use some app online and create videos right away or take out your smartphone and start recording. For those people who are not comfortable getting in front of the camera, you can still create videos and be productive. 

Everyone can create an explainer video and start reaping the benefits of it. There is also an option of outsourcing the explainer video production company, and even small businesses can afford to do that. For those who are trying to come up with superb explainer videos, you can find plenty of tutorials and strategies to make your videos enjoyable. 

However, many of us often ignore finding out about the mistakes in advance before moving forward. Keep in mind that the errors can be lethal, and one error can ruin your whole marketing campaign. 

Nine Common Explainer Video Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Learning from others’ mistakes can save you a lot of money and time; that is why reading books, articles, and mentorship is critical. Here is the list of nine explainer video errors that you would want to avoid, while you are in the process of creating one for your company. 

Compromising on Quality 

It is not a strict requirement to have an exceptionally high-quality video, but it does not mean that you will ignore the quality of the video. You should at least produce a standard-quality video if not an HD video. The first thing that your audience will perceive is the scene, characters, and images of the video. 

You will all of a sudden, lose your brand reputation if you publish low-quality videos. It takes a lot of time to build a reputation, and one crappy video can ruin your whole image. Do not try to save a few bucks, as compromising with quality is not a wise thing. 

Always use the premium images that are not typical and high-quality objects in your video. If you are not skilled enough to create a high-quality video, do not hesitate to outsource this task. Go through this link for checking out some top-notch explainer videos. 

Not giving much emphasis on your script

Ignoring the script can be a costly mistake, as the lines of your video are the weapon that helps in converting the cold audience into action-taking customers. You should have a clear idea of what you want before you go ahead to writing a script

Be informative and always get straight to the point. If you are a beginner, it is better to follow systematic steps for producing words for your video. You should first present the problem to your audience and then jump to introducing your product/service as a solution. After that, explain how your product can help your viewers and then prompt them to take action. 


In case your writing sucks, outsource this vital task to a professional copywriter. 

Being narcissistic 

No one cares about how great you are if you do not show how much you care about your viewers. You will not get anywhere with a video that only talks about your achievements and your brand. 

You should consider putting out the pain points of your viewers and explain how your organization can help them out. It is the type of video that gets love from the people. 

Too boring

An explainer video must be entertaining in nature, and by being boring, you commit a big sin. You should not present your information like you are giving a lecture. It is essential to raise the curiosity of your audience and provide them with aha moments.

Use interesting characters and visual effects to grab the attention of your viewers. Also, give away some interesting and unusual facts or information that would raise their curiosity and make them eager to know what is going to happen in the next scene. 

Stretching the video too much

The longer videos can work if you have a vital message to communicate with your audience. In the case of an explainer video, you are better off with a shorter video. 

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You would not want to beat around the bush and make your audience flee without watching the full video. Making it shorter will allow your viewers to watch your action statement early, which will increase your return on investment from your campaign. 

Not knowing much about your audience

It is crucial to know your audience demographics, their buying stage, pain points, and other things that will impact your performance. The background, themes, characters, and scripts should resonate with your viewers. 

You will not get anything of value from your audience if you do not conduct enough research. 

Voiceover does not suit the nature of the video

Who is the right person for voice over for the video? You need to think about this question before you record the video seriously. If your voice is good enough for your video, it is fine to give it a try. However, you should not insert a voice for your clip if you are not the right fit. 

Also, stay away from the robotic voice and people who are not proficient in the language, as it will not sound right. There are professional voiceover actors who can do an excellent job for you, so do not hesitate to spend some money on them. 

Misleading your audience

Your audience should know what they are going to get from the video from the title and the introductory part of it. Deceiving your viewers with false claims and clickbait title can make your audience angry with the brand, and will never consider doing business with you.

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Being hesitant to pitch 

Finally, the big mistake that can ruin your whole marketing effort is being reluctant to tell about the product/service. Indeed, you should not be salesy and push your offer to your viewers right away, but it does not mean shying away from the whole pitching part. 

You will not make a dime in profit if you do not pitch the product, so do not hesitate to tell your viewers about what you are offering. The voice should contain some energy to get users excited to take any action and do business with you. 

The Takeaway

Despite knowing all the common mistakes, you might still repeat those common mistakes in the future. To restrict yourself from committing the mistakes that I’ve listed out in this article, I recommend you save this article and use it as a reference in the future. 

One of the best ways to increase your chances of making a compelling explainer video is by minimizing the mistakes that you make. You will commit other errors in your journey of producing explainer videos. I want you to note down the mistake right after you make it, and also write down the lesson that you learned from it. 

Do you want to share any mistakes that you committed in the past to help our audience? If yes, help our community by sharing your experience. 

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