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Top Niche eCommerce Business Ideas and Key Performers of the Industries: 2019

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The eCommerce market is growing at a rapid pace in the competitive business landscape. Therefore, the urgency of establishing an online store is on the rise. Every aspiring entrepreneur is looking for startup business ideas and profitable business model to launch an eCommerce marketplace.

In this post, I have shared top-niche eCommerce business ideas and listed the top players of different eCommerce industries. These key performers have made a prominent name in the noticeably growing eCommerce market.

Online Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace- The online food ordering and delivery trend are taking over the eCommerce market. Today more and more restaurant owners are registering themselves on different online ventures to provide online ordering and delivery services to their customers. So, it is a prominent business idea to bridge the gap between restaurants and customers.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders – Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp

Founded in – 2009

Revenue: $1 B in 2018


Founders –  Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah

Founded in – 2008

Revenue- $74 M


Founders- Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini, Sriharsha Majesty

Founded in 2013

Revenue- $86 M 

Custom Bag Marketplace- In the customer-centric market, buyers (especially women) love to shop according to their own likings and preferences. Therefore, launching a bag customization website is another great idea to start your business with a custom-tailored approach. It will help you to generate more revenue and deliver the luxury of personalization to your customers.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Lana Hopkins

Founded in – 2014

Revenue- $7 M


Founders- Rob Honeycutt

Founded in- 1989

Revenue- $12.1 M


Founders- Kushal Chudiwala

Founded in – 2013

Revenue- $3.4 M

Online Pet Meal Delivery Marketplace- Pets have become a part of families now. So, the owners are looking for the best to ensure the health and welfare of their pets. Starting an online pet meal delivery business is a wonderful idea to help the owners who struggle to decide the right nutrient-dense diet for their pets. Since there are only a few well-established brands that provide this service, the online pet meal delivery market is full of opportunities.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Renaldo Webb

Founded in -2016

Revenue- $ 2.5 M


Founders- Jonathan Regev, Brett Podolsky

Founded in- 2014

Revenue- $2 M


Founders- Alexandre Douzet, Gabby Slome

Founded in – 2016

Revenue- $3.5 M

Online Culinary School Marketplace- There are many people who are interested in cooking but do not have time to actually step out of their places and travel to culinary school.  The technology revolution has given the; privilege to learn cooking skills via the internet at any time anywhere. Therefore, it is the best time to start a culinary school website and provide a platform for learning and teaching the art of cooking.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Dawn Thomas, Joe Girard

Founded in 2005

Revenue- $3 M


Founders- Shane Dryden, Andrew Smith

Founded in 2006

Revenue- $4.7 M


Founders-Christopher Kimball’s

Founded in 2001

Revenue- $4.47 M

Car Wash Booking Marketplace- There are many people who are interested in learning/teaching cooking but do not have time to actually step out of their homes and travel to culinary school. However, the technology revolution has given the appreciable privilege to learn/teach cookery via the internet anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is the best time to start a culinary school website and provide a platform for learning and teaching the art of cooking.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- John Lai

Founded in 1969

Revenue- 44 M


Founder- Charles Howard

Founded in 1969

Revenue- $40 M

Online Customizable Cosmetic Marketplace- The online customizable cosmetic industry is one of the business types that is gaining popularity. So, now give the audience something unique to look forward to personalized beauty products with an online customizable cosmetic marketplace. It is a profitable business model that is based on providing an individualized experience to the audience.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Sabrina Tan

Founded in 2008

Revenue- $10 M


Founders- Zahir Dossa, Joshua Maciejewski and Hien Nguyen

Founded in 2015

Revenue-  $2 M


Founders –Cory Rosenberg, Francisco Giminez, Omar Mourad and Tamim Mourad

Founded in 2008

Revenue- $27.8 M

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Online Dating Marketplace- Trending platform to help single people find a genuine partner, launching an online dating website has extreme potential as a money-making business in today’s world. However, there is stiff competition in the online love industry. Therefore, you need out of the box strategies and unique feature-rich website to make it successful.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders: Max Krohn, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, Chris Coyne

Founded in 2004

Revenue-  $84.7 M


Founders: Gary Kremen, Fran Maier

Founded in 1995

Revenue- $ 1.7 B


Founders: Markus Frind

Founded in 2003

Revenue- $ 100 million Estimated

Online Rental Marketplace- In the world of eCommerce, launching a scalable rental marketplace is one of the best options to start a business. A feature-rich rental website can cater to the growing demand of sharing economy due to a drastic change in customer behavior. Hence, an online rental website is a profitable business idea.

