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Everything You Should Know About Getting Referral Traffic

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Growing your online business or a personal blog is challenging. However, many digital marketing tactics can help you build a strong strategic foundation for further constant growth. Finding sources of referral traffic is an effective approach to start your journey or complement an existing one.

Definition & Benefits of Referral Traffic

So what is referral traffic and why does it matter for your business growth? 

Referral traffic seems to be a fancy marketing term, but this notion is quite simple and common. These are users who happen to visit your web page from a referral website, namely any website besides Google search. 

Marketers consider this kind of traffic valuable for any website, as such visitors are potentially interested in your product or service and can get easily converted into leads. Moreover, referral traffic can increase your rankings, as it is an important SEO factor. The more authoritative referral websites link to you, the more signals about the worth of your website search engines get.

In a nutshell, here is what you will get with a stable inflow of referral traffic:

  • higher positions in Google and other search engines;
  • a wider audience that is interested in your products and services;
  • stronger business reputation;
  • a larger partnership network within your niche;
  • expanded brand awareness and recognition.

Reaching such results may sound like a lot of work. It is achievable, though. We have got 5 proven tactics (both free and paid) that will help you get your referral traffic. 

5 Tips on How to Increase Referral Traffic

     1. Guest Posting

The websites of relevant bloggers or businesses are perfect places to post referral links. You can create powerful backlinks by inserting them in the most profitable place in the body content to generate quality referral traffic. 

Mostly, it is a free way to engage a wider audience into your business and motivate them to become your customer. However, it requires a lot of work, namely creating outstanding content, and creating the most advantageous conditions for an effective backlink. That is why people choose to turn to guest posting and link building services to ensure that the work will be done flawlessly. You can try this page to enjoy all the benefits of getting referral traffic with guest posting.

     2. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn – social media giants have one thing in common, namely millions and billions of active users. As you may guess, it can become a source of referral traffic.

Choose the right platform based on where your potential audience may inhabit. Then, create a business account and increase traffic to your main website by engaging your readers and viewers with quality content and friendly communication.

     3. Get Listed in Directories

Many websites publish thematic lists and share useful information about creators and businesses in a niche. These lists are helpful both for users that are looking for relevant information and quality products and listed companies, as they get referral traffic.

If you find such directories, offer your website to get listed there. For that, you may need to present your products or services and highlight their best features. If you get mentioned in relevant directories, you may face significant brand recognition and an instant inflow of new customers.

     4. Create Infographics

For Google, any blog appears even more valuable when it contains, besides informative and in-depth content, original visual elements. Barely anything can be more productive than infographics, in this case.

Infographics combine text with visuals, and people across the web absolutely love it. They are fun, descriptive, and convenient – and get many shares, too. If users publish your infographic with a link to your page, other readers can go to your website, and your work becomes another source of referral traffic. 

If they do not link to you – this may be a matter of copyright infringement. So it makes sense to contact the author and ask politely to insert a link to your website or remove the infographics from the page.

     5. Interact with Other Websites

Attracting a new audience is often about communication with potential referring websites. Another unpaid way to expand your online presence and brand awareness are to leave comments, reviews, and testimonials for the web spaces of a relevant niche.

Choose websites that allow you to post such activities with a backlink added to the piece, and then generate comprehensive feedback to add value to other users of the website and show your expertise to them. Do not misuse this opportunity by being overly promotional! Then, other viewers may become interested in your opinion and visit your page.

Before You Start

Referral traffic is extremely important for both your SEO progress and contributing to your business goals directly. Most importantly, you should always keep up with new ideas and trends for your business to remain fruitful. 

More tips on referral marketing, do not limit yourself to one source. The world of digital marketing has never been stable, and it is essential to track, feel, and anticipate changes in the market. That will help you turn your recent results into more impressive and long-term outcomes.

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