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Top 9 Reasons Why Developers Prefer To Build Apps For iOS in 2019

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Android or Apple – this has always been a crux of the debate between Android and Apple lovers. They have an ample amount of logic to show each other why their OS is better than the others.

But, when it comes to thinking from a developer’s point of view, things become more practical and data-oriented.

From the above data published by App Annie in 2016, we can see, hands down the line, Android is dominating the apps market with a sheer number of apps downloads.

On the other hand, if you check the global apps revenue data, you would find iOS as the undisputed winner in the game of revenue.

Check this data below-

So, if you are looking forward to developing an app for your service and product-based business and want’s to gain considerable revenue from your app, building your app for iOS platform would be the best choice. Wondering why?

Well, here are the top reasons –

1. The Quality Of App:

There is a vast number of android based gadgets compared to the limited number of Apple’s Gadgets that run on iOS. For example, Apple has launched 16 versions of iPhones so far. On the other hand, the number of android based mobile phones is enormous. The reason is very simple-Android is an open-source platform. So, when an app is launched in iOS, it is appropriately optimized for iPhone or iPad users, but gadget-wise optimization is not possible in an open-platform like Android.

As a visible result, when the quality of apps is concerned, Android is no match for iOS as it offers the best in class quality in every significant niche.

The iOS apps are so intuitive and sharp that even a kid can use it without facing any difficulties.

2. iOS Provides Better Earning Potential:

You have already seen from the graph published by techcrunch.com given above that iOS app developers have already made $25.5 within the first half of this year, 2019.

So if your main objective is to make revenue from your paid app, iOS can be your ideal platform.

As of August 2017, the total number of paid apps on iOS was 310,247.

3. The Adoptable Audience:

The average Apple users tend to be female, 35+ years old from media, marketing, and business industries. The average annual income of iOS users is also more than Android users. It indicates the apple users are more likely to buy apps than Android users. In Android, most of the developers rely on in-app advertising revenue system instead of following a direct app purchase revenue model. According to the typical consumer psychology, a user is more likely to use the product which he/she has paid for than using a free product. The same psychology is also applicable to the iOS market.

4. HTML 5:

HTML 5 has become the most popular web scripting language on the web at present. HTML 5 helps the developers cater to the multimedia needs of the users. One of the crucial benefits of developing an app for the iOS platform is that it allows you to develop an application using HTML 5.

5. Tablet-friendly App Listing:

The Apple Store has a sufficient number of apps that are grouped into proper categories. The store has separated sections for iPhone apps and iPad apps. The apps for iPad are designed in a way so that they can easily fit in the large screen of tabs.

6. Most Apps Release on iOS First:

Since the direct earning potential for the app is more in iOS, most app developers launch their apps on this platform first. Later on, if interested, app developers begin the apps on the Android platform with the right monetization strategies.

7. Developing iPhone Apps Is Easier:

Unlike Android, focusing on a considerable number of gadgets for optimization, the iOS app developers only need to optimize their app for the latest iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. It makes the job of coders and UI/UX developers way easier than Android app developers.

8. No Chance of Going Forward With Bugs:

The chance of getting caught up with a bug in your application is practically zero because it takes 10-11 days on average to get approved by iTunes Connect and, of course, the wait is worth it.

9. The Status-Symbol Factor:

To this date, the iPhone is considered a status symbol. The sustained extensive sales of the new flagship iPhone prove that people are more likely to pay for a device that enhances social status. So, the apparent fact is that iOS apps have better acceptance than Android apps.


If your main objective is to build a highly functional, intuitive, and user-friendly app, no platform could be a better choice than iOS. It is the perfect platform for securing mobile app transactions and make the right amount of revenue from your app.

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