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10 Benefits of using QR Codes in Cross Channel Marketing!

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The QR Code, which appeared in the late 2000s, has experienced a great growth without really breakthrough. Like the Flash Code, we saw it already populate our daily lives and deploy to connect the physical world to the web much more popular. But here, the link remains distorted, and despite the proliferation of smartphones, advertisers, brands, the entire retail is still struggling to get started. 

Also, did you know that the USA scanned on average 18 million codes per month in 2018? 42% of mobile users use QR codes regularly, 89% have already seen and 72% found in the QR codes a direct interest in products.

Why the QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response, the idea being to quickly access content or perform a task via the APN of support such as a smartphone or tablet.

The idea is clever, but the QR Code, despite an exponential boom is still used in certain situations: redirect web, or coupons most often. Yet ideas abound, but they struggle to win, while the QR Code remains a simple technology, almost free, and offers a good return compared to display campaigns for example. It was, therefore, necessary to review the 10 most frequent uses of a QR Code!


1. The code with Brand >> more information

The simplest and used in 52% of cases, the link to a web page to offer more information, is particularly interesting within a paper content, or in a museum to supplement the information of a conventional physical medium. In short, it is a good way to improve the quality of a service, or to insert a commercial proposal online in paper, for example, In the Market 20% of QR code generator with logo services providers are work with international brand suppliers, a quality code can easily be scanned with a smartphone, is a fun and interactive way to encourage your customers to perform certain actions: access your site, watch a video, receive company alerts.

It goes without saying that if a link to a site is integrated, it should be optimized for mobile devices ?

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2. Coupons, still interesting

Coupons are the main use of a QR Code (54%): no wonder, since distributing coupons and discount offers is often impossible, this time the flash code appears on the posters and the products themselves, for the greater happiness of the customers. Indeed, who says coupon, said collecting data from a prospect, a very interesting way to offer content and other coupons that will improve the brand awareness, but also the loyalty of customers in retail.

3. Participation in a competition

In the logic of couponing, registration for a competition is very convenient using the QR Code, which allows you to send or give a simple paper form to fill online after flashing the code. In the end, the same utility as a paper form, better synergy between the physical and the web, but also end of the data entry tasks to recover!

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4. Make a phone call!

Not necessarily the most common use of QR codes, but, in my opinion, an idea that would really benefit from creating more relationships in direct marketing support like the QR Code. The code avoids indeed to display a number on a web page, but also gives the opportunity to leave the smartphone and trigger the call by a simple capture.

A small ploy that allows on the one hand to privilege the telephone contact, which, when triggered by the client converts much better, and on the other hand to discard the non-smartphone holders (this can be useful especially for s to youth or more geeky people).

Do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment.

5. Start a video

Nothing very creative here, but when you are on a paper, it is very convenient to enrich the reading with a video: the trailer of a film for a movie poster, the test of the last clip for a specialized magazine, etc. A very interesting example below!

6. Start a purchase online

More and more pop-up stores, concept stores are launching in the USA. The new trend is in showroom shops: it is possible to touch, to try the products, but not to buy them on the spot. In fact, to reduce logistics and inventory management costs, products can only be ordered online. It is possible to order from a seller, but, for the followers of the smartphone, the best way to buy an article is still to flash a QR Code.

7. Share, tweet, like!


Twitter Introduces New Follow Option with QR Code



8. Send an e-mail

At the time of social networks, the practice may be a little less popular, but the link to insert is relatively simple to edit, and then the email remains a major point of attachment in B2B. So we imagine very well to respond with a request for information to a commercial for example.

For example, we used the link: “mailto: Subject = super% bravo%!”

9. Send an SMS

This one is not bad, especially for the contests that make their promo in the display (posters and screens). Some TV shows have also had the idea to set up a QR Code to vote to live or answer a question via a code to flash. It’s simple and it allows the passage to collect receipts with surcharged numbers to know his ex still thinks of you or to try to win the last iPhone on xyz page

Feel free to spammer ^^

10. The QR Code to make an appointment

If you want a free appointment to talk about your marketing strategy or set up a project, do not hesitate to flash this code ?

QR codes: Things you should Avoid

1. Do not put a QR on a billboard, let alone in a place where the network is unavailable such as a tunnel or subway station.

2. Do not propose a QR code that redirects to a site that does not have a mobile version.

3. Do not propose a QR code that redirects to a site that will ask me to enter a lot of information. Remember that your user dials from a mobile. Make it easy for him!

4. Do not put multiple QR codes on your products and do not use multiple calls to action. The call to action should be “scan for something”. That’s all!

5. Do not assume that your user knows what a QR code is and/or how to scan it.

6. Do not treat the QR code as a cool way to put a link on a product. Make sure it is useful for the user.

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