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Top 7 B2B Platforms

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Gone are the days of traditional trading because today global B2B platforms are everywhere! I am sure as a wholesale trader you must have come across a B2B foreign trade website at some point in life and chances are you were too scared to test new waters and that’s okay. If we go back a couple of decades, there was no concept of submerging trade with technology, and attending trade events was the best way to go. But as they say “Change is Inevitable.”

The new and polished approach of the B2B industry appears in the form of global B2B foreign trade websites. These online trade platforms did not just prove themselves to be the most convenient method of trade but also the successful one. Companies that once pledges to stick to their traditional brick and mortar stores are now going for a digital presence to access worldwide business opportunities. So, if you are not already using the top global B2B Platforms then it’s time for you to entertain the idea.

In this article, I am going to discuss the top 7 global B2B Platforms.


Alibaba Group Holding Limited is one of the most prominent names among global B2B platforms. It is a China-based multinational company that was established on 4 April 1999. Initiated by a group of 10 to 15 people under the leadership of Jack Ma, the company became a well-known B2B giant in just a few years. The company is based in Hangzhou and offer numerous other services to the world than just business to business transactions, including consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B), electronic payment services, shopping search engines, and cloud computing services, etc. the company today owns a vast number of companies, operating and serving in different sectors of the industry.

Alibaba functions from China but has operational offices in different parts of the world. Employing over 22,000 employees, the platform has been a success story for all. It is registered in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is easily labeled as one of the best online trade B2B websites to find international buyers and sellers. If you want to find reliable international buyers and foreign importers for your business, then this global B2B platform is a great place to start.


Tradewheel is no doubt a client-oriented online foreign trade platform that was established in 2003. The company pledges to assist and connect global wholesale suppliers, traders, and distributors with the verified and authentic international buyers of the world. Tradewheel has the best business solutions for global businesses including small & micro organizations. As one of the top-rated global B2B platform in the current B2B industry, this company is recommended by thousands and thousands of online businesses. They have got a wide range of clients from across the world, including European, Asian, and other regions of the world. Tradewheel is based in Delaware, USA, but has been working with worldwide small and large companies to grow their business. Millions of entrepreneurs lean on this website to reach wholesale international buyers. This foreign trade website is best if you to want to expand your business and accelerate your sales chart.

Market reviews indicate great potential in this global B2B platform to convert leads into sales. With their massive and verified directory of international buyers, you are guaranteed to find your next customer. Tradewheel is investing aggressively in content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and employee other marketing solutions. It is the “call to action” foreign trade website to find foreign importers and sellers.


American multinational technology company –, Inc. is one of the top online foreign trade websites that can help traders reach potential international buyers. Though Amazon started out as an online book shop but soon realized its potential and spread its products category to include video games, food, furniture, electronics, mobile phones, software, and other items. The company has received the title of the B2B giant as a result of its great services. Amazon was founded in 1996 by Jeff Bezos. It is Seattle, Washington, and focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and e-commerce. Despite having dominance in various industry domains, e-commerce remains their most profitable wing of the company. Amazon is one of the pioneers in global B2B platforms and is an internationally operating website for consumers, sellers, and direct product manufacturers.

Known for having a vast catalog of verified suppliers, genuine buyers, and reliable product manufacturers, this foreign trade website has become the titan for the retail industry. The website offers multiple categories for ease of navigation, best prices, and excellent customer service. It is a well-known sourcing platform for the wholesale industry. Their process involves direct selling along with warehouses in various locations of the world.

Thomasnet originated decades ago in 1898. It can easily be considered as one of the oldest and most experienced global B2B platform. Thomasnet was previously known as the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers that allow worldwide importers to discover and connect with new suppliers and source quality assured products from the US and Canada. The company serves as the number one sourcing platform for genuine buyers and foreign trade importers. Thomasnet serves both the parties involved in trade, buyers, and sellers both, in hopes of creating business solutions that allow the traders to move beyond the traditional realms. Currently, it has more than 1,000,000 professionals, 500,000 business leads, and years of experience. This global B2B platform is trusted by thousands and thousands of wholesale buyers suppliers, exporters, and importers from across the world.

Thomasnet also pledges to provide its customers with up to date company information. With the help of a dedicated team and specialist who ensures that your job gets done faster. The company offers the best advertising and digital marketing services within the budgeted range to help SMEs and Medium-sized businesses to reach a steady platform. All the targeted services of Thomas net are aimed to attract, convert, and retain customers in the business space. The platform is entirely free. Thomas net attracts many engineers, facility managers, and purchasing agents from around the world.

Import Express

Import Express is one of the top established online B2B websites that has been growing fast and is generating new and improved ways for the importers and exporters to reach each other. The company helps global traders save time, expenses, and decrease the risks associated with importing. It is the best online B2B website to procure quality assured products, meet new business partners, get the latest industry information, and capture more business opportunities. The company has headquarters in Shanghai and Yiwu but it is offering excellent quality products globally since its inception in the year 2005. This B2B website is known to connect the wholesale Chinese suppliers and buyers of the world together with its user-friendly platform. It is a shopping destination that has all the products for need, from mobile phones and furniture to medical equipment. With import express, you can also get fast delivery, from time-critical guaranteed next day to less urgent day certain delivery. The goal of the company is to help, build a stable supply chain for your products.


Founded in February 2013, Cogobuy Group PLC or Cogobuy is one of the reputed B2B websites with headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Aside from operating in China, you can find Cogobuy in 18 different countries across the globe. The company offers an excellent global e-commerce platform. It was awarded a position in the top three top online trade websites in china for 2018. The company is operating the largest transaction-based e-commerce platform for IC and other various electronic products. This B2B website is a direct sales online website and an efficient online marketplace that allow the electronic importers to reach and source excellent quality products at affordable prices. Ever since it started its e-commerce operations, it has been a go-to B2B website for anyone who desired to import electronic components from China.

This global B2B platform mainly deals in electronic products and gained hefty profits in 2018, consequent to the massive demand of small-to-medium electronics manufacturers.  It is a well-known online B2B website for connecting global manufacturers, importers, and exporters of electronic components.

Global Sources

A Hong Kong-based online B2B Platform that is predicted to do well in 2021. This website was established in 1971 and since then it has helped thousands and thousands of wholesale traders to meet their business goals. They have a massive business portfolio that is filled with small and large enterprises. This B2B website is said to be a great online platform to grow your business internationally. Global Sources caters to the global audience. Since it has been running in the industry for the last few decades already, they have extensive experience and great understanding.

This global B2B platform is now operating with modern features and using innovative techniques to market the products better. It is one of the best destinations in 2021 to find reliable wholesale suppliers, buyers, exporters, and importers from across the world. With 1.5 million-plus international buyers, this website was listed in NASDAQ under the name GSOL. This B2B platform is associated with global Trade Fairs.

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