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Solutions for Your Logo Design Problem

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Starting a business is easy but maintaining it can be really difficult, creative logo design can help your business to grow and attract more customers. A logo is not a brand but it is basically your business identity. What do you recall when you see the images like a bitten apple, a swoosh design most likely you think of Apple, Twitter, and Nike right? All you saw were pictures no words just a graphical symbol of your company or product, in other words, a LOGO. Too many small business owners underestimate the importance of a great logo design, these small companies think that if they are small then it’s good to stay small and then they wonder why no one takes there company seriously. Quite simply your logo is your first impression and as the famous saying says “your first impression is your last impression” it is the face of your business. A creative logo design lets people know if you are armature or professional, cheap or expensive, trustworthy or shady looking.  The importance of a logo should be taken as seriously as you take other aspects of your business. A trending logo design lets people know that you are a professional and very serious about your business, it creates an instant level of trust and that is something every business owner absolutely needs. A colorful logo design acts as a visual reference to your brand. Logos are pictures, writings, shapes, or a blend of the three that delineate the name and reason for a business – to say it basically. A creative logo design should be more than the symbol for the identification of a company. If a logo is professionally designed, it conveys the whole story of the product and the organization to its customers that help to establish a healthy relationship with the targeted audience and clients.  A good logo consists of the following components


Colors can directly influence your perspective of thinking and hormonal functioning, for example, the red color is involved in enhancing the human metabolism, human emotions and is related to love and romance. Many companies use this color to attract the audience towards them. Similarly yellow is a vibrant color which is linked with the sunshine and is involved in making people feel happy and satisfied, it also makes people feel fresh and is mostly used by the companies providing food services like M of McDonald’s is yellow, but the overuse of yellow is also not good as it leads to isolation and feeling of fear. Right colors tell your audience if you are innovative, playful or serious. Your logo shading palette can be comprised of a solitary shading or a few in spite of the fact that we prescribe remaining inside a few shading mixes. The hues you pick will later saturate other marking materials you make too, so pick shrewdly!


Typography plays an important role in making a trending logo design many logo services providing companies also provide the option of adding different fonts in your logo. However, when it comes to designing a logo it is really important to choose the right font for your logo. There are many logotypes in which you can add your favorite fonts to design a logo for example

  • Wordmark logo design: this design includes the full name spelling of the company, custom colors and fonts are used in it. They are simple and easy to understand. For example Facebook, Google, and visa.
  • Letter mark logo design: this design includes a symbol or mostly the first initial of the company’s name. This design is widely used and many custom fonts and designs are used in it.
  • Emblems: in this design, the name of the company is encompassed by the design, for example, NFL, Starbucks etc.


What do you recall when you see a ghost symbol or a camera symbol? Snapchat or Instagram right? Similarly, an image for the logo can be anything from a camera symbol to an arrow symbol. From a blue bird symbol used for twitter to a bull used for red bull. Your image should be unique and creative so that people do not confuse it with any other company. While choosing the image also check the geometry and the symmetry of the logo because everything that is balanced looks perfect.


A good professional logo design should have the following qualities:


Simple logos are easy to recognize and understand. Many logo services providing companies make custom made logos according to your need. The simple it would be great it will look. Many companies opt for colorful logo design they do look good but too many uses of hues can degrade the look of the logo. Simple logo designs can be completely unique without being too complicated


Make a creative logo design that is memorable as you want to establish your brand so go for a logo design that is impossible to forget and easy to remember. Biological science says that people tend to recognize images first instead of the names. It represents who you really are and what your organization does. Having a creative logo design which is recognizable puts your business in an ideal place to grow and attract new customers


While making a logo keep the category of the audience you are targeting, it makes a big difference who your audience is and for whom you are designing your logo. For example, a colorful logo design would be appropriate for children and for funeral home service you can choose to go with black and grey colors. In fact, the psychology of the colors should also be kept in mind when making a colorful logo design.


Trendy logo designs look good today but do not look good after years and after some time. You need to create a logo that is timeless for example the logo of the famous beverage company Coca-Cola. Try to design such logos that stay effective for five, ten or twenty years.

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