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Is Your Marketing Strategic a Big Hit?

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Establishing a business and running it well is a task in itself. It takes a lot of hard work, strategy, and perseverance for any business to be successful. But the job doesn’t end there. It is essential for a business to keep progressing and performing better. If you own a business then you would know what we are talking about.

A business is rendered successful when it is scaling up, growing every year. But how do you know if your business is giving you profits or not, if it is generating projected revenue or not? These questions will be answered by regularly reviewing the performance of your business. You need to constantly monitor operational processes and revenue generation pipelines. Without constant assessment, it is quick to fall victim to excessive cash burn and not receive estimated results. Every business needs a plan. You’re your business starts running well, after the crucial early stages, you should regularly review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you’ve established and decide where to take your business next. You will need to revisit and update your business plan with new strategies in mind and make sure you introduce the developments you’ve thought of.

Analyzing your business will be especially helpful on the off chance that you feel:

  • questionable about how well the business is performing

  • uncertain in case you’re getting the most out of the business or benefiting as much as possible from advertising openings

  • your strategy for success might be outdated, for example, you haven’t refreshed it since you began exchanging

  • your business is moving toward a path distinctive to the one you had arranged

  • the business might end up plainly clumsy or lethargic to showcase requests

It is likewise helpful in the event that you have chosen that your organization is prepared to proceed onward to another level. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to analyze your business.

Assess business performance

Evaluating your business execution ought to be an ongoing procedure. It encourages you to identify areas that should be enhanced before they wind up noticeably real issues, and giving you the chance to consider how to react.

The accompanying techniques can enable you to survey your business execution.

Review your business plan

The initial step of evaluating your business execution is to audit your strategy for success, including financial statements, to comprehend what is going on inside your business. Auditing and updating your marketable strategy will enable you to react to the dangers of a monetary downturn.

You can utilize the SWOT investigation device and a budgetary examination to see how you can best manage basic issues that may influence your business.

SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is an administration instrument that can enable you to create business techniques by:

  • Building your strengths (S)

  • Limiting weaknesses (W)

  • Seizing opportunities (O)

  • Counteracting threats (T).

A SWOT analysis will enable you to distinguish zones that should be enhanced with the goal for you to react to a monetary downturn. It likewise gives you the capacity to recognize new open doors the monetary downturn may display.

Financial analysis

Best practice financial administration includes arranging and estimating financials in view of the key objectives of your business and routinely looking into genuine execution against your gauges. To lead a budgetary investigation of your business, you have to examine your current financial articulations, including benefit and misfortune and income. Search for patterns, for example, declining deals, that may put your business in danger, and consider the effect they could have on your business’ money related execution.

Elements to consider in your financial analysis include:

Trends in cash flow (positive or negative), income and costs

Current offers of different items or administrations

Level and turnover of stock

Survey of debtor and creditor days

Debt and how your business services debt.

Survey your Business Efficiency

Numerous new organizations work in a fleeting, responsive manner. This offers adaptability yet can cost time and cash as you move from getting the business going to focusing on developing and creating it. The best alternative is to adjust your capacity to react quickly with a reasonable general technique. This will enable you to choose whether the moves you make are proper or not.


Since you have been maintaining your business for some time, you will likely have a clearer thought of your rivals. Assembling more data may cost time, cash and exertion, yet there are many advantages to find out about what your opposition is doing.


When you began your business, you most likely concocted a showcasing plan as a component of your general marketable strategy. This would have characterized the market in which you planned to offer and focused on the nature and topographical conveyance of your clients.

From that procedure, you would have possessed the capacity to create advertising intend to enable you to meet your targeted customers. When you’re inspecting your business’ execution, you’ll have to evaluate your client base and market situations as a key piece of the procedure. You should refresh your promoting plan at any rate as frequently as your marketable strategy.

Returning to your business sectors

A business audit offers you the chance to remain once again from the movement laid out in your arrangement and takes a look at components, for example,

  • changes in market

  • new and developing administrations

  • changes in your clients needs

  • outside components, for example, changes in the economy, imports, and new innovation

  • changes in aggressive movement

Breaking down your STRATEGIC REVIEW

As the owner of your business or as an individual from its administration group, you should remain back on occasion and survey your business’ execution.

