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25 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

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In this article I Aabhas Vijay from www.smtpservers.co will analyze the most important digital marketing strategies that work. In our social media research, we see that many people agree with these strategies.

Let’s start with the Strategies that most experts have agreed on. I also think that they are very important.

1. Create Valuable Content

This is the recommendation that more references have suggested to us: Vilma, Jose Mª, Sele, Juan, Carlos… We are equally convinced that Believing and Betting on valuable content is the main strategy for this year 2021. Content Marketing is changing the internet and the way of advertising. Stop thinking about your commercial content and focus on adding Value.

2. Know the Company and Consumers

More than 8 specialists have considered it very important to know the company well, its sector and the type of consumer they are targeting. It is probably one of the first things a Community Manager has to do in a company. Start by doing a big analysis of the sector and its strategy on the web.

3. Establish KPIs and Scorecard

To measure success, it is essential that you set some KPIs that will help you see what objectives you are meeting and which ones you need to work more on. By means of a balanced scorecard you can view all the variables in a simple way and thus focus on decision making. So what is a balanced scorecard? It is a management system for improving performance by focusing on your big-picture strategic goals, and also helps you choose the right things to measure so that you can reach those goals.

4. Build Trust

Many references agree that the Community Manager is not there to sell more directly, but rather is in charge of generating confidence in the consumer. Many companies are wrong in this regard and many times that responsibility will also depend on how good the products or services are and the conversion rate of their website.

5. Be patient and persistent

Things in Social Media are not immediate. That is why you must arm yourself with patience and be very constant. Not getting results in a month can make you change your strategy without giving it a real chance.

6. Take Care of After-Sales and Loyalty

Nowadays in Marketing, it costs almost 10 times more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. After-sales took a huge role in 2021. Social Media and valuable content are the best tools to bring consumers back. You can also automate some common questions that your consumer asks and send them an email using a free smtp.

7. Share and Not Compete

Another issue on which several referents agree is in the spirit of sharing instead of competing. We can see competition from all sides or have a more open vision that allows us to share content from others, collaborate in joint initiatives and at some point obtain the support of those you help and with whom you share. This will make the difference between a company open to the world and your sector, and between a solitary company like an island.

8. Automate Your Emails

Automation is the future, I still see some of the new companies with no digital marketing knowledge, sending individual emails to their subscribers. You need to automate your emails using free autoresponder tools.

9. Remain Human

With so many tools and automation, we can run the serious risk of forgetting that we are dealing with people and with feelings. The important thing about social networks is not the publications we make but the impact they cause and the usefulness of these to other people. To make sure your content doesn’t sound robotic, you can outsource a human editor at paper writing websites and get them to proofread your texts.

10. Get Subscribers

A very important part of Content Marketing is undoubtedly getting subscribers for your blog or Newsletter. You can get more subscribers by using a pop-up on your blog. Getting more subscribers will allow you direct communication and will be your only safe way to make offers or communicate with your potential customers.

11. Think Marketing and Not Just Social Media

The use of digital marketing is increasing within the world of marketing than anything else. Forget about participating or working only on Social Media and start thinking like an all-terrain publicist. Social Media is not only there to tell and sell, but the good Community Manager should think about how to integrate it into the framework and production process of the company. Use email marketing as the most effective digital marketing medium. You can check out these email marketing services.

12. Link the Offline and Online

Some companies have two parallel worlds that they never connect and take advantage of: their online world and their offline world. If you already have offline clients, they are the first to whom you have to dedicate your online actions and they are the most important for them to participate in them and act as your ambassador. Going only after strangers on social media is one of the biggest time wasters. And unfortunately, there are many companies doing it wrong, and of course, many go to the nonsense of having to give away iPads for someone to participate on their social media posts.

13. Measure ROI

I have not yet met a company that likes to lose money. If you find it please let me know. The profitability of your work will not depend only on sales, since there are many other ways to make the investment profitable. You will have to be able to measure the variables that indicate the savings you are making for the company and those that indicate the increase in the community and brand awareness.

