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Top 30 Creative Custom Clothing Design Fonts

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If you are in online custom clothes designing business or need a unique custom printed shirt or tank top designs, fancy personalized t-shirt for a business promotion campaign or any other custom clothes designing requirement; one of the key things to consider is the right fonts. A font is not just a letter. But it gives a personality to any design including t-shirt designs. Strategic use of fonts conveys a brand message and its personality to the viewers and makes the desired impact on them.

To help you in picking the right fonts for your t-shirt design project, we have compiled a select list of free fonts that you can use to create unique t-shirt designs. Most of these fonts are free or available at a nominal fee. Here is the list.

1. The Crimson – Serif Font

The Crimson is a perfect choice that a professional graphic designer would like to have for giving your designs an old style with small caps of the text. The font is available in Roman, Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Semibold and Semibold italic variants.

2. Calluna- Serif Font

Calluna is recommended as an excellent web font to make the pages legible. You can access this font in Semibold Italic, Bold Italic and Black, Light, Regular, Italic.

3. Mon Cheri – Handwritten Font

The Mon Cheri typeface is a good alternative when you wish to choose fonts for printing Tshirts with a classic touch. You will find this font an ideal choice for many other designs as well.

4. Stay Alive-Sans Serif Font

You should choose Stay Alive Typeface for its classical touch to your designs. The 1800s Victorian-style comes alive with these fonts.

5. Brela – Serif Font

Brela Serif is known for its humanistic style, meaning that you can create a personal touch when using this font in your design works. The typeface is also a good choice for t-shirts. It is legible also in small sizes.

6. Bree – Handwriting Style

Bree is a serif font influenced by handwriting. It has a mixture of vivid lowercase letters and capitals as well as memorable upright italic.

7. Afta Sans – Sans Serif Font

Afta Sans has a pleasing appearance, and it is undoubtedly one of the best choices for t-shirts and other appealing designs.

8. Bignord – Vintage Style

Bignord is a perfect choice when it comes to giving your custom t-shirt print a vintage look and style. Use this font for typographic cover lettering and vintage packaging.

9. Badhead – Script Font

Badhead should be a preference to design greeting cards, cosmetics or beauty logos type, or other designs that require a touch of elegance with some boldness. A t-shirt designer can mix and match its alternative characters to give a design a unique appearance.

10. Burnts Maker – Signature Font

Burnts Marker is a signature font to give your designs a rough feel, and it also helps in providing a touch of hip-hop culture.

11. Vollkorn – Serif Font 

Vollkorn is a small font that was once used for the hand setting of letters for printing, but it is still a useful typeface to create a variety of designs.

12. Osgard Pro – Classic Style Font

Osgard Pro is one of those beautiful fonts that you can use particularly for creating a classical ambiance in your designs. It has a Gothic style and gives an impression of luxury. Use this font, especially for creating something based on fashion.

13. Butler – Serif Font

Butler is a serif font that the designers can prefer for creating unique posters and some fancy stuff. You can use it as one of your t-shirt fonts, and you have it in Bold, Extra Bold, Light, Regular, Medium, Black, and Ultra Light variants.

14. Bird House Script – Handwritten Font

Bird House Script is a font that you can use to give designs a casual touch with a handwritten script. With this font, you can brand a t-shirt business. The font has uppercase characters and punctuation.

15. Brayden Family – Script Font

Brayden Family font is a perfect choice to create a wide range of t-shirt designs. This font is available in 3 weights of script fonts.

16. Born – Serif Font

Born is based on calligraphic forms and it has some modern features in its drops, strokes, and ending. Graphic designers can use this font to give designs an actual and fresh look to t-shirts. It is legible at small sizes as well.

17. Fénix Regular- Serif Font

Fénix is another useful font to create a wide variety of designs. You can get this font in a Regular version.

18. Agne Regular – Serif Font 

Agne Regular has bold lines with a touch of elegance to give different designs a fresh look. You can pick this font also for giving old-fashioned typefaces a new look.

19. Mohave – All Caps Style

If you are looking to create text with all the capital letters, then Mohave is the right pick. Prefer this font for bold headlines with big type settings.

20. Alcubierre -Geometric Sans Serif 

Alcubierre is a clean, minimal font that you can use for a variety of graphic design ideas on logo maker tools online. This is a geometric sans serif typeface.

21. Moon – Sans Serif Font

A clean sans serif typeface, Moon is free for personal use. Use this font for clean and simple expression with round edges of the letters.

22. Frontage Outline – Handcrafted style

Frontage is based on handcrafted facade signs. Pick this font to give your design work a handcrafted and friendly look and also to make the maximum impact on viewers.

23. De La Fuente – Sans Serif Custom Font

De La Fuente is a custom sans-serif font that is an ideal choice for t-shirts that require text in bold and display form. This is a clean font that you will find suitable for modern style t-shirt designs and other such artworks.

24. Westfalia – Brush Sans Font

When you wish to give your t-shirt project a feel of authenticity and some playfulness as well, pick this brush sans serif font. You can create hand-drawn designs due to varied line thickness and messy edges of the font.

25. Atami – Display Font

Atami is a display font that you can use to create attractive and attention-grabbing headers and headlines. This is a modern sans-serif font suitable to give a new and unique look for your t-shirt printing online designs.

26. Anders – Geometric Line Font

Anders comes with unique geometric lines. Because of these lines, this font becomes a great choice to create t-shirts

27. Westmeath – Sans Serif Font

Westmeath is a clean sans-serif font that some art-deco-ish style to it and you can use it to give your varied designs vintage and classic touch. Get this font in Italic and Regular versions.

28. Polya – Line Font

Polya is one of the most exciting and engaging fonts as each letter is in the design of the web. You should prefer it to create some mesmerizing t-shirt designs.

29. Horizon – Retro Font

Horizon is a retro font that can create some classic images of your designs. It is a highly-stylized and thick font. You can have this font in Regular and Italic.

30. ITC Bauhaus – Retro Font

ITC Bauhaus also is a retro font. You can have this font in its various thickness versions to give your design works a wide range of variety.

So, these are the free fonts you should consider to create a variety of t-shirt designs you have, thus, many options of fonts to choose from for your specific design needs.

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