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Best Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Store in 2022

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‘’Complacency is the enemy of progress’’

No matter how successful your Shopify store is, you can’t afford to be complacent. The moment you take your foot off the pedal, you will notice that your competitors are taking the business away from you. 

So, there’s no alternative to staying up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends to keep your site relevant to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. What marketing strategies should you adopt in 2022 to draw more traffic? Let’s throw light on a few. 


Strong SEO 

It’s a no-brainer; you need to perfect your SEO game to stay ahead of the race. While SEO can’t guarantee success on its own, it plays a vital role in improving your sales. For the best potential ROI, you should partner with a Shopify SEO expert.

A proper SEO strategy can help you broaden your clientele without spending lavishly on sponsored ads. Organic visitors have much better conversion rates than paid traffic. So, you should focus more on attracting traffic through organic searches. 

Here are some SEO tweaks you can consider making to get better traffic:

Add Data Markup To Product Pages 

Are you familiar with those helpful search result listings that display product reviews, prices, and other useful data? The magic of structured data markup makes all that possible. It’s the best way to get the attention of experienced customers. 

Product data markup can help you occupy an enticing SERP position. Structured data markup is even more important if you have high-quality product images. The “product” badge that it adds to your product images encourages potential buyers to click on your ad. 

Carefully Craft The Meta Description 

Contrary to popular belief, a high search result position doesn’t necessarily lead to high traffic. Here’s where well-written meta descriptions matter. If the text appearing below the title is precise yet engaging, people will be more willing to check out the site. 

There should be 60 characters or less in the meta title of your store page. The title should be descriptive and feature focus keywords. There should be no more than 145 characters in a meta description.

Utilize Page Headings 

Good page headings help both Google and your customers understand the content and structure of your page. Page headings, done the right way, will help you organize and categorize your store information.

The title should appear in H1 on every page. An H2 heading should appear at the beginning of every major section on your page. If you have a lot of content or long blog posts, break down the content into H3 and other subheadings. Incorporate keywords into headings naturally. 

Minimize The Loading Speed 

Your search engine rankings are guaranteed to drop if your store takes longer to load, and that’s not the only problem you will have to deal with. Slower load times also result in less user retention as visitors lose patience trying to navigate your store. 

A simple way to make the load time faster is to optimize the media. Host the videos on external sources like YouTube or Vimeo. For photos, compress and resize them. It’ll result in some lost pixels, but the browsing experience will get a lot better. 

Prioritize Social Media Promotion 

Social media is a digital marketing goldmine. Sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook will give you access to a vast pool of potential clients worldwide. In terms of ROI, no other strategy can beat social media marketing. 

Generally speaking, all social media platforms offer great marketing opportunities. However, you should focus on a few in particular, depending on the characteristics of your target market and the nature of your product.

We have profiled some of the biggest social media players so that you can know which platforms give you the best chance at reaching your desired clientele. 


A large number of Instagram users are young people. The youth has always been an eCommerce friendly demographic. So, you can expect excellent conversion rates running Instagram ads for fashion and tech products. 


Instagram’s parent site Facebook occupies a middle ground in terms of user demographics. It has a good mix of young, adult, and senior people. So, Facebook marketing can be a helpful strategy for a broad range of products. 


TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. So, the marketing possibilities here are enormous. Like Instagram, TikTok has a lot of young users. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to run youth-oriented marketing campaigns. 


Twitter has become our go-to app for all breaking news. Twitter is not the ideal place for promotion content, but it can still provide you with a fantastic way to interact with current and future clients. In addition, if your product is in any way influenced by trends or current events, you should be on Twitter to capitalize on this.


We often overlook the marketing potential of Pinterest. It can give you a surprising amount of exposure to purchase-ready netizens. Many people visit Pinterest for product ideas and already have a mindset to buy. So, your well-crafted pins can bring you a good deal of sales. 

Arrange Giveaways 

Giving away free items during contests, giveaways, and promotions benefits both brands and their fans. That’s why countless companies around the world deploy this proven marketing tool to draw more customers and clients. 

For the negligible cost of gifting a few things, you can expand your client base, generate momentum for your company’s growth, receive free publicity through social sharing, and delight a few lucky buyers.

You may choose to run these promotional campaigns on your store, in which case we recommend utilizing a Shopify app designed specifically for giveaways. But the most effective technique would be to organize giveaways on social media, as it will bring in a lot of new traffic. 


Final Thoughts 

Shopify has become a haven for SMEs. So, it’s easy to get lost among an increasing number of competitors. Thankfully, a well-thought marketing approach can keep you afloat regardless of the competition. So, perfect your plan and keep on expanding your Shopify empire.

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