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How Ecommerce Is Changing the Home Improvement Industry

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The home improvement industry is becoming more tech-savvy and online-focused since the introduction of eCommerce. Aside from a few products, most consumer home improvement projects are being shaped by this huge shift. 

In this article, we will show you how eCommerce is actually helping the home improvement industry to grow faster. Read on.

1. Helps Entrepreneurs Convey Product Expertise

Home improvement is a $300B industry. There are thousands of products to choose from, and buyers are overwhelmed by the choices. So, eCommerce helps to simplify the choices and focus on specific products. Sam Maybanks, from Internal Doors UK says: “E-commerce was the long-awaited change in the home improvement industry, as it brought both simplicity and efficiency.”

eCommerce is excellent in helping sellers convey product expertise. Before eCommerce, sellers had no way to show how good their products were, and buyers were left to guess. It also helps entrepreneurs make it easier for buyers to find specific products.

2. Helps Entrepreneurs Provide the Best Customer Experience 

Consumers expect home improvement companies to provide a fast, easy, and economical way to fix their broken things and offer a great experience. Today, consumers are able to access information online. Ecommerce is an approachable and convenient method to meet these expectations.

Today’s consumers are more empowered, more informed, and more demanding. They want more choices and better-quality products and services. The Internet allows consumers to research and compare products and services. They can view product details and specifications, read customer reviews, and compare products side by side. Companies that offer eCommerce tools can increase their sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. As a retailer, your ability to interact and transact with your customers online (including subscription-based services) is becoming critical. The home improvement industry is becoming more competitive than ever. eCommerce tools help you provide a superior customer experience.

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3. Helps You Convert Traffic into Sales 

eCommerce offers home improvement companies more ways to connect with customers. That way, home improvement companies can better target specific markets based on customer preferences and buying history. Also, home improvement companies can more easily communicate with customers via email and newsletters. Using eCommerce means home improvement companies to offer more help to customers and get proper feedback. Then use that information to improve products and customer service. This helps to build a better brand, hence increasing sales. eCommerce gives home improvement companies new ways to store, retrieve and share information. eCommerce allows home improvement companies to provide customers instant access to product catalogs, sales and product information. This makes it easier for customers to find home improvement products and services, thus more sales.

4. Helps You Increase Mobile Conversion

Mobile commerce is a fast-growing area of online retailing. It is also an area where home improvement retailers are late adopters. But home improvement retailers are positioning themselves as mobile-first retailers. They are developing mobile apps that are designed to be quickly accessible, easy to use, and personalized. In addition, mobile apps are helping retailers personalize their mobile shopping experience. Personalization is often thought of as a marketing term, but it is equally applicable to the mobile shopping experience. Personalization means tailoring the mobile shopping experience to the preferences of the individual consumer. So, you need a mobile optimization strategy. The strategy can be as straightforward as optimizing your website for mobile by making it easy to read and navigate on a device’s small screen. Or you could work with your eCommerce platform provider to create a seamless buyer experience optimized for mobile to ensure more sales.

5. Helps Create Detailed and In-Depth Content

Only a few home improvement eCommerce companies know how to create detailed and in-depth content. If you look at most eCommerce sites in the home improvement industry, you’ll notice right away that it’s missing a lot of things. All the eCommerce sites in the home improvement industry are terribly boring. And that’s because most of them don’t know how to make detailed and in-depth content. Consumers are similarly diverse as they rely on a mix of word of mouth, expert review sites, and online directories for information. These specifics make planning content difficult. But eCommerce provides an answer.

eCommerce can be used to personalize content. It lets users access content they specifically need. It also lets users find content quickly and effectively by sorting content based on relevance, price, and location. The home improvement industry can multiply the benefits of eCommerce by having multiple, small sites. Each site can focus on a particular type of content. That kind of personalization, relevance, and simplicity lets consumers quickly find what they need and helps them identify the best business for them.


Home improvement is one of the biggest retail categories, especially online. Learn about how eCommerce has changed industries by being innovative in your marketing. eCommerce provides an easy, cost-effective way for anyone to sell their home improvement product to lots of people. So, every entrepreneur should focus on perfecting their eCommerce game.

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