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Online Food Ordering/Delivery Business Ideas for 2019

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In the past couple of years, a significant rise in the online food ordering market has attracted several entrepreneurs to start a business in this sector. As a result, the segment gets crowded leaving very less room for the small and medium-sized players. But, at the same time, the food industry has acquired a massive part in the e-commerce market. Needless to say, the online food industry is a pot of gold to invest in and what’s just needed is the right business idea.

In the following post, we will discuss several online food ordering business ideas that have huge market potential and are also different from the traditional one.

Online Frozen Food Ordering Service

According to the Allied Market Research, the global frozen food market is expected to accumulate $306 billion by 2020. The growth would primarily be driven by the growing demand and consumption of frozen food across the European, Middle-East, and Asian countries. However, there are very few online frozen-food ordering websites which make the sector still an unexplored one.

Online Frozen Food Market (Products)

  • Frozen Sea Food
  • Frozen Potatoes
  • Frozen Meat & Poultry
  • Frozen Vegetables and Soups
  • Frozen Ready Meals

With frozen foods, a restaurant can also list special diets such as diabetic, low fat, low calorie, low salt, nut free, free from onion, egg free, etc.

Example: CookFood

Online Restaurant Table Booking

Although the restaurant industry is growing in terms of technological advancements the area that still requires a little bit of work is customer relationship management. Guestbook and reservation are still managed manually which sometimes lead to the bad customer experience.

With the online restaurant table booking platform, people can make an online table reservation at their favorite restaurant without any hassle. A website owner can make money by cutting commission on each booking, banner ads, and on-site promotion.

Example: Bookatable Marketplace

Online Catering Service

From small intimate affairs to large events, catering service not only provides food and beverage but also linens, tableware, and service personnel. To meet the ever-increasing demand, the catering industry is now expanding its horizons online. Unlike other sectors, the online catering industry is highly fragmented, meaning there is no company that is dominating this market which makes it more appealing for entrepreneurs.

Different caterers register themselves on the online catering website. When a customer needs a caterer for marriage function or a get-together, he visits the website and chooses the one that suits his requirements. Website owner makes a profit through various channels like subscription, commission, etc.

Also, a catering company can open its own website to increase the reach or expand its customer base.

Example: The Catering Company Seattle

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Online Bakery Business

A large number of people are looking to turn their leisure-time hobby like baking cakes, cookies, etc, into a flourishing business. But starting a brick and mortar bakery store can be a costly affair as ones have to hire staff.

On the other hand, aspiring bakers can start their online bakery business from home. They just need baking equipment and a website to operate.

Business Model of Online Bakery Business

  • Customer registers himself on the website.
  • He selects the flavor and the variety of cake needed for the occasion.
  • He can also add/remove any ingredient if he wants.
  • After all the formalities of payment, the cake is delivered on the given address.

Example: Cupcake Royale

Online Food Ordering Business for Senior Citizens

We all know that there are lots of challenges for senior citizens regarding meal planning and preparation. The situation gets worse when they are sick or disabled. To solve their problem, many entrepreneurs started online food ordering websites for senior citizens. These kinds of platform provide a healthy diet to senior citizens on just one click. This business is spouting and has a lot of potential for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Example: Silver Cuisine


All the above-discussed food delivery business ideas have a huge scope to grow as the competition is negligible and the demand is an all-time high. Whatever business model you opt for, creating a website from scratch will require a lot of investment of time and other resources. You can rather go for a readymade solution as it can be scaled to any extent and easily managed. One such online food ordering platform is YoYumm which can be customized to any of the above-mentioned marketplace models.

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