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9 Easy Ways Of Hair Salon Marketing

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A hair salon is a business that must always be marketing itself to stay in business. As a salon owner, you should always be making an effort to collect new clients. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 easy steps to help you market your salon business and keep it running smoothly. These are some of our favorite salon marketing ideas for you to get more clients through the door without investing too much time or money!

Get a booking app

An application that allows bookings for appointments is a perfect way of letting your clients know that you’re available. The customer can look at your calendar to see if the appointments are available and then reserve one or a number of appointments just for them or their family members too. Parents can reserve appointments with all their children and pay at same time when needed. If you offer home appointments (as some stylists are doing to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions), your clients may even offer location details during booking their appointment. One of the apps that facilitate this process is Booksy.

Partner with local businesses

A feature in local newspapers could promote vouchers or act as a beauty consultant. By coordinating local media in this fashion you can promote your business very effectively and establish yourself as a reliable name in the industry. Create a special offer, like partnering with one of the nail or beauty salons, or a massage spa for an exclusive spa day.

Be active on Instagram

Social media is something that remains a perfect platform for salon advertising. For instance, your salon’s Instagram could serve as your portfolio to present your stylists’ best work. For those businesses that were closed because of COVID-19 take steps to notify your customers by reopening their offices or taking the appropriate precautions to keep everybody safe. Get creative to promote your business. Perhaps you could encourage your happy customers to let you have pictures of their newly-made hair and post it on your profile. Again, Booksy can be helpful here as you can integrate a book button into your profiles on Google My Business, Instagram, and Facebook.

Offer a loyalty program

In this instance, customer loyalty is very necessary for local businesses. I think everybody would agree that nurturing good customer relationships would increase their loyalty. Provide great customer service and try to keep the conversations going and offer them a drink or magazines to enjoy some lighter reading. Additionally, you could think of a reward system. It’s a great way to keep people coming back for more. Qualitative customer service is crucial in building customer loyalty, too.

Create a modern website for your hair salon

A website offers plenty of advantages—you can showcase your portfolio, make your salon appear on a search engine, and increase your traffic in local search. WordPress and Wix are the two of the most popular website builders for such projects. The sites have a clean website template for the hair salon that can be edited and customised easily. Wix has features based on drag-and-drop which provide cost-effective tools even for non-technical people.

Use local SEO

It is necessary to have a website of salons to get a place on search engines. 83% of searching done on Google and getting it listed is critical. A Google My Business listing is crucial for just about any local business, hair salons included. I can bet an arm and a leg that other local businesses are also using it to their advantage. Why shouldn’t you? If you’d like to find out more, Moz has a great guide on local SEO

Set up a Selfie Station

We especially enjoy the idea of creating selfie stations to market salons. In order to create the perfect environment for your selfie area, neutral walls or pop-up backgrounds can be installed. Ask people that can tag you and your salon in your posts. If you decide to go with that, give some loyalty point rewards for each time a post is tagged and shared. You can also design a personalised background using your salon logo, social media or hashtag to make a selfie station fun for clients. Installing a green screen to let your customers choose their own backgrounds could also be a great idea.

Send reminders for appointments by text to your customers

Some text marketing systems make it possible for hair salon owners to send a reminder to their customers if they have an upcoming appointment. This is achieved by sending a text message reminding the customer of their appointment. Text messages are also increasing in popularity as a form of marketing since they can be sent at any time without interfering with an individual’s productivity, social life or family time.

Make video content

With an arsenal of video platforms already in the mix it’s actually rather quick to create and publish your own content. For salons, produce a series of video tutorials to help your clients style their hair at home.  There are also quite good apps for the editing and creation of videos for social media platforms. The ideas for a beauty business are simply endless for salons.

  • Promos
  • Q&A’s
  • Tutorials
  • Talking about a particular service and its benefits
  • “House” tour of your salon

If you’re looking for hair salon marketing ideas, the 9 steps we’ve provided should be a great place to start. Even if you don’t have an idea of where to begin with marketing a hair salon, these tips will get you started thinking about what might work best for your brand and business goals. From creating video content or providing customer loyalty rewards programs, there are plenty of ways that neuroscience principles can help drive more traffic into your web properties as well as convert casual visits into repeated sales.


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