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Raising CTV / OTT Channel Viewership Through Advertising: Is It a Viable Approach?

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With CTV and OTT rising in popularity, the digital space is getting more competitive for content creators. Relying on a small loyal audience isn’t going to push the numbers for profitability. There is a need to grow. Many CTV and OTT channel owners are turning to marketing services to increase viewership through platforms like AllRoll.

However, questions still linger on some channel owners’ minds. Does it work? Every publisher on CTV is looking to gain an ROI on every decision they make. Here is a quick look into what opportunities are available by advertising CTV channels on hosting platforms like Roku.

What’s in It for Channel Owners?

The following are benefits of advertising CTV / OTT channels as cited by marketing service providers and the clients themselves.

Greater Reach

Taking your marketing initiatives to the platforms with the most eyeballs should be the focus for most brands running CTV channels. Advertising in this manner expands your reach and boosts brand exposure. As the advertiser, you gain more mileage out of targeting options. These are key to optimizing ad campaigns to reach the right demographics and increase channel installations.

Lower Costs

Compared to traditional TV, you don’t have to break the bank to advertise on CTV and OTT channels like Roku. The advertising costs are much more affordable even for small businesses, and with Roku rocking 52 million devices(18% of the market) in use so far, you have access to a larger audience.

The upside to CTV / OTT channels is that they offer more transparency – eliminating chances of being charged for fake impressions. Your budget will look a lot better when you’re only charged for real audiences.

Digital advertising spend is projected to reach $332.84 billion in 2020 alone, you certainly need to take proactive steps to get your slice of the cake. Maximizing your value is now more critical than ever.

Reliable Ad Placement

With the oversight marketing platforms provide, it is easier to carry out due diligence on your supply partners, ensuring you are getting the media you want. In addition, such a marketing service will provide you with insights on the publisher and the potential ROI of your ad spend. 

Real-Time Bidding

Control over your ad buying procedures is not complete without real-time bidding. This technology allows advertisers to choose the best media to drive their campaigns to success


Your advertising campaign is only as good as your execution strategy. Channel owners need to consider how much resources they can dedicate to the task. For example, if you are considering a real-time bidding approach, great! A decent demand-side platform will offer you the option to either choose self-serve or go with managed optimization.

With a self-serve platform users are empowered to manage their ad campaigns the way they see fit. The freedom of choice is something the world of online video advertising has granted all brands. You can choose self-serve advertising so you can pick ad media you feel reaches more of your potential viewers.

If you are short on time or need an extra set of hands to take charge of your marketing, managed optimization is always a good option. In this case, you allow your ad buying platform provider to create optimizations suitable for your brand. This will still get you the benefits of programmatic ad buying, but with a little less micromanagement than a self-serve initiative.

It’s Time To Explore the Horizon for More Viewers

If you are in limbo on how to grow your channel’s viewership, choose this marketing approach driven by quantifiable ROI. Tangible results of up to 60% more channel installations are genuinely possible. Even when compared to native marketing platforms, the benefits of advertising on your CTV platform through a self-serve marketing service are immense.

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