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5 Best Sites to Make Online Animated Videos

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Need to create animations online? Want to know the best sites to make animated videos easily?

When I was a kid, I spent hours watching cartoons. Sometimes my mother passed me in the living room, she talked to me, but it was as if I did not hear anything. That’s because I was very entertained, having fun with the animations.

This type of animation is not just the favorite of the kids. Adults love it, too. And a SIMPLE animation can bring a lot of customers and sales to your business.

So today you will see several websites where you can make animated videos very easily. It does not need technical knowledge.

To create this list, I tested a number of video creation sites. Some are very intuitive; others have taken my patience. I separate here the best among them.


Animaker is used by big companies like Google, AOL, FedEx, Dell, GE, Pepsi, Adidas, Ford among others.

It has six types of video styles, which combined, can generate 720 different types of videos for the user.

The possibilities in Animaker are numerous. You can boost your creativity and create your own fantastic videos with professional quality.


FlexClip may not be well-known among those in creating online videos. But it already has more than one million users since its launch last year.

It offers a great variety of templates to suit your needs. You can edit them in the way you wish, such as changing the elements, colors, texts, etc. And you can also search from the extensive library of stock media choices including photos, video clips, and music to use in your work. In addition, FlexClip has a blog with very interesting and inspirable tips for you to make your videos even better.


In the case of Wideo, you will need a little more patience to develop your videos. At least in my case, it presented some page loading issues while I was using it. But It offers a lot of possibilities to create online animations.

You can choose a template and customize everything in just a few minutes without any previous experience. Once you are done, you can download your video as an MP4 or share it to social networks directly within the app. There are many people already using Wideo to tell their stories.


Explee has a video creation panel very different from the other options presented here. With it, you can also produce great animated videos but will present a slightly larger learning curve.

You can make a variety of videos with the options they offer, all with excellent quality. Their 6,000 animations will illustrate your ideas, spice up your video scribing and draw your audience’s attention.


Smilebox is an easy-to-use video slideshow maker, which helps you create an amazing video slideshow in minutes. In it, you can upload photos to the cloud storage; choose the music from your own music library or Smilebox’s soundtrack library. Anyone without any previous experience can make an impressive video in minutes and share it via email or social media.

Sum up

Well, I’ve tried each one. And as I said above, some of us need a little more patience to deal with. Of all the ones I found easier and more intuitive, besides having many options, is FlexClip. In FlexClip, everything is clean, intuitive, and straightforward. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on the characteristics of your project and your creativity.

The videos are attractive and will help in connecting with your target audience. So, go to these sites and start creating your own animated videos. And if this content helped you share it on social networks. This may be something small for you, but it helps me a lot, you can be sure.

And if you have any questions regarding the content that I post here, leave a comment, and I am going to help you with pleasure.



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