Top Players of Industry  



Property Listing Marketplace- Today, a larger portion of the property and real estate sales/activities take place online. So, launching an online venture that specializes in the property listing is a lucrative business idea with multiple possibilities. You can explore many potential opportunities after monitoring and analyzing market trends.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- The Times Group

Founded in 2006

Revenue- $9.5 M


Founder- Matt Barba

Founded in 1999

Revenue- $32.4 M


Founder Pete Flint, Sami Inkinen

Founded in 2004

Revenue-  $251.9 M

Online Stock Image Marketplace- The rapidly growing need for visual content has opened new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. So, starting an online stock image platform with the latest technology and tactics is a great business idea. Even though there are several online stock photo aggregators, the rising demand for visual content multiplied the potential profits for new players.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Jon Oringer

Founded in 2003

Revenue- $623.3 M


Founder- Bruce Livingstone

Founded in 2000

Revenue- $200 M


Founders- Oleg Tscheltzoff, Thibaud Elziere, Patrick Chassany

Founded in 2004

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $186 M

Launch Tutoring Marketplace- The design of digitally transforming the way students/tutors approach to study with more transparency, flexibility, and easy accessibility is a profitable business idea. So, if you are looking for a great business idea, open a tutoring marketplace designed exclusively to cater to all the needs of learners.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder – George Cigale

Founded in 1998

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $10.2 M


Founder- Krishnan Ganesh, Meena Ganesh

Founded in 2005

Revenue- $2.3 M


Founders- Andrew Geant, Mike Weishuhn

Founded in 2005

Revenue-  Estimated Annual Revenue $27.9 M

Build a Marketplace for Sports and Activities- It is a brainstorming business idea to launch a sports and activities marketplace that provides easy access to players hunting for new sports adventures and vendors offering fun activities. Since the sports industry is growing at a rapid pace, this niche of the market has great potential for entrepreneurs.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Jordan Fliegel

Founded in 2012

Revenue- $7.8 M


Founder- Payal Kadakia, Mary Biggins

Founded in 2013

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $60 M

Hotel Booking Marketplace- The demand and growth potential of booking hotels online has initiated entrepreneurs to step into the hotel market segment. So, it is the right time to join the world of the hotel industry with a ‘hotel booking website’. To make a profitable business, launch an online venture for booking hotels with distinctive features and a profitable business model.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Kadam Jeet Jain, Sidharth Gupta, Rahul Chaudhary

Founded in 2015

Revenue-  Estimated Annual Revenue $3M


Founder- Ritesh Agarwal

Founded in 2013

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $400M


Founder- Michael Kenny, Robert Rosenstein

Founded in 1998

Revenue–  Estimated Annual Revenue $298.7M

Workspace Sharing Marketplace- In today’s world, coworking is becoming a global phenomenon. Therefore, it is the right time to launch a flexible workspace solution that provides businesses the facility to share workspaces. To gain a competitive edge make sure your workspace sharing website with a business model that concentrates on user-centric requirements.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Jeremy Neuner, Ryan Coonerty and Caleb Baskin

Founded in 2008

Revenue- 1.75 Billion


Founder- Mark Dixon

Founded in 1989

Revenue- 2.535 billion GBP


Founder- Adam Neumann, Miguel McKelvey

Founded in 2010

Revenue- 1.43 B

Online Fashion and Flash Deals Store –In the competitive landscape of the ‘Fashion and Lifestyle’ industry, offering special deals have become a necessity for businesses. So, launch an online ‘fashion and flash deal store’ to let different businesses to flash sales/deals along with listing discounted products.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Kevin P. Ryan, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Alexis Maybank, Dwight Merriman

Founded in 2007

Revenue- $400 M


Founder- Adam Bernhard

Founded in 2007

Revenue- $897 Million


Founder- Eric Lefkofsky, Andrew Mason, Brad Keywell

Founded in 2008

Revenue- 2.84 billion USD

Build a Marketplace for Voice Artists- With the rising trend of voice-over online portals, the industry has promising potential for startups. So, starting the marketplace for voice artists to fill the gap between artists and event planners is a great business idea.  

