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Marketing Your Construction Business: Tips and Tricks

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Marketing is an essential part of the success of your business. This is especially true for industries with congested markets, where differentiating yourself and increasing exposure to your target market is critical to finding customers and clients. The construction industry definitely fits this bill, as construction business owners know that it can be hard to break through the clutter when the competition also builds great homes, buildings, and units.

Whether you’re just getting started in the construction business or have been in the industry for a while, anyone can benefit from these 8 construction marketing tips and tricks.

Market to Your Niche Market

The problem that many construction businesses face isn’t that they haven’t identified their niche market, but rather that they aren’t effectively communicating it to their audience. If you haven’t considered what your niche market is that makes your construction company unique, then do so now. The key is to look at where your competition is lacking, as well as what you excel at.


For instance, if you are great at creating log cabin homes, and there aren’t many other builders in the area that build these types of homes, then that can be your niche market. Once you have your niche market, then make sure that you are heavily marketing that you provide that service. Make it your goal to have your niche market comprise of the majority of your business revenue. Build out your website so that those visiting your site are aware that you build amazing homes or buildings in that specific market.

Go Digital – SEO, PPC, and More

When it comes to cluttered industries with many businesses vying to be number one when it comes to brand awareness, digital marketing is going to be key, especially search engine optimization (SEO). You can team up with a marketing agency to help step up your SEO game so you can appear at the top of Google searches for your niche market, as well as the other services that you perform. Teaming up with a digital agency is one marketing tactic that companies like Treasured Spaces have used, with much success.

Search Engine algorithms are complicated, and they are getting more and more particular each year, so unless are well-versed in the digital marketing landscape, it’s a good idea to outsource that area of your marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are another way to make sure that you get in front of your target audience, especially when you’re a younger business and your SEO work hasn’t started producing results quite yet. On top of this, you should have a robust email campaign, banner ads, and a website that works and looks good.

Attract as Many Reviews as Possible

The importance of reviews cannot be understated when it comes to your construction business. When people are searching for home builders, reviews are one of the biggest details they look at, as well as any past galleries you have with previous builds. So, construct good relations with clients both past and present and implore them to write a review on your Google Business Page, Facebook, or your website. Not only will more reviews make your business more credible, but strong reviews can also help your SEO.

Join an Industry Association

Another great way to gain some traction when you’re an up and coming construction business is to join an industry association. Associations offer resource hubs, as well as the quality connection that can help lead to new leads and business. Joining a reputable association will help build new relationships, as well as help out your reputation.

Smartly Manage Your Social Media

Social media is a great avenue for you to market your construction business. With Facebook, you can promote industry articles, updates on builds, as well as address any questions or comments that potential clients may have. With Twitter, you can retweet positive press, interact with your target market, and bring awareness to your brand through the use of hashtags. Instagram is should be a big focus for your construction business, as you can truly highlight the awesome builds you’ve been a part of, by posting time-lapse videos, and really get into the special details that make your homes and buildings so unique.

Pinterest is another social platform you should consider using, as it is a great way to promote the creativity and knowledge with the latest industry trends.

Connect with Building Material Companies

One of the best ways to build up your keyword ranking is to reach out to building materials companies and ask for links back to your site. If you look at material companies, you’ll see that a lot of them do in fact list construction firms and builders that use their products. If you get the okay from them, they’ll likely want you to do the same. The important thing to remember when doing this is to use companies whose materials match your quality. You don’t want to be associated with a company whose products easily break and are mostly regarded as cheap. Keep that in mind when trying to build those relationships with material companies.

Pay Attention to All Leads – Especially Those That Call You

When someone fills out a contact form on your website, that’s a solid lead. But what are really, really good leads are those that call. When someone calls, it’s a good sign that they want to work with you and that they are very close to asking someone to build their home for them. If you’re fortunate enough to receive a call from a potential client, then make sure that you keep in contact with them, whether through follow up calls (just don’t overdo it), or retargeting ads. Also, look at the customer profile of those that called and target similar customers.

When it Comes to Marketing, Stay Up to Date

The best way to ensure that your construction business sees success is to make sure that you keep your ears to the ground and pay attention to the latest marketing trends in your industry.

While this list is a good place to start, there are still many other marketing moves you can make to propel your business forward ahead of the competition.

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