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Mistakes of a New Seller on Amazon: Tips to Avoid Them

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If you don’t have enough experience, it is easy to make a slip. Some of the mistakes can be avoided and fixed. But some of them may lead to harsh consequences. Today we will provide you with the best tips on how to solve such problems!


Pay Attention During the Registration

Some retailers experience troubles even during their first step on the platform. Sellers may lose their motivation even at the registration stage. They send their documents in unsuitable formats, their scans are unreadable, or the info is incorrect.  Such errors can long stretch the verification process.

Before you start working on Amazon, research the marketplace’s terms. Decide which marketplace suits you better – Seller Central North America or Seller Central European. Provide only required documents and in the correct format. Amazon can ban wrongly filed papers without giving you a second chance.


Analyze the Market

It is vital to know the demand for a particular product. Every country where your brand is present has its unique market environment. Products need to be chosen not according to the seller’s preference. The choice must be based on the product’s active demand or potential.  

Study the categories of goods that are already sold on Amazon. Analyze the demand and the number of reviews and purchases. Then, apply this knowledge to your brand’s strategy. 

Also, pay attention to categories of products to avoid selling on Amazon. It will prevent the ban of your Seller Central account in the future.


Invalid Calculations

Many online retailers have the same question: how to avoid Amazon pricing mistakes? It is vital to consider and track all product’s price components. There are many of them: the specifics of the goods, the purchase price, logistics, taxes, labor cost, etc. There are categories of goods that require additional certification – for example, food.

Take them into account and thus prevent Amazon marketplace pricing errors.

Also, pay attention to the shipment costs. A recent study by Forbes shows that eighty out of a hundred online buyers won’t buy an item with a huge transportation fee.

Amazon price mistakes today scare away dozens of your customers, so go ahead and check your listings for potential pricing errors!


Manage Your Spendings

One of the most popular slips (only second to Amazon mistake prices) is retailer’s overspending. Buying too much unnecessary software may even bankrupt starting Amazon sellers. You should do more research if you don’t want to spend more than you need.

For example, the low-volume seller buys a lot of software, courses, and webinars. As a result, they spend more per-month than they get in profit margin from selling products. If you don’t want to take credits to keep your seller account afloat, be careful when you choose your soft and services!


Carefully Choose Your Supplier

Often, retailers skip this particular tip. Later they regret it.

Do you see a supplier with a suspiciously low price?  You should check if he exists. If the supplier’s price is much lower than the average on the market – think about why.

Before starting on the platform, it is better to get personally acquainted with the supplier. If you don’t have enough time, you can always send someone to visit the manufacturer’s office. Your colleagues can inspect the working conditions on the site and control the shipment of goods.

If you buy in small quantities online, call the supplier. Look for reviews about them, visit their site, write to the support email address and follow how quickly they answer.

Also, it would be best if you visited retailer conferences to meet the suppliers yourself.


Come up With Anti-Crisis Plan

Sometimes, the sales volume drops sharply, and new products’ introduction does not bring the expected income. In this situation, many retailers panic and urgently launch ineffective advertising. You should avoid doing it because you will lose money on hurried decisions.

The first thing to do is to identify the reasons for the drop in sales. Analyze the market, demand, and ongoing trends.

Second – choose a new strategy. Having discovered the reasons for the recession, you are more likely to calculate the costs of promotion. Modify your listings, start getting more product reviews using Amazon feedback service or switch to more popular products.


Don’t Ignore Amazon’s Rules

Before working on the platform, you must learn what you are allowed or prohibited from doing. The consequences may be awful, so ensure that your listings and strategies go along with Amazon’s rules. 

Some violations can even lead to Amazon shutting your account down. If you doubt and ask yourself, “but what if we’re wrong” on Amazon, you should double-check everything. Just this simple step will prevent the most horrible mistake for a starter from happening. 


Create Good Listings

By this moment you should already know what does ASIN mean and it’s time to create the nice product listing. The correct composition of a listing is vital for all retailers. They often make mistakes when writing a new one. Many slips are associated with design and promotion inside Amazon. 

For example, the listing may not be processed through SEO optimization. As a result, few potential buyers come to you.

To prevent Amazon listing errors, you need unique, high-quality photos and a text description. If you copy someone else’s image or text, then you risk losing customers. 


Learn Something New

With such an abundance of data on the Internet, it is easy to lose your focus. As a result, you waste money and motivation.  

You need a systematic approach! Select several sources and decide on the goods you will sell. Then, use tactics and strategies recommended for your category.



We hope that this post will help you to avoid any mistakes selling on Amazon! Follow our tips, and you will start your Amazon career on a good note.

Whether you are an owner of small businesses or have a company as large as Jeff Bezos has, you should always seek new knowledge. Learn new helpful tips on selling and shopping online with our posts. Stay tuned for further updates!

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