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A Complete Guide to Women Health Tracker App Development

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Health tracking is one of the most lucrative ways of keeping conscious in these uncertain times for every single being out there. According to a study, almost two out of ten individuals in the US keep a track of their health in one way or another thereby offering a profitable market for health tracking applications across all kinds of mobile devices.

Coming to think of it initially, the health industry was rather keen on synchronizing health and fitness with the male species thus sidelining the women’s health altogether. Though, the time has changed for good. Women’s health tracking has become one of the most important issues of discussion around the world. Many organizations are giving their best in developing health tracking applications for women that are of utmost help when it comes to dwelling on some vital aspects of health and nutrition, in general.

This article will offer you a complete guide on the women’s health tracker app development. The application designed specifically for tracking a woman’s health no matter the age should ideally feature various healthcare innovations that can alter how the health is taken for granted by many. It should be able to track the general aspects of health altogether, including the period monitoring, pregnancy monitoring, ovulation cycle, thyroid, nutrition, menopause, and much more.

A women’s health tracker app development must be taken out with utmost concentration and focus on instilling a positive change around the health department for women of all ages that are currently juggling between studying, working or even taking care of their homes and families.

Here are some of the key statistics for women health tracking applications:

  • Women health tracking market is expected to reach an estimated total of more than USD 3.9 Billion by 2026
  • Growing awareness of mental health is bound to take the market share up a notch by the end of 2022
  • The women health market is expected to grow by 4.96% by 2026
  • 58.7% of general women population makes use of a fitness and health app to track their health daily

women health tracker app development statistics

The women’s health tracking applications market is expected to grow amidst the ongoing covid-19 pandemic with most of them ensuring different ways of staying fit and healthy while avoiding any kind of health issues. The increase in mobile penetration, as well as the ever-rising stress, are some of the other factors that have aligned women towards using a digital health tracker to stay fit and healthy.

Women Health Tracker App Development Ecosystem

According to the data gathered by the surveys, more than 90% of the women are the primary healthcare decision-makers for their families while more than 50% of women are globally using healthcare. Apart from this, the statistics also point that more than 80% of the healthcare spendings in the household is handled by the women. On the other hand, the records have now been set straight when it comes to being fit as more than 75% of women using a mobile device to track their health activities and general nutrition.

Types of Women Health Tracker Apps Available Across Markets:

  1. General Healthcare App: The application has been specifically designed for a general population and ensures relaying every bit of significant information related to one’s health. Apart from including various features that help women keep a track of their daily nutrition, with remainders, timetables, to-do lists and more, the application also ensures notifying them of the number of steps taken, the pulse rate, oxygen level, heartbeat, stress level, number of sleeping hours and more.
  2. Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Tracking App: The application offers a useful insight into a woman’s menstrual cycle based on the data that has been input by them. The application allows the women to track their menstrual cycles, log in the PMS symptoms for accessing health issues, body temperature, and more. Apart from this, the application also ensures to answer all the fertility queries, the best time to conceive, and much more.
  3. Pregnancy Mobile App: This kind of application is designed to offer immense help to pregnant women throughout their trimesters. Apart from indicating the health changes they can expect during the course, it also features various methods for soothing body pains or other issues that are extremely normal throughout the pregnancy. The application further guides with new mom-to-be tips as well.

Essential Features of Women Health Tracker App

Functionality is one of the most important aspects of a women’s health tracker app development that has been curated with modern technology. Though the design and an attractive UI/UX speaks volumes, the functionality that supports the requirements of every issue related to general health and womanhood is the only thing that is going to retain the customers.

  1. Registration

Women can easily register over the app and sign up via an email id or social media logins. It is one of the functionalities that is bound to be offered in the easiest ways to ensure more sign-ups and easy registrations. The designers must make sure to make the signup process as convenient as possible.

  1. Health Profile

The application allows the users to simply sign up and fill in the required health information and data like age, weight, height, allergies, menstrual cycles, and more. It is usually advised to allow the users to sign up with as basic information as possible to avoid overwhelming them and losing the customers altogether. After the user has signed up and filled in the initial info, the app can offer personalized content after that.

  1. Period Tracker

It is one of the most important features of women’s health tracker apps that makes it convenient for women to track their periods and related information. Apart from this, the availability of the period tracker further attracts a wider audience base. The application feature also allows women to track their fertility period, add in the PMS symptoms, and more.

  1. Notifications

The application must ensure the right amount of notifications be sent to the user for helping her manage her health, medicinal intake, and other issues better. The number of notifications on the app should purely coincide with the important aspects like next menstrual cycles, fertility period, symptoms reading and should be optimal to ensure engagement.

  1. Symptom Tracking

It is another one of the lucrative features a women’s health tracker app must be equipped with. The symptom tracker with the help of several AI tactics can offer readings to the women based on the symptoms or issues they data into the app. The accurate readings can result in proper data processing with the help of a wearable device like a digital watch that tracks and records every activity in a day.

  1. Social Sharing

The application must include a feature that allows the women to share their readings, symptoms, and other health queries or findings with their friends or family to keep them in the loop every step of the way.

  1. Online Consult

It is another one of the profitable functionalities that can ensure millions of downloads. The application must be able to allow women to make an online consultation with a doctor of their choice based on the health issue they witness. It is a vital aspect of the whole idea behind making healthcare accessible to the women population in general. Partnering with professional doctors is one way of ensuring a better response to the application designed.

  1. Refer and Earn

Another functionality that can make way for double the downloads is offering several discount coupons or gift coupons, money back for every referral the women make to their friends and family.


Women are the leaders of today’s world. Taking care of their health must always be a priority and an important agenda on our calendars. A women health tracker app must be equipped with every suitable functionality that can allow them to take good care of their well being, nutrition, exercise routine and several other aspects of womanhood all at one place. Women’s healthcare is a niche market for entrepreneurs to get themselves a quick success in no time while offering their bit in taking care of the most courageous beings on the planet.

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