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10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Designs In 2020

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There is a myriad of eCommerce designs available in the digital hemisphere. Everyone wants to create the best designs to beat out their competition but their prospects end up fruitless. The trick is to follow a set of rules that give you an advantage over your rivals. We will discuss that in the following.

1. Branding Is Your Topmost Priority

People always want to buy from established brands when shopping online. Ecommerce sites that operate without aesthetic designs look shady and look as if they are fraudulent who could steal your monetary information.

If you want to gain the consumer’s trust, you need to invest some serious thought into your branding. Because once you design your brand, your e-commerce business will naturally see sales and revenue. Your branding is the very identity of your company, it’s what you are and who you are as an e-commerce business. It is the very thing that will decide whether your eCommerce business can withstand its competition and tests of time.

2. Make It Simple

When you begin your e-commerce design process, it is best to follow the “KISS” rule. Keep it simple silly!

Simplicity is the key to success. If you incorporate all the elements into the page ranging from banner ads to colors, it will take away the spirit of the design and the essence of the website.

You don’t need to add components that you deem unnecessary for your e-commerce site. You can add them but make sure to remove them until you believe all the distractions have been removed. A simple design is clean, clear, and effective. Its primary focus will be on sales and revenue.

3. Use Color as Leverage

Selecting colors for your eCommerce site based on favorite preference is amateurish at best. Your eCommerce design is worth more than that. It is an extremely powerful took that evokes emotions and feeling into your presentation and production.

Colors also serve to inspire people and are essential in the art of persuasion. If you want your eCommerce design to convert your audience to sales then you need to use both conventional and unconventional methods to use the colors to your advantage. You can use tried and tested colors to usher clients towards your design. For example, the color red inspires emotions of excitement and passion which drives sales effectively.

4. Look at the Design From a Designer’s Perspective

It is imperative that your eCommerce design connects with your audience. This can be made possible if you empathize with your audience. See what they want to see in their general eCommerce experience. What your general audience wants is a simple yet attractive eCommerce experience. They need the site to be well designed and straightforward.

It is incumbent on you to provide your audience what they want. All you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and see it from their point of view.

5. Make It Scannable

It might be news to you. But no matter how much time you invest in creating informational descriptions for the products on your eCommerce site, no one is going to take the time to read it.

Research indicates that online users generally read about 20% of the text on the page.  Instead of going through the long process, they can opt to scan the text for specific information. Hence, if you want to help them get to the point of your product information and design, you need to make your design content scannable. Keep your sentence short and succinct so that the audience can absorb the message at a quick pace.

6. Top-Quality Imagery Is Recommended

Images have the ability to convert and make a first impression. That theory has been proven when it comes to the case of eCommerce. No one is going to buy a product which they cannot see. If you want people to be attracted enough to buy your product, you need to showcase them in the form of images. And not just any images, high-quality images. Getting professional and original images guarantees you the trust and confidence of your consumers. Without any images representing your eCommerce design, your conversion is going to collapse.

7. Use Social Proof to Build Trust

Social proof is the best way to build trust with your users. When you design your eCommerce site, make sure you have a mechanism in place that gives your users the opportunity to give you their feedback It can be in the form of a rating section where people can rate your product. You can also add a section where they can relay their experiences to you. If they have the space to give you their reviews, they will establish more trust with your site and convert easily.

8. Make It Professional

The purpose of an eCommerce design is to convince your visitors to purchase your product or items. As a result, you are also asking them to give you some of their sensitive information like credit card numbers, etc. If your site does not look orderly and professional, the visitors will view your site as fraudulent, insecure, and risky. You need to invest in your eCommerce design in the sense that it carries a serious tone and business-oriented if you hope to succeed.

9. Ensure Design of Categories Are Easy to Navigate

If your product pages are clumsy, your sale will die off immediately. If your visitor has to go through multiple menus until he can reach your product, they’re going to give up in the middle of the search.

Make your product pages easy to navigate. If your visitors filter products quickly through color or product type, the faster it will take for them to make a purchase.

10. Checkout Should Be Easy

As mentioned, your checkout page needs to be as easy to navigate as your product pages. Make it convenient for your visitors to register on your site and check out. Make the entire process clear when it comes to their order pertaining to shipping options to costs. Once the process is complete, you can direct your customers to a confirmation page to let them end the process.

The entire eCommerce designing process is taxing and time-consuming in and of itself. It is much more preferable to secure the services of an affordable graphic design company. They have the tools and the elements in their arsenal to accelerate your eCommerce design process and win you new converts quickly.

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