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From Permanent to Temporary Employment – What’s the Benefit?

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Workplace recruitment practices have evolved over the past decade. There has been a spike in the demand for temporary employment. Why? Because the 9 to 5 daily grind is no longer suitable for most. Single parents, primary caregivers, military veterans, and so many other candidates with various skills wish they could work for a few hours and manage other responsibilities at the same time.

Then, there are ambitious people who want to do what they love. Hence, temporary staffing agencies have stepped in to offer career flexibility to interested candidates.

Temporary employment is a phrase that used to scare job seekers and employers equally. A job seeker would picture it to be some sort of terrible job with no career progression. On the other hand, an employer would wonder a temporary employee to be a non-serious member of the team. That is no longer the case. Here are some reasons why so many job seekers are accepting temporary employment:

1. Find Seasonal Work

Some of us cannot commit to working for more than a few weeks. And there could be lots of reasons behind it. You can easily find short assignments that last for a few weeks. Reach out to a recruiter, let them know about your availability, and they will find postings that match your skillset and length of availability.

2. Fill the Experience Gaps

Have you recently switched to a new industry or you are a fresh graduate with all the right technical knowledge but limited hands-on experience? Temporary employment could fill those gaps. You will learn new skills and gather experience which you can list on your resume later on.

Simply tell the recruiter what skills you want to put into practice, and they will search for assignments related to that.

3. Sample Test Various Industries

For some of us, it’s hard to pick one profession we like. You might be interested in software engineering and finance at the same time. Temporary employment provides you the opportunity to test-run both industries.

Look for temporary to hire assignments through a recruiter. Give both tasks a shot. This will make it easier to figure out what one’s right for you. It will give you as well as the organization time to test whether the one hired is the ideal fit for the job or not.

4. Best Recruiters to Guide You

When you are looking for temporary employment usually, you have to work with a staffing firm. This means you will have the best recruiters on your side. They will do most of the heavy lifting, you just have to take the final action.

Recruiters swim through resumes and help candidates arrange interviews in companies or industries they like. It’s their job, and they are good at it too. In other words, they minimize the hassle and offer you the solution.

5. Build a Professional Network

Working on temporary jobs is an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network. The contacts you make will prove handy in the future. You might be exposed to more job opportunities. Additionally, you will have multiple references for future applications.

6. Test the Waters at a Specific Firm

We all have a wishlist of working at some best companies. When you get a chance to accept a temporary position in any of those organizations, you can explore the company more. You get to learn about their culture, benefits, work environment, and other details. When the opportunity for a permanent position opens up, it gets easier to make up your mind.

7. No-Gap Year on Your Resume

Employers are not big admirers of resumes with lots of gap years. That’s why most candidates would do anything to avoid them. There is no better solution than accepting a temporary position. Even if the assignment is not directly related to your profession, it still works.

It gives the impression that you are motivated, and you don’t hesitate to accept work, no matter what type it is.

8. Quick Hiring

Usually, there is a sense of urgency in temporary positions. Employers always want the post to fill quickly. Why not use this to your advantage? Even if you don’t have years of experience, you might still get accepted for the position.

Employers are also flexible in their hiring requirements. They are willing to train the candidate. Consider this an opportunity to add a new skillset up your sleeves. And you never know, if all works well for you and the organization, a temporary position could turn into a permanent job.

9. Flexible Rules

The best thing is temporary assignments offer more flexibility than permanent positions. You are required to do a good job and go home. You aren’t expected to work 80 hours a week, participate in workplace activities, happy hour, and other stuff that is attached to a permanent position. With such flexibility, it gets easier to maintain a work-life balance.

10. More Financial Reward

A temporary job often pays more than a permanent one. This financial reward has been attracting more and more candidates to reach out to companies offering staffing solutions. After all, if working a few hours in a week can get your bills paid, what more would you need?

Considering these advantages, it all makes sense now. A temporary position could expose you to more opportunities than your full-time job.

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