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Top 5 Reasons to Earn Your HR Certification Now

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Not able to climb up the rungs of an HR career? You’re probably missing a lot on what is going around in the industry.

Taking up an HR certification will open doors as you look forward to enhancing your skills in the HR field. It is often looked like a good way for HR professionals to learn these skills and move ahead in their careers.

34.2% of all professionals in the HR domain had at least one certification to their name. Upgrading skills through human resource certification has become indispensable to HR professionals. From the pay perspective as well as career acceleration.

Here’s why you need to earn an HR certification: –

1. Certified HR professionals earn higher than the non-certified

Human resource professionals in a senior role earn significantly higher than the ones without HR certification, based on a report by A certified manager could earn more than USD 10,000 annually as compared to a non-certified manager. As the certification level grows higher the compensation equally rises. The higher credibility your certification holds better the salary package you will be offered with. In short, upgrading your HR skills through certification will be rewarded.

2. An HR certification demonstrates skill proficiency

Certain certification programs focus on workforce planning or development, some on risk management, human resource development, employee and labor relations, compensation, and benefits, etc. However, earning credibility in human resources through certification programs proves your level of adeptness in the current field.

The best way to show your expertise is by proving them you have in-depth HR knowledge and that you’re the best fit for their job role.

3. Continuous re-skilling through recertification

You’ve earned that HR certification.  But will it suffice as you climb the HR ladder? No, it won’t. Having said that, most of the HR certifications have the validity of three years. Thus, HR professionals have the opportunity of being recertified by taking up professional development programs or taking the exams once again. Staying recertified keeps your future-ready demonstrating your commitment toward the HR field.

4. Accelerates job performance

According to studies conducted by the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), it has been revealed that professionals who have earned certifications are more likely better at their performance and showed greater HR skills. It has also been said that certifications for HR professionals have proven resourceful for future positions in the HR field.

5. Differentiate yourself from others

To be honest, one of the major reasons professionals take up a certification or learn a newer skill is to keep themselves a step ahead from the pack. These professionals are wise enough to understand the level of competency established on their portfolio – earning it absolutely sets you apart from the non-certified candidates. Besides earning higher pay, having an add on credibility to your resume puts you in the list of candidates to be looked at while seeking for a newer job role in the organization or perhaps a promotion.

Why certification matter?

There is an end number of reasons why certification matters both personally as well as professionally. If you delve deeper, you will be able to find some of the best HR certifications online. Nonetheless, it is always an added advantage that helps demonstrate your skills to your peers.

  • Helps increase your professional confidence as well as satisfaction.
  • Results in greater respect with your current organization.
  • It makes you the perfect fit for a newer job role.
  • Differentiates you from a non-certified professional.

In today’s hypercompetitive job market, credible certification is the status quo. So how will you establish yourself a different? You can aim higher with a certification program to give you a critical edge in your HR career.

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