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The #1 Benefit Of Marketing Chatbots For Your Business

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AI chatbots are quickly becoming more common with online stores. For most small businesses, technology such as AI chatbots can be a godsend because it allows them to spend fewer resources on customer service. If there’s one benefit that chatbots provide, it’s convenience –convenience in so many aspects. We’ll list the ways they make an entrepreneur’s life more convenient. Hopefully, this helps convince you to adapt this technology to your website.

1. 24/7 Customer Service

This is a huge perk that customers highly appreciate. If you’re one of those businesses that provide customer service all day all week, people are more likely to pick you over a competitor. Not everyone will have the convenience to call customer service during specific office hours. By providing 24/7 customer service you get to service customers with any query they have. You never have to worry about losing a potential or even an existing customer simply because you weren’t there to answer their questions right away.

2. No Manpower Needed

Unlike human customer service reps, an AI chatbot doesn’t need breaks, time-offs, health insurance benefits, or bonuses. You never have to spend a dime on another live human being to take care of your customer service for you. AI chatbots can be turned on all the time and answer queries with great speed and accuracy.

Another great example of how AI can create immediacy for your business is looking at the new and improved subscription services that are not only simple pleasures for people but also great for busy lifestyles. They gather your initial requests and feedback without you having to make all the decisions for a hassle-free purchase. For the customer service representative behind the chatbot, they can look at your data and create a box that is filled not only with what you strictly want but things you didn’t even know you wanted.

3. Continuous Learning

AI chatbots are very smart. The more conversations it has, the smarter it gets. This means you won’t need to retrain it every time a new issue comes up. AI thrives on data and it uses the data that you feed it, as well as what your customers feed it, to come up with accurate answers.

4. Better Customer Insight

Rather than creating a whole plan for gathering data about your customers, you can just look into your AI chatbot conversations to get some insights. This can save a lot of time when all you really need to do is take people’s feedback, record their most common queries, and make improvements to your products.

You can then apply what you have learned to create better products, services, and marketing strategies. Furthermore, AI chatbotS can also keep track of customer behavior and patterns –see how they respond to certain pages and products. It’s valuable information that can take your business to further heights.

5. Strategic Marketing

AI chatbots can do more than just answer queries. They can also do some marketing for you. This can come in the form of suggestions related to their query. For example, if they ask about a product, after the chatbot answers their query, it can then refer them to more pages or materials on your website related to the concern.

This is a great way to continue with demand generation marketing so your brand is always on the customer’s mind. Even if they are not buying from you right away, just being aware that your brand is there and they are learning more about it; it will increase the likelihood that they’ll from you in the future and possibly even become a loyal customer.

6. Customer Retention

It takes a lot of work to keep customers in your business. It takes even more money to find new ones! So it’s in your best interest to keep your existing customers happy. With AI chatbots, losing customers won’t have to be a problem. You keep customers happy with 24/7 customer service, smarter marketing messages and suggest relevant educational materials about your products.

7. Frees Up More Time

Let’s face it. Customer service takes up more of your time than you want. It’s just part of the business. But with AI, you can save a lot of time and spend those extra hours on higher thinking tasks such as coming up with marketing strategies, business development, product development, etc.

Which of these convenience benefits are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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