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Why Are Businesses Ditching Old Phone Systems for VoIP?

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If you think that VoIP increases savings by decreasing the cost, then we are here to broaden your horizons. In this article, we are going to explain why businesses nowadays are leaving their old analog phone system for VoIP.

VoIP is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocols. It is a technology that is used for making calls without utilizing old phone technology. All the calls are made over an internet connection instead of using the traditional landline or cell phone network. VoIP phone system uses voice signals to converts them into digital packets and then send them as data through your broadband. The conversations remain the same, but the technology behind them has changed. If the basic idea is the same, then why has VoIP become so famous?

There are a lot of benefits that come with VoIP. It is much cheaper than the traditional phone system, which means that you might even pay nothing when making a call, depending on where you are and the country you are calling. VoIP is much more than cost-effective. Now we are going to discuss the reasons for which businesses prefer VoIP:

Enhance and Upgrade Functionality

You can replace your traditional phone system with VoIP for as low as £3 monthly. The features that VoIP offers include call waiting, voicemail, hunt groups, etc. You can manage every feature easily through a web portal such as VoIP Business.

Access on Computer

With VoIP, you can make and receive calls, whether audio or video. You can use VoIP on multiple devices such as your laptop, tablet, iPad, or PC. Your VoIP system is where you are, and you have access to all the features that you might need remotely. You can easily send faxes as well. If you call a landline or cell phone, then it will be routed via your office call minutes.

Your Phone Number Follows You Anywhere You Go

VoIP allows you to route your calls to your desk, home, office, or your cell, and you can choose the destination wherever it might be. Your calls with automatically be sent to your available location, so you don’t miss out on an urgent call or get a massive pile of voicemails.

Access via a Smartphone

You no longer have to be bound to a desk to work. With VoIP, you can get all your business calls on your Smartphone as well. VoIP allows you to access the office directory, receive and make calls through VoIP app just like you can in your office. VoIP is available on smartphones in one of two ways. To begin with, an app is an easy way to utilize VoIP. Further, you can utilize VoIP on a Smartphone from a landline vendor. You will be able to make calls that use minutes from your plan that can benefit you if you already have a specific deal like cheap international calling.

Integration of Other Business Software With VoIP System

VoIP makes it easier for you to access your contacts and reply to all the critical problems which are faced during work by providing CRM, desktop support, email, which is all linked to your VoIP system. So what should you have to make internet-based phone system work for you? Well, it all depends on how you are going to utilize VoIP. First of all, you will require an internet connection, more preferably a fiber optic, because it is more reliable. You may prefer an unlimited calling plan so that you can have long conversations for as long as you need to. If you want the most exceptional VoIP phone service experience, you have to have a complete FTTP or a LAN (Local Area Network) connection that is available with a lot of broadband vendors.

You will also need to buy the license from VoIP vendor if you wish to use VoIP services. If your telephone plugs into an Ethernet, then you will have to ensure that the router that you have is compatible as well. If you want to use VoIP on your computer, laptop, or desktop, then make sure that your devices can connect to the internet connection. Further, you will need a speaker, microphone, or headset. You should know that you will need a high-quality working headset. However, it is not necessary as long as with your headset, you can hear the other person you are good to go. For the majority of the vendors, you will need a landline or a rental line to get a broadband connection.

VoIP system has taken the world by storm because of the cost-effectiveness which VoIP offers against the traditional landlines. It is also essential to know that if you have a slow internet connection that it will mean poor call quality. However, internet quality is improving day by day; especially if you have fiber optic, then you will be fine. In a few situations, you can keep your existing phone number; however, it all depends on your vendor if they can change it over. Whereas, in other cases, you might not even require a number. The overall cost of a VoIP system will also depend on your setup.

If most businesses continue to employ business VoIP at such a quick rate, then it is possible that traditional lines could become a thing of past pretty soon. If you have not yet upgraded your phone to the VoIP system, then you should think about upgrading and ensure that your office is not left behind.

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