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5 Key Aspects For Designing High Conversion Ecommerce Sites

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In a span of only four years the ecommerce industry in US has grown more than double the size and is still continuing to keep the same pace of growth. From just $164 million turnover to $304 million in only four years is really huge and this growth story indicates the importance of web design focused on higher rate of conversion for online shopping and ecommerce sites.

Whether it is business to customer or business to business web design is an important building block to propagate growth and boost conversion from traffic volume to business. Increasing the conversion rate from traffic to business is the topmost priority for web designers dealing with ecommerce websites. Here we would introduce some effective measures for increasing the conversion rate in ecommerce websites.

#1. Prominent and bold call to action buttons

Taking visitors to the next step to do a transaction is the goal of your maneuvers as a webmaster and that you can do better when some design aspects play a positive role in it. For instance, the call to action buttons (buttons that guide the user to move on to the next transaction page or next shopping option, etc.) must be prominent enough to boost conversion of traffic from business.

You just cannot let your visitors slip away from your grasp when they have shown interest in products or services. Your appropriate call to action buttons at every step guides them in regard to the next set of action or choice for them. Bold, easily visible and prominent call to action buttons helps better conversion.

#2. Higher quality images of the saleable goods along with proper description

Obviously you must optimize your displayed products in order to attract buyers and influence them in their buying decision. High resolution images depicting the objects clearly and in an attractive manner would help them to see the objects clearly and thus hit on the buying decision. Description further makes the objects more salable by clearly identifying and describing various aspects of the object.

Without proper image and description an online buyer would naturally feel himself less informed and exposed to the product he was to buy. You can only sell them by giving them a better display and describing the product accurately and elaborately.

#3. Optimum page speed, great navigational ease and clear contact information

Ecommerce sites just cannot afford to be slower when it comes to page loading speed. Either a lightning fast speed to load the next page cliqued by the client or just loses most of your visitors who seeing the time your page is taking to open an image or a transaction page would simply go elsewhere.

Secondly, navigational ease to access any part of the website in an easy manner is important for better conversion rate. Users must be guided fast enough and with ease whatever products or information he wants to access.

Another important point is to provide contact information of the ecommerce company in detail along with registered address, phone numbers, helpline number and email address. These days, customers only believe those shopping sites for making a payment that provides credible information regarding their whereabouts.

#4. A satisfactory FAQ section to address all the queries

Obviously answering the queries of the customers in a convincing manner is matter of utmost importance and you must develop special apparatus for it. FAQ or ‘frequently asked questions’ is a good apparatus for replying the client queries in a convincing manner. Customers should not feel at any point of time that any of their relevant queries are not addressed properly and the issue can be well addressed with a detailed FAQ section offering all the possible relevant queries and replies in relation to them.

A good FAQ page is generated after going through an extensive research on the common queries of users in an online shopping arena. Getting users feedback and in accordance to that adding new queries while updating the FAQ page is a good process. Look at the FAQ pages of the ecommerce sites of your niche and then try to make yours better by constant updating with new relevant queries.

#5. A strong multi-parameter search function

Every search apparatus in ecommerce sites seems easier for the users who are looking for a specific product. But what about the users who are not looking for a specific product? How can you convert their visit in a purchase? That is precisely the challenge for a search apparatus in an ecommerce website. These casual visitors who are just having a fun stroll on your site can be converted into a new bunch of customers. They often search casually on whatever hits their mind and there you have the opportunity to lure them to an array of choices or buying options.

If they have just searched for an author you can quickly give them a list of books by that author that are available in your site. You can also give them a list of books that are often purchased by people who bought books of that searched author.

This is the way you actually give them plenty of choices against each search and increase the probability of letting them spend more time in search and this consequently increases the chances of making a transaction. Moreover, a multi-parameter search apparatus that lets the users search price-wise, category-wise, popularity-wise or in relation to any discount offer or deal, obviously turns out better sales.

Conversion of traffic into tangible business is the ultimate goal, but for doing that better you have to make improvement in every design aspect of the site. Remember, irrespective of the huge growth you cannot just cut decent revenue from an ecommerce venture unless you focus on converting the visitors in a rigorous manner and in doing that a conversion focused web design is your biggest ally.

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