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5 steps to implement eCommerce for your business with Experience Cloud from Salesforce

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Salesforce is popular for its ability to fuel business growth by meeting customer needs. Currently, over 150,000 businesses, both small and fortune 500 companies, are using Salesforce to manage client relationships. This cloud-based software allows unifying  CRM data across departments. In a recent study, 73% of Salesforce customers improved speed to implementation, and 70% saw a faster ROI.  

Integrating your user services and support functions into Salesforce cuts costs and creates exciting new ways to do business better and more profitably.  Using this workspace enables everyone to deliver amazing customer experiences. And accelerate  sales.

One of the latest developments made for Salesforce Experience Cloud is the AC eCommerce app by Advanced Communities. The application allows businesses to set up an online selling platform, with access to all tools and resources needed to take advantage of Experience  Cloud services. It is an application that streamlines the shopping experience, allowing companies to engage and build better connections with consumers.


What is AC eCommerce specially developed for the Salesforce Experience Cloud?

AC eCommerce, specially developed for the Salesforce Experience Cloud is characterized by the transaction of products and services on all digital channels. It is a business-to-consumer platform that helps entrepreneurs increase conversions by simplifying the sales pipeline and offering highly customized experiences.

Who can use the AC eCommerce component in Salesforce Experience Cloud?

AC eCommerce app by Advanced Communities is a platform best suited for all types of businesses. It is highly scalable, and one of the reasons why it’s popular with small. 

Why is Salesforce AC eCommerce the best eCommerce platform for your business?

Many businesses are adopting the AC eCommerce platform for various reasons. They include:

  • Being a robust CRM platform, Salesforce collects vital customer information that offers insights into consumer behavior, which is essential in the provision of tailor-made solutions.
  • The platform boasts features that are instrumental in creating an advanced customer shopping experience.
  • Apart from being web-based, it also provides a rich mobile experience. With optimized checkout flows and one-touch payment features, mobile users can easily purchase products.
  • Offers a variety of payment options
  • It has predictive intelligence, offering individualized search options and results. 

Benefits of Salesforce AC eCommerce implementation

Here are the perks of implementing the Salesforce AC eCommerce application.

  • With highly customizable ready-made templates and drag-and-drop components, creating an online presence is straightforward and swift.
  • Your customers have an online shop where they can access your products and services at any time, which is vital for increasing company revenues and helping your business to grow faster.
  • Your business can leverage Stripe API integration, which facilitates safe online transactions. The business can send invoices, manage customer billing accounts, and accept payments securely and with ease.
  • Since it is an independent app with inbuilt eCommerce tools, it eliminates the need to look for additional infrastructures and services necessary for a smooth running of processes.
  • You can easily track inventory from the time the business made purchases to when products were sold to consumers. 
  • Since eCommerce processes are tackled from a centralized point, managing tasks becomes easier, which enhances productivity.

5 steps to integrate Salesforce AC eCommerce app into Experience Cloud 

AC eCommerce is an application that facilitates the trading of goods and services in the Experience Cloud. It also offers a platform where the managerial staff can monitor the business lifecycle.

For a successful Salesforce AC eCommerce app integration, you need to contact Advanced Communities.

Advanced Communities is an expert in the integration of AC eCommerce into the Salesforce Experience Cloud. Being the largest app provider on AppExchange, the renowned Salesforce partner will help you gain better online visibility through the perfect cloud website.

So, what exactly will they do?

  • Study your business and its consumers

To ensure your business has an all-rounded satisfactory experience for employees and consumers alike, the team at Advanced Communities will analyze your business processes and their specific needs. 

  • Identify the right products

Using insights from the previous process, the team will identify the ideal template and layout for your business. They will customize it and add components unique to your business that will elevate your customer’s shopping experience. 

  • Consider complimentary apps

Since business’ needs are different, you may find that the package you choose does not fully meet your expectations. In this case, considering other additional add-ons will help ensure you have robust features that ensure an excellent customer experience.

  • Integrate

Advanced Communities will integrate AC eCommerce application into your existing business system, allowing you to have an online website that effectively collaborates with existing applications.



AC eCommerce application is a trending innovation taking the e-commerce industry by storm. By integrating this powerful tool into your business, you will have an online presence that boosts brand outreach. Also, it simplifies the customer buying journey and allows all departments to collaborate effectively, ensuring business longevity.

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