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Top 10 Distributor of IT Office Supplies for Value Added Resellers

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Value-added resellers have to focus on the longer – term outlook while drafting their sourcing strategies. However, while maintaining this outlook, they still have to look for the best possible deal that best suits their organizational needs. In order to keep up with this changing scenario, distributors of IT office supplies have developed themselves, into a more service-oriented, from a product-oriented approach. Let us have a look at the Top IT & Office Supplies Distributors that have gained traction due to their unique strategies, customer service, and product portfolio.

Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is a company having a presence across the globe and is particularly focussed on solutions spanning areas such as supply chain, technology, technology lifecycle, mobility, and cloud. The company is also involved in providing its clients with supply chain services. Ingram Micro has a presence on all the regions of the globe namely Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

The company represents suppliers to the tune of over 1,700 in number and has operations in almost 52 countries across the globe. The customers of the company have served customers in almost 160 countries. For value-added resellers, the solutions offered by the company include cloud product & services, lifecycle services, and technology services. Some of the solutions of the company include Ingram Micro Mobility, Ingram Micro Logistics, and Ingram Micro ITAD, Ingram Micro Technology Solutions among others.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics, Inc. is a company having operations in North America and Europe and is involved in serving midrange computer products, enterprise products, solutions, and services, to a broad spectrum of clients which include Value Added Resellers (VAR), software vendors, as well as system integrators. The markets served by the company include telecommunications, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, information systems, and transportation. The company, while sourcing its products from suppliers, imposes strict quality requirements, and no deviation is tolerated, thus enabling VARs to get optimum quality service. The company is a fortune 500 company and has developed solutions that can serve its clients across the value chain.


SYNNEX Corporation is a business process services company and has operations divided into two business segments for the operation, namely, Concentrix and Technology Solutions. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of offerings, to value-added resellers (VARs) as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The technology solutions segment of the company is involved in providing solutions to the VARs. The company purchases networking equipment, system components, IT systems, peripherals, and consumer electronics among other products, and then sell the same to the resellers. The company has dedicated primary suppliers to source the above-mentioned products. The active stock keeping units (technology), that the company serves resellers ranges to around 30,000. The company serves customers in the U.S., Canada Mexico, China, Japan as well as Latin America.


D&H Distributing is involved in the technology distribution of IT and Electronic solutions and products, for resellers, retailers and other clients. The company has its operations in North America, and provides hands-on support services as well as enablement resources, for empowering IT resellers. The company also provides solutions such as SMB server networks, mobile workplace solutions, hosted as well as cloud services, and provides cross-market expertise in verticals such as government, medical, education among others. The company engages its resellers by arranging programmes such as trade shows, training sessions, etc.


Digitek is a U.S. based company involved in the distribution of digital marketing solutions, sales training, IT services, print services, and OEM & Compatible ink & toner among others. The company has the distribution of over 20 OEM lines, and provide inventoried products numbering over 10,000 SKUs. The company has distribution centers located at Illinois, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington. The company is engaged as an active business partner with resellers in The U.S.

Supplies Wholesalers

Supplies Wholesalers, is an importer and wholesale distributor of compatible and remanufactured products. These products include ribbons, Laser Toner, Copier toner, and ribbons. The products are sold to resellers across the U.S. The company strives to sell products at competitive pricing and having ISO9001 / ISO14001 accreditations. The company has a product portfolio of over 3,000 SKUs, which in no way harm the OEM warranty and can smoothly replace the original products. The company also offers 30 – day money back guarantee and 1-year free warranty on its products.


ScanSource, Inc. provides solutions such as a barcode, point-of-sale (POS), payments, physical security, telecom services, cloud services, unified communication, among others. The company mainly operates from two segments, Worldwide Barcode, Networking and Security and Worldwide Communications and Services. The company supplies solutions from over 500 suppliers and has a customer base of more than 35,000 customers. The company serves customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America. The company has a commitment to selling products only to resellers.

Aster Graphics

Aster Graphics is a manufacturer and distributor of remanufactured imaging supplies. These products are used in a wide variety of printing devices of companies including Canon, HP, Brother, Dell, Xerox among others. The company also provides label table cassettes which are compatible with Brother Label printers. The company maintains a dedicated tech and customer support team, in order to better assist its customers. The company has obtained certifications such as STMC, RoHS, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.


Bluestar is a company that works exclusively with Value Added Resellers, and provides them with solutions, for business development and marketing support. The solutions provided by the company include RFID, point-of-sale, digital signage, mobility, and security and & ID technology. The company in its mission statement has exclusively mentioned its commitment to working with VARs.

Accutech Data Supplies

AccutechData Supplies are wholesale distributors of imaging products, consumer electronics, office supplies, and digital supplies. The company maintains dedicated information technology, customer service, distribution, sales and purchasing departments to assist the clients at each step of their transaction. The company has distribution network across the east and the west coast of the U.S. Some of the specialties of the company include drop ship services, tape media, bar code tape labeling, business integration services, and custom toner labeling.

The distribution network is an important parameter to be considered while choosing a distributor of IT office supplies for value-added resellers. In addition, one has to carefully go through the service and product detail, in order to ensure that the same is matching exactly with his needs. If proper effort and time are given for proper research, one can select a distributor which may serve him for a lifetime, thus saving time and money in the near future.

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