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- David Ciccarelli

Founded in 2004

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $3.4M


Founder- Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata

Founded in 2012

Revenue- $22.7 M


Founder- Joe Wakeford

Founded in 2013

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $1 M

Local Babysitter Search Marketplace – Working parents heavily rely upon babysitters. However, finding a decent babysitter’s a daunting challenge for many parents. Therefore, online babysitter search websites have gained a lot of popularity since the last few years. It is a profitable business idea for entrepreneurs to enter the online babysitting industry with a local babysitter search platform.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Genevieve Thiers

Founded in 2001

Revenue-  Estimated Annual Revenue $6M


Founder- Lincoln Clark, Wallace J. Campbell, Arthur C. Ringland

Founded in 1945

Revenue- 161 million USD


Founder- Hadar Wissotzky, Lynn Perkins, Daisy Downs, Andrea Barrett

Founded in  2010

Revenue-  Estimated Annual Revenue $2M

Custom Clothing and Tailoring Business Marketplace- In this modern world of fashion, people are looking for customization services for clothes that meet their choices of fabrics and style. So, starting custom clothing and tailoring business website is money making the business idea.

Top Players of Industry  


Founder- Matthew Krizsan

Founded in  2012

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $4.4 M


Founder- Akshay Narvekar
Founded in 2012

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $2 M


Founder- Rajesh Goradia, Puneeta G and Esha Jaggi

Founded in 2012

Revenue- Estimated Annual Revenue $3 M

Launch Multivendor Store- To avoid being stuck in traffic jams and standing in long queues, people are looking for digital solutions to shop online in their comfort zone. Therefore, it is the perfect time to launch a multi-vendor store that connects vendors with shoppers and makes a cut out of all the sales.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Jeff Bezos

Founded in 1994

Revenue- $232.9 B


Founder- Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

Founded in 2007

Revenue- $ 3.0 B in  2017


Founder- Pierre Omidyar

Founded in 1995

Revenue- $ 10.75 B

Build Advanced Furniture Marketplace – Digital furniture solutions are changing the home decor industry. So, build advanced furniture marketplace as the business has a lot of untapped market potentials and money making capabilities. Add advanced features to your home decor and furnishing online store to strive new offerings to the market.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Ambareesh Murty

Founded in 2011

Revenue- $18.7 M


Founders- Ashish Goel, Rajiv Srivatsa

Founded in 2012

Revenue-  $21.92 M

Online Grocery Store- Stats show that there is a huge inclination in the number of people choosing online grocery stores that actually visiting them. Therefore, it is a profitable startup idea to open an online grocery marketplace with features giving an edge over existing market players.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Jason Ackerman, Joe Fedele

Founded 1999

Revenue- $600 M


Founders- Apoorva Mehta, Brandon Leonardo, Max Mullen

Founded 2012

Revenue- $200 M


Founders- Sam Walton

Founded 1962

Revenue- Approximately $ 482.13 B

Cab Booking Marketplace – In this sophisticated world of comfort and convenience, the online cab booking industry is one of the largest sectors of the economy. So, become an industry player by launching your own cab booking website that is rich with customer-centric features.

Top Players of Industry


Founders- Bhavish Aggarwal, Ankit Bhati

Founded in 2010

Revenue- $201.4M


Founders-  Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp

Founded in 2009

Revenue- $11.3 B


Founders-  Logan Green, John Zimmer

Founded in 2012

Revenue- $ 2.2 B

Travel Activities Booking Marketplace- The travel industry is growing at a fast speed. In 2019, the market’s largest segment is expected to be travel activities bookings as more and more people are now preferring to make initial bookings online to avoid any hurdle or discomfort during their vacation. So, it is a great business idea to start a travel activities booking platform.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Rod Cuthbert

Founded in 1995

Revenue- 38 M


Founders- Johannes Reck, Martin Sieber, Pascal Mathis, Tobias Rein, Tao Tao

Founded in 2008

Revenue – $75 M


Founders- Ruzwana Bashir

Founded in 2011

Revenue-  $23 M

Language Learning Marketplace- Today in the mobile-first world, launching an online language learning website is a great startup idea. The business approach is based on bridging the gap between learners and tutors via video or audio chat. Adding special features like live sessions, private classes, and custom language tutoring support can help you to have a competitive edge.

Top Players of Industry  


Founders- Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker

Founded in 2011

Revenue- $700 M


Founders- Jake Jolis, Gustav Rydstedt, Mikael Bernstein

Founded in 2011

Revenue-  $3 M


Founders- Bernhard Niesner, Adrian Hilti

Founded in 2008

Revenue- $90 M

Since eCommerce has become the need of modern time, people, businesses and economy, the niche eCommerce business ideas mentioned above are leading the online market. The top players of the specific industries are proof that each business idea has the extreme market potential for startups. Choose among these niche eCommerce business ideas and launch your online venture after analyzing and monitoring the competitive market.

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