The regions you have to take a look at are:

a) Your market execution and bearing – how well you are performing through your business come about, which markets to go for next and how to enhance your execution.

b) Your items and administrations – to what extent your existing items will address your client’s issues and any plans for restoration.

c) Operational issues – your premises, your strategies, and innovations utilized your procedures, IT and quality. Are there any interior issues that are keeping your business down?

e) Monetary issues – how your business is financed, levels of held benefit, the business salary created and your income.

f) Your association and your kin – your structures, individuals arranging issues, preparing and improvement.

More tools to evaluate your business’ financial performance

Financial Ratios

Financial ratios are ratios you can extricate from budgetary proclamations. You can utilize money related proportions to think about your business’ execution amid various eras. You can likewise utilize them to look at the execution of your own business with the execution of different organizations. You do this by contrasting your proportions and measurements and different benchmarks those legislatures and industry associations distribute.


Benchmarking utilizes data gathered from various organizations inside a similar industry division to build up a scope of midpoints for key business factors (e.g. cost of overheads, staff hours). You would then be able to utilize this data to look at and measure your business execution.

In early 2017, we were experiencing a similar problem. We weren’t generating as much revenue as projected, and a team meeting decided that all the current operations need to be overhauled for evaluation. It took us campaign. Our content generation was suitable for a B2C audience more than to a B2B audience, and it was a few weeks to understand the problem. We did a SWOT analysis and detected a big loophole in our content marketing major roadblock because our business is B2B-based. In the subsequent sections, we will share the changes undertaken in the content development and marketing aspect and hope that you would find it inspiring to solve your B2B business strategy issues.

A) Prioritize Documentation

A big issue with content development and marketing is the lack of documentation. In the B2B Content Marketing report, it is stated that only 35% B2B marketers have the capacity and understanding to document their content marketing strategy and more than 50% of marketers are functioning with undocumented processes. It was the same with our business, and we solved it by minutely documenting every process through the Teamwork CRM.

In this CRM, you can create multiple projects, invite team members, assign tasks, create to-do notes, share files, update project status, and create milestone and more. Once everything was on the Teamwork CRM, we found that much of the time went in handling various aspects of content strategy, and it reduced drastically once everyone onboard on the CRM. Members could view what the others were doing without repeated follow-ups and email.

B) Content Formats

Upon deeper investigating, our business strategy analysis showed that we were wasting time and money on creating various content for different verticals like SlideShare presentations, blog posts, Infographics, eBooks and more. Content should be unique, but we realized that much of our in-house content could be repurposed to suit various content publication verticals.

As a result, we decided to unify our content generation functions. For example, an evergreen long-form 3000-word blog post was used to create a podcast, video, PDF file, SlideShare presentation and more. We began to repurpose most of the content without losing its essence and impact. This sped up the content writing and marketing time, and within a month of implementation, the results were:-

(1) The number of content pieces produced,

(2) Higher social shares due to an effective content promotion and

(3) Increase in 18% traffic to the company website.

We also created two custom infographics that were used to reach out to industry relevant blogs for republication, which not only created relevant backlinks but also helped to generate recurring traffic.

C) LinkedIn Promotion

In our research, we realized that LinkedIn was the largest B2B business networking site in the world and unfortunately, we had sidelined the platform completely. We had a basic company profile with around 5% activity. We found that 90%+ B2B marketers used LinkedIn to publish and share content, and since the site gives access to professionals and businesses, content targeting is accurate. Like any business, our agenda is to get B2B clients, and as such, LinkedIn would be the appropriate vehicle for finding and pitching the target market through informative content.

We lagged behind our competitors. We begin to rectify the situation by asking all our team members to create a complete LinkedIn profile and connected them to the company page. We started to follow industry influencers and re-published our in-house content on the LinkedIn Pulse program. After two weeks, we decided to set aside a budget to use for LinkedIn sponsored ads. Our team members became part of relevant and active groups for networking. Three months of LinkedIn promotion and some of our LinkedIn Pulse posts went viral, which created inbound leads and got us, high-ticket clients.


For any business to run well, a proper strategy is a must. And one golden rule to remember is that – in business, success doesn’t come overnight, it is a continuous process. You need proper planning, periodic performance review and implementation of necessary steps that will make your business grow with time.

Description: Analyzing your business and planning accordingly is a must depending on which your business strategy may or may not take you to growth.

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