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How to Leverage Data for Better Hiring

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Modern technology is changing the way people in the recruiting business do their job. The whole Human Resource sector is now more about predictive analysis and software tools than about the human aspect. Obviously, the recruiter has the final word and in many cases, it’s based on a hunch – which of the shortlisted candidates is most suitable for the job, but everything up to that point can be done online, from identifying the best candidates for a job opening to conducting background security checks. Here is how to leverage data to hire highly skilled people for your organization.

Learn How to Gather Relevant Data

Using a data-driven recruitment process allows a company to speed up the whole process, while rapidly identifying candidates that sound ideal for the job.

Many companies have already embraced this new hiring model and use software tools that collect a wide range of data. Having such a database at their disposal allows them to streamline the process and find suitable candidates for a job vacancy.

Among the data such tools store and use are candidate source and location, as well as the cost per hire. At the same time, data-driven recruiting offers relevant information about the quality of hire and the retention rate. 

How to Analyze Data Correctly

Most of the modern recruiting process is automated, at least as far as data collection is concerned. However, we’re still far away from the time when hiring will rely solely on AI. For now, it is the job of a skilled HR manager to sift through the tons of data collected and use them to improve the company’s hiring strategy.

Examining the data allows an HR manager to detect the weak points in the hiring policy and also get an idea of how the competition is conducting the same job. 

In a candidate-driven job market, there’s stiff competition to attract the most talented people to your organization and an HR manager with a keen eye can use data to discover ways to beat the competition to it.

Cast a Wider Net

Remote working and modern technology allow companies access to a large pool of talents. They no longer have to content themselves with local talents as in many jobs it’s totally feasible to hire someone living in a different city, state, or even country. 

Whenever a company has a job opening it’s extremely easy to use data gathered with modern recruiting tools to identify a person with the best qualification for that job and get in contact, even if they live hundreds of miles away. The beauty of it is that the HR department won’t have to bother with relocation arrangements if the new employee can work online.

However, even when using software tools to streamline the company’s hiring process, recruiting personnel should not forget the importance of background security checks, which can be easily done using a reputable online platform like the Australian National Character Check

Online background checks can be completed for a particular state like a national police check qld for Queensland, or at a national scale for all of Australia. The results on a state-based police check certificate is essentially the same as a national police check.

Sometimes, recruiting personnel tend to ignore the necessity of a proper police check when an employee is hired to work remotely, not actually interacting with the other employees. However, remote working allows people access to the company’s computer network and its database, which can be even more dangerous.

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