14. Make Decisions Based on Analysis

Decision making can be based on divine inspiration and pure personal conviction, or on the study and analysis of your company’s actions on the Web. Google Analytics and other measurement tools should be your best friends in 2021 so that you and your managers can make the best decisions.

15. Boost Reach on Facebook

The secret on Facebook will be to involve those you already know and to add real value to the user. Once the publications are well worked and designed, you should enhance their Reach since this is the most important thing and many brands neglect it. Link that publication to other social networks, participate in groups and other pages, tag, send private messages to encourage participation, etc.

16. Focus on Converting on the Web

For many things you hear, most references have also agreed to highlight that it is very difficult to sell on social networks. However, through them you can generate that attention and that trust, but generally it is from the web where a company can convert much more easily. Redouble your conversion efforts on the web and consider social media as a path.

17. Seek Participation, Not a Greater Number of Followers

The number of fans matters little on Facebook. If there is a value you should pay attention to this year, it is participation or engagement. If people don’t participate by commenting, liking or sharing, your posts will never reach other Fans and your community will never grow. Also, fans who don’t participate become inactive so over time you will lose them. Forget about telling a lot about your company and start asking questions and adding real value, even if it’s content from others. One publication a week with a lot of participation is better than 20 publications with 2 or 3 likes each.

18. Make New Formats With the Same Content

Value content is the main protagonist of 2021 and what is important is the value it brings and not so much the format in which you present it. The most difficult part of preparing content is research and the order of ideas. You will see how easy it is to rethink the same content in another format. So you can make a presentation of your videos, your infographic articles , your audio recordings, some transcripts for the blog, your lists of boards on Pinterest, etc.

19: Digitize and Transcribe

Companies often already have old content that is great. It is time to digitize, scan and transcribe all of them to be able to include them in your Content Marketing strategy on the web. Why invest and create a lot of new content when many brands have already half the job done. Some have documents for internal training, magazines, catalogs, manuals, videos …

20. Schedule the Contents

For a good Content Marketing strategy, you should make a schedule to work out the content creation tasks. It would be very good if more people in the company can contribute valuable content, because many times each specialist will know much more than you about certain topics.

21. Be Curious or Curious

In the world of Social Media we have continuous news, tools and strategies to follow. A curious Community Manager will be in continuous training and will have enough initiative to test the new actions and be updated. Check out strategies, recommendations and news through blogs and Twitter.

22. Work in a Team and in a Network

We have made the wrong movie if our work on the web is individual and our brand is not related to other professionals and brands in the sector. Connect with other companies and references, and work if you can on something with them. You will realize how useful and satisfying it is to participate and have your little voice within your sector.

23. Give Greater Prominence To the Blog

The Blog is the fundamental axis of Content Marketing. Because when you see a Facebook page or a Twitter account, you don’t usually go down to see their publications from several months ago. In social networks the contents are immediately buried by others. Because when you search on Google, social media results don’t usually come out. However, the blog is searched and positioned by itself in search engines and is the best timeless container for your valuable content. Trust your blog. Don’t have a blog? Don’t think twice, get one.

24. Apply Generous Marketing

Give, give, give … and then receive. As Gary Vaynerchuck and Andreas Schou say , helping is always the best possible strategy. Help consumers and stakeholders in your sector and you will see how you generate trust and your products gain notoriety. Don’t forget the positive impact it generates on a person when a brand helps you selflessly.

25. Break the Ice and Make Proposals

Don’t keep ideas to yourself. Share them, take the initiative, write to other bloggers, propose something to companies and references in your sector, hold events, hold meetings, write research projects and studies, make collaborative articles, thank, comment, ask, show others … Don’t stay still. Take action. Don’t wait!!

Author Bio – Aabhas Vijay is a professional digital marketer and blogger. He is the content head of www.smtpservers.co a blog focussed on email automation. Check out his latest blog on comparison of mailchimp vs sendinblue.

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