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Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option?

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Are you a graduate and considering a career in digital marketing but unsure if it’s the right path for you? If you have such doubts, then don’t worry we are here to help you out. 

Digital Marketing has been an evolving industry in the past few years. But, despite the fact that digital marketing has been around for a while, there is still some skepticism about its viability as a career. 

Most people are confused about starting a career in digital marketing. As a result, we’ll clear all your doubts in this article as well as discuss the compelling reasons why digital marketing is a good career option. 

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Top Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is a Good Career Option For You

1. Digital Marketing Is A Profitable Career Option

The entry-level salary of a digital marketer is around 20K to 30K per month. This is comparable to entry-level salaries in any other industry. But further, based on your knowledge and experience, you can demand a hike in your salary. The average salary of an experienced digital marketer is 15-25 lakhs per annum. 

Digital marketing is a very dynamic industry, i.e. things change so quickly in the digital marketing industry. So, you must always keep going with the trends and produce excellent results. 

And if you can do this, you can be confident that you will command a salary commensurate with your ability!

This is, of course, only your starting salary. This salary will only rise as you advance in your digital marketing career and go through appraisal seasons.

2. Digital Marketing Offers Accelerated Career Growth

We beg to differ with those who believe that digital marketing is a field with limited opportunities for advancement. Because it is a newer field, there are fewer rules and structures. 

There are still some digital marketing jobs out there that have yet to be discovered! As a result, the opportunities for development are truly limitless. 

Furthermore, in the digital marketing industry, it is your work that is truly important. You will be rewarded if you are willing to roll up your sleeves, work those long hours, and participate in pitches for great brands and campaigns for even more great brands. 

You can also advance your career by working at a digital marketing agency. For example, if you are a copywriter with a creative flair, you could experiment with the actual design. 

Because there are fewer barriers to moving horizontally than in other fields, your job roles can be as diverse as your skillset. 

3. Digital Marketing Is The Future

Digital marketing is growing at a 30-35% annual rate and shows no signs of slowing. Digital marketing is now a significant portion of the marketing budgets of large multinational corporations such as Unilever and P&G, and unicorns such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber spend even more.

So, for those who believe that digital marketing is a “here today, gone tomorrow” phenomenon, we are here to tell you that it is here to stay!

Even various marketers of print, television, and radio industries are now shifting their careers towards digital marketing. So, as a newcomer, why shouldn’t you?

This would be the perfect opportunity and time for you to start your career in the field of digital marketing. 

4. Digital Marketing Has Vast Career Options

Gone are the days when working in an agency meant providing “backend support.” Digital marketing agencies are as popular as ever, and they work with some of the country’s most well-known brands.

Furthermore, the roles you can play within a digital marketing agency are limitless. And no one role is superior to another. 

If you are a people person, then you could always be the one communicating with the clients. Do you feel more at ease when immersed in design software? Then you can work as a designer in charge of all of your agency’s fantastic campaigns. 

So, when it comes to deciding what type of digital marketing job to apply for, why not try your hand at everything that piques your interest? You never know what can lead to a long-term career.

These are some of the compelling reasons why digital marketing would be a good choice for your career. There are a plethora of other benefits of digital marketing that will help you in deciding whether to choose this career path or not. 

Now that you know the reasons to choose digital marketing, let’s move ahead and see what kind of people are suitable for a career in digital marketing. 

What Kind Of Individual Is A Perfect Fit For A Digital Marketing Career? 

If you’re thinking about a career in digital marketing, you might be wondering, “Am I cut out for this?” Despite the fact that digital marketing is something that almost anyone can do, there are some specific personality traits that an individual must have in order to succeed in this field. Here are a few examples: 

  • As digital marketing is a creative field, the individual must have to be very creative in his or her job. 
  • The individual should be innovative and must have the ability to think out of the box in order to come up with some exciting ways to reach out to the audience. 
  • The individual must be passionate as well as curious about new things and have a strong desire to create something new. 
  • It is important to remember that digital marketing is sometimes a trial-and-error process. As a result, the individual must be patient with themselves as well as with the process. 
  • To be successful in digital marketing, it is critical to set short- and long-term goals and work hard to achieve them. 
  • Those who make a successful career in digital marketing tend to intuitively understand what their clients want over time and attempt to give it on a continuous basis. 

Hence, if you are creative enough to do something new and out of the box, or have a passion for learning something new and innovative, then digital marketing is the best career option for you. 

So, if you’ve decided to pursue a career in digital marketing, you’ll need to know where to begin. So, let’s have a look at how you might begin your digital marketing career. 

How to Start Your Digital Marketing Career? 

If you’ve decided to start your career in digital marketing, then you may be wondering how you will learn the various digital marketing skills and begin your career in the field. But don’t worry, as we previously stated, we have answers to all of your questions. 

If you are a graduate and looking forward to starting your career in this field, then we strongly recommend you to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing

Having a Postgraduate degree in any field is always an add-on for everyone. You’ll have various practical experiences, get a chance to do internships with firms that will help you understand the corporate environment.

Pursuing a postgraduate, i.e. an MBA in digital marketing will definitely give value to your resume which will further help you in getting better placements in the top companies with an average CTC of 5+LPA. 

You can gross up your digital marketing skills and get an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of digital marketing and become an expert.  

And if you want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing from the comfort of your home, then you must enroll in an advanced Online Digital Marketing Course, that will give you all insights about digital marketing. 


That’s about it! Now all your doubts are clear and you have got a perfect idea of whether to start your career in digital marketing or not. 

Digital marketing is a very vast industry, and with over 4.6 billion active users throughout the world, it is set to become the next big thing in the near future. And it will undoubtedly fundamentally transform the marketing industry.

Hence this would be the perfect time for you to enhance your digital marketing skills and start your career in digital marketing. 

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