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Why Your Business Needs Digital PR

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Digital PR is a type of public relations that focuses on improving awareness of your brand, using online presence. Working to reach a broader audience than traditional PR, Digital PR builds connections between your brand, other influencers, and journalists – using tactics including social media, blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to name a few!

But digital PR has many more benefits than just building your brand’s online presence.

Done well, a digital PR campaign can help to evolve your business and its objectives. For example, if one of your business goals is to increase your website traffic, digital PR can help create sparkling content, optimised using SEO, that will increase your brand’s chances of getting engagement.

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What are the benefits of a Digital PR?

When you work with a Digital PR company, you’ll get access to a database of great contacts, which includes the pre-established relationships that your PR company has with the various journalists in it. This is especially helpful in Digital PR, as sending out releases to the right people can increase your brand’s chances of getting notable coverage.

The best part is that PR experts tend to build upon their list of contacts continuously, giving you an endless supply of links to industry professionals, journalists, and press associations that all help to get your content noticed.

This is a fantastic way to get high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, which in turn will help to boost your brand’s search ranking on Google and give you a step up on your competitors.

Digital PR is also great for getting hits to your website, as search platforms like Google or Bing take your content interactions into consideration when deciding on the search rankings.

Links from trusted publications are sure-fire signs that let them know what you’re offering is high-quality, because if your brand is shown being supported by trusted sites, you’re going to look more reliable.

The more Google believes you are a trusted site, the more likely your website will be pushed to the top of the search rankings – which in turn helps to build your audience’s confidence in your brand, as it enhances your audience’s view of your brand as a reliable source.

How to develop a successful Digital PR strategy

Digital PR is most successful when it is backed by a solid strategy. A strategic PR company will help you to create your plan, while focusing on your goals and what your brand wants to achieve. But, if you’re stuck on where to begin, here’s a quick look into where to start.

1. Define your goals

Now, this one does sound obvious, but you would be surprised by how many brands rush into creating content without considering the end goal! A good PR company will help your company to consider what it is you want to achieve and find the right metrics to measure its success.

For example, you may want to get more reshares of your content online and there are many ways your PR team can work to help you achieve this, from generating engaging content, to increasing engagement online with your audience. The clearer you are with your goals, the easier it will be to get results.

2. Look at what your competitors are doing

If you’re unsure how to kickstart your Digital PR campaign, a great place to start is by looking at your competitors. This gives a great insight into what works for your industry, as you can find out how your competitors are performing and base your strategy around what you need to do to improve or compete.

3. Review your audience

The best way to get successful results from your content is to create it knowing that it is targeting the right people. Doing a review on your audience lets you know exactly who you’re advertising to and outline your target groups. It’s also a great chance to identify any needs your audience has, so that you can keep them in mind during content creation.

4. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful platform that holds an integral part of any Digital PR campaign. With it, you can amplify your message and expand your reach – and a great way to do that is simply through engaging with your audience online.

Overlaying your content with topics and themes you know your audience are interested helps to maintain the best levels of engagement, while resharing allows old content to live longer and reach further. You can even use it to respond to queries and solve issues, showing your followers and potential clients that you are listening to your customers and their needs.

Measuring the results of digital PR

One of the biggest benefits of digital PR is how the impact of your campaign can be more easily measured. The success of your digital PR campaign can be completed over an extended range of time, meaning the measurements will give you a much more detailed insight into your results and what has worked best.

Monitoring programmes like Google Analytics give you an overview of key metrics like the traffic your website has gained since the start of the campaign, and insights into sales, which can tell you how many of your referrals you are getting from your online articles and social media links.

Other statistics like your online readership, coverage views and social shares can share how successfully your Digital PR strategy is. This allows you to pinpoint areas of the campaign that had the most impact on your business or the most successful tactics used.

Whatever your objectives, making sure you know exactly how you plan to measure your success is key before you implement your Digital PR campaign – that way, you can take the most out of your activity and take important learnings into each phase of your strategy.

Digital PR for you

Working with a PR company can help you to generate a successful Digital PR campaign, which in turn can unlock bigger and better opportunities for your brand. If you’re thinking of working with an external PR team, Polymedia can help.


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