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How Can I Improve My Product Packaging To Drive Sales Through The Roof?

How Can I Improve My Product Packaging To Drive Sales Through The Roof?Image Credit:

Your product or service is the key driver of making sales, but product packaging is massively essential. Improving your product packaging can drive your sales through the stratosphere.

Try out some of the packaging tips highlighted below and see for yourself.

Understand Your Audience

It’s important to know who you’re selling your product to so you can design a brilliant package. There are many questions to consider:

  • Is your target audience primarily male or female?
  • Where do they buy your product?
  • What information do they think about when they are buying products?
  • How does the packaging affect their decision?

Answering these questions accurately will affect the colors you choose, the shape, and other vital packaging elements.

Choose Materials That Make Sense For The Product

Remember to choose packaging that dovetails with where your product is sold and what’s inside the package. Some items, such as liquids or glass products, could need more protection to make sure they reach your customer in one piece. You might need to have a thicker package or more padding inside to keep things safe.

Think about a package size and shape that can be easily transported and makes sense for where the product will be sold.

Make It Obvious What It Is

Your package design must indicate what you’re selling. It shouldn’t have misleading images or text. If you use images, choose pictures that are an accurate representation of the product.

For example, if you sell organic food, make it clear on the package so that your product can stand out from others. Most importantly, the container should tell the consumer why the product inside is valuable.

Make It Easy To Open

If it takes a crowbar and a box cutter to get your package open, your customer could be turned off. Difficult-to-open packages are known to damage product reputation and decrease the chances of repurchases.

Make your package easy to open, such as with a ‘tear here’ tab or a cap that is easy to twist off. If your product requires more security, make it clear how to open it. Add directions to make it more obvious, if needed.

Picture How It Will Look On The Shelf

Consider where the product is sold and remember the variables that could be involved in that location. Ask yourself:

  • How much of your product packaging is visible
  • What type of fonts are clearest for the consumer
  • Which colors and designs stand out

If your product is sold online and in many business locations, think about designs that can adapt to various channels.

Devise A Versatile Package Design

Versatility is vital where your packaging is concerned. It allows your design to be slightly changed based on product variations, whether that is a different shoe style, new food flavor, or another variable that could require a minor tweak in design or color.

Also, make sure the package design goes well with the product. Versatility also helps when you’re selling your products across channels.

Make Low-Cost Packaging Look High-End and Cool

Having a great product package doesn’t always mean spending a lot. Some brands make a significant impact with a simple packaging concept. You can enhance your packaging strategy by adding textures, layers, and unusual typography. Sometimes a simple packaging concept draws the eye more if your competitors’ packaging is crowded and full of words and images.

Think About How The Consumer Will Use The Packaging

When selecting packaging designs and materials, remember how your customers will utilize the packaging. For instance, consumers may choose a product based on how functional the packaging is. If they want to reuse the product and save it, easily resealable packaging probably will affect the purchasing decision.

Also, if the product is food, transparent packaging will help the customer assess how fresh the food is and the quality.

Try Clever Packaging To Create A Memorable Unboxing Experience

Nothing builds your brand better than getting the customer emotionally engaged. If you can get the packaging to make your customer feel something, it’s sure to impact sales. People love to unbox Apple devices, and if your packaging can create a similar experience, it’s more likely to jump off the shelf.

Make The Package Relevant

Remember to use the correct design to talk to your target demographic. A design that seems out of place on the package or doesn’t align with its use will fail.

The more specific your design is, the more likely it will get buyers who want to buy something that suits them.

So, make sure you use the right design for the right product. For instance, a packaging design that looks perfect on a fruit drink would look silly on a beauty product.

A design related to the product and your target demographic saves the person time and makes the buying decision go faster.

Keep Things Simple

It’s easy to overdesign your product package. Edit and edit some more. Being willing to simplify your product packaging to its essence will give you a focused, clear representation of your company brand that your customers will know and buy.

The retail aisle in the grocery store is already crammed with hundreds of products. The brand that jams too much text or imagery on its package won’t stand out from the masses.

Pick The Right Material

Packaging material should preserve the product’s freshness, quality, and form. Think about origami packaging, reusable packaging, and more. Further, consider what’s most important to your customers; remember that sustainable and recyclable packaging is popular.

Pay For Quality

Your product’s packaging is often the consumer’s initial impression, so it’s vital to capture their attention in a good way. If you put time and money into a quality designer, printer, software, and more, you’ll create a fantastic design that will drive sales.

Creating compelling product packaging takes time and work, but if you follow these tips, you’re more likely to develop special product packages that will drive sales.

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