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6 Marketing Alternatives for Small Business Owners

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Marketing is the building block of any company. Any company that wishes to grow has to start by marketing it right and keeping the building blocks right. It is marketing via which we can receive more customers and can increase our sale.

Marketing can often cost a lot, and a person who has newly started a business cannot afford to pay so much as they are not even assured that after this, their sale will increase for sure.

It is always stupid to rent a whole billboard even though you’re not sure if it will turn out good or not.

Billboards and flyers can cost you a lot. Billboards require payments per hour that they will show your ad and flyers cost not only for the paper but also you need to pay the people you would hire to distribute them. Most of the people yet don’t even see it for more than a few seconds and end up throwing them away.


Everyone loves balloon whether they are small kids or grownups. If you get your company name and information on a balloon, the people won’t throw them away, at least the kids won’t let them and your word would then be carried out written on the balloons, and it would not even cost you a lot.

You can start distributing these balloons outside your shop or at the corner of the street, and you wouldn’t then have to worry much. Through this, your shop would be in sight of more people for a longer time.

This would save you from hiring a lot of labor and would get your work done in less amount and also in less time.

It works best for ones who do not own large businesses and want to promote and market their brand or shop in the locals only.

Host an Event or Class

Hosting an event and class would not only bring in more people and introduce your shop to more people but also you would be able to stick out your flyers at the libraries and other local billboards.

They usually don’t let anyone post an advertisement on their billboard, but they are more than happy to post the ad of the event or promoting a class no matter where it is. In this way, more people would read about you and come to know about your place, and you wouldn’t even have to put in a lot of effort into this.

Just print out some flyers and host a small class where you can teach more about what you do or an event related to your shop and then start sticking the flyers all around the town so more people can come to know about your shop and you can have more and more visitors.

Hold a Local Contest

This is a very effective and simple way of branding your shop. Just hold a little contest with a simple prize and more and more people would participate in it and come to know about your shop more. You can even do it the more straightforward way by just participating in an on-going event and giving away a prize from your shop as a way of marketing and getting recognized by the people around.

Contests are one thing that people participate in a lot because who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you announce that you’re giving out gifts to the people over small contests or games, they will come running to your shop to receive their gifts, and your shop would then be renowned all over the town.

Social Media

Social media is the most significant way through which you can start marketing your brand. It is home to millions of people now who go there and spend a lot of time there. A lot of people from your area also use it. You then have to start targeting the right kind of public and start spreading out your words.

It helps you target more people at a time, and you can choose the right kind of people for your business profit. It has all kinds of people from all over the world. You can easily start targeting the people are right for you and reach out to them easily. Start giving different discount offers online, so people are forced to check in at your store and buy more stuff from you.

This is a great way to lure more customers to your store by giving them a discount. This is an obvious thing that no one would come into your store to buy one thing. They would then, of course, check other stuff too and it would help you sell more in less time.

E-mail Marketing

Marketing via e-mail is also a free and convenient way of marketing. You don’t have to put in much effort. Just write an e-mail and describe everything about your company and other stuff. You can then start sending it out to everyone. It doesn’t only help you bring in new customers but also keeps your recent customers engaged with you.

You have to keep on sending new emails every day or weekly to everyone and keep telling them about your weekly discounts and all the good offers that you have going on for certain people.

Through this, you can easily speak to your customers without making many efforts and keep sending them these emails until they don’t get ready to become paying customers.

Business Cards

This is another way of luring them in with giving them a chance to win something for free from your store. You can keep a fishbowl and ask all your visitors to keep putting in their business cards for a chance to win a prize, for example, a restaurant might offer them a free pizza party or something as such.

When they do so, at the end of the month, you can only have one winner but you now also have many other business cards from people around to whom you can directly email or message telling them that they didn’t win, but they can try again in their next contest or anything as such and keep entertaining them to keep them engaged with you.

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