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Increase Your Sale by Using Digital Wallets and Mobile Site Optimization

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Curtail down the cart abandonment with the digital wallets and mobile site optimization

In various eCommerce sites, the process of checkout is one of the critical points when it comes to increasing your sales more and more. If there are less responsiveness and optimization for mobile, there is a chance that around 75% of your customers will just bounce away without making any purchase from your online store.

In addition, just say goodbye to 35% of mobile customers who want to generate the account prior to making any purchase. This is not a very big reason that they leave your site. Simply shopping on the iPhone or on another mobile device still does not feel correct most of the time. The reason is that most of the eCommerce merchants still have a few issues that need to be stacked out.

Abandonment of carts doesn’t happen so often in brick and mortar stores. But on the other hand, the online cart abandonment rate on average currently stands at 70%.

Before discussing the steps on how you can overcome cart abandonment, let’s understand the possible reasons for this happen.

What Is the Reason for Cart Abandonment?

Every segment of customers is varied from each other. Yet, many of the consumers carry similar habits of buying depending on who they are paying actually?

With this, they additionally share similarities and frustrations over a few kinds of hurdles for making the purchase.

As per the data received from Statista, the following has been noticed:

  • 56% of consumers leave because of unexpected costs like extra shipping or taxes.
  • 37% makes no purchase just because they were only browsing
  • 36% makes the comparison and found a better price
  • 25% left due to the complicacy in the navigation
  • 21% feel that the process took a long time.
  • 17% were worried about the security

Thus, these were the few of multiple reasons depicting why your customer leaves before making any purchase.

Understanding the Causes of Agitation in Mobile eCommerce

Have you ever gone through the completion of the checkout process on your mobile phone? It can be really enraging.

There can be few mobile commerce checkout processes that include different steps from start to finish as a customer enters the shipping and billing information- everything on a tiny mobile screen.

The frustrating checkouts are not the only reason by which shoppers are embarrassed to complete a purchase from mobile. There are some other points of agitation within existing mobile eCommerce website processes such as:

  • The un-optimization in mobile websites as more than 40% of small businesses now also don’t carry mobile-friendly websites yet.
  • Whenever mobile gets connected to WiFi, mobile data connections can generate slow load speeds.
  • Complexity in site navigations or menus which don’t get rendered well on mobile is known as poor UX.
  • The manual system of data entry within the form fields is not that effective for example, not automatically eliciting the number pad display for entering the zip code.
  • Smartphone screens are today also not that big, they are too small. As on average phone screen size is 4.7 inches.

Encouraging the Use of Digital Wallets

It is Known that time, data entry, and size of the screen are all main points in the mobile conversion process. It is useful to look for a resource that can simplify the simplification mobile checkout process and can speed up too. Thus enter the era of using digital wallets.

It makes the process much easier and faster for doing the shopping by simply picking up the mobile-first approach for checking out the user experience. For example, apple includes the touch ID with Apple Pay, making purchasing as convenient as holding a button.

Digital wallets are able to remove the friction from the various buying processes of mobile. Thus removing the barriers will definitely be put up by having to enter a long cord of numbers, and by dreary button clicking, and therefore watch customers stroll the hole right through the checkout.

What Empowers the Use of Digital Wallets Termed To Revenue?

Think about a 3X in the conversion of the mobile cart for specific sites encouraging payments with the help of digital wallets. That sounds so amazing than the disciplined return on investment for something which carries a standard practice anyway, do you also think the same?

These specific tests arise from individuals thinking about the difference which Apple Pay makes to various eCommerce businesses. It’s very clear over the years, we have gone through various conditions to believe that entering your card details on a phone is considered riskier as compared to desktop devices.

Giving permission to users to pay with the help of  Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or Google Wallet removes that risky fear, which converts into more profit for your eCommerce business.

Just Stop the Cart Abandonment!

All the above-mentioned endpoints where it is responsiveness in websites, quality of images and content, a clear CTA, and the use of digital wallets, all come together to get combined that most apprehend of eCommerce problems: cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment is considered one of the biggest challenges faced by online store owners, outside of actually getting people on the site in the first place, on both mobiles as well as on desktop.

There can be smooth and fewer fringes in the relationship of customers and eCommerce store owners only if they act together and start making the sites as per the needs of customers and can satisfy them. Thus there will be no reason present for cart abandonment to exist anymore as an issue in the era of responsive eCommerce stores and digital wallets together

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