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Why Use DSP for your CTV and OTT marketing?

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Millennials and Gen Z wield around $350 billion in spending power in the US alone. Globally, these two generations make up the largest chunk of consumers, and entertainment stats show that they are moving away from traditional television. With CTV and OTT taking center stage in consumer viewing habits, investing in a demand-side platform is the right strategy for increasing advertising ROI. 

Below, we explore how groundbreaking DSPs like BidMind DSP help advertisers and agencies get more out of their advertising budgets.

Full Control of Ad Campaigns

Quite a number of perks lie behind the term ‘self-service DSP’. You are looking at the freedom to plan and execute your CTV campaigns as you choose, from preparing your strategies to selecting and optimizing media to suit your business goals.

The right platform will also provide numerous customized tools that enable you to work within your budget. Not only that, you can also buy DSP media at your own pace and scale it to suit your particular needs as well. Cross-platform reach is also possible, and campaigns can be tailored to be consistent with the channels, devices, and audience.

Achieving Growth With CTV and OTT Audiences

There’s a lot of advertising value in popular CTV platforms like ROKU, Apple TV, Android TV, just to name a few. 

Rather than learning the complexities of advertising from scratch, leveraging a DSP allows you access to consumer insights that will help shape a winning media buying strategy. You can narrow down your ad investments to the appropriate audience, thus boosting conversion rates.  Increasing your brand’s visibility to a target market will not only be faster but easier as well with a dedicated DSP.

Reduced Cost per Acquisition for Ad Media

A demand-side platform takes you where all the action is in real-time bidding, thereby significantly reducing ad costs. A DSP is an advantage to your business as it allows you to pick precisely what you want, compare potential outcomes, and bid for the best-performing media.

With a real-time approach to media buying, you are actively avoiding media wastage and overspending. You can target consumers using accurate attributions. This method also improves transparency in the acquisition process, as there are no third-parties involved, thus there are no unjustified fees that cannot be translated to the value of said media.

Improved Ad Performance

DSP platforms are powered by several innovative technologies built to support modern ad buying techniques for channels like CTV and OTT. The list includes AI and machine learning algorithms, which allow you to analyze campaign data and optimize publisher devices or OS, respectively.

As an advertiser, you can assess a planned campaign’s potential performance and make changes to maximize your intended results. 

Reliable CTV Ad Placement

Letting an unknown character have control over your ad placements has never been the most fruitful marketing approach. However, most brands choose that avenue due to fear of the additional work on their side, but a DSP doesn’t really require much extra work as it leverages a degree of automation. 

With the right demand-side platform, you will avoid spending money on fraudulent traffic that won’t boost your revenues. An advertiser can reach out to potential publishers and bid for ad media in a straightforward process that cuts out the middleman and unjustified third-party costs as well. Essential data will also be available to help ad buyers make the most profitable decisions.

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