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How to Boost Your Sales With a Digital Magazine?

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Nowadays, most marketers are strongly convinced that magazine production helps to increase a company’s sales and product recognition. Despite the fact that modern advertising is moving to the Internet space, printed publications remain in demand. Anyway, you can always make a digital version of your brochure, leaflet, or magazine and share it with your customers online. But how to make the marketing assets work for you? And what should you keep in mind when working on a corporate magazine? Let us get all this straightened out.

How a Magazine Will Help Your Business?

Let’s highlight 4 main advantages:

  • The ability to make the right first impression – A magazine is a presentation of the company. It is also a good chance to show the merits and convey important ideas from the angle you need. Take it with you to a meeting with new clients or partners and leave it for review. This is a more professional approach than just advising your potential partner to visit your website;
  • Availability 24/7 – The company’s web pages contain all the information you need, but you need internet access to get it. In addition, the site must have a mobile version and load quickly. What is more, many people take notes during the meeting, emphasizing important information. And a brochure is just perfect for this;
  • Building confidence – Having a corporate magazine increases your status in the eyes of a client, showing that this is a real company, not a fly-by-night site. The idea is simple – if you invest time and money in creating quality printed products, then you have a long-term development plan;
  • Personalization of the “company-client” relationship – The brochure gives an opportunity to show the other side of the business, to acquaint with employees, share cases and reviews of satisfied customers.

However, to reach all the above goals, you need to take care of the look and feel of your magazine. For this, you can follow the below tips or use a free magazine mockup that meets the needs of your business.

How to Create a Winning Magazine Design?

From a marketing point of view, a well-thought-out corporate magazine attracts, arouses interest, awakens the desire to learn more, and encourages people to make the target action. A creative magazine design will help grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to explore your product specs.

Since a person receives about 80% of information visually, instinctively reacting to everything bright and unusual, the visual aspect of your marketing asset should be handled properly. Here are some of the tips that will help you create a winning marketing material:

  • Think from the buyer’s perspective;
  • Provide easy navigation;
  • Use 3D effects;
  • Pay attention to details;
  • Give your customer the choice;
  • Apply triggers;
  • Pay attention to functionality.

A good magazine cannot be created overnight. So make sure that you start the production process in advance.

Final Say!

Creating a well-thought-out magazine can significantly boost your sales and help you reach company recognition. However, you shouldn’t be guided by the desire to create a beautiful design only. A successful result is not a wow effect but lead creation or sales growth. An effective wrapper is needed to make the reader want to visit a website or contact a company. To make this task easier, include links to your website and social media profiles in your marketing asset. Add a QR code associated with a specific landing page, so you immediately focus the client on the information you need.

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