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Lead Engagement and Nurturing

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Lead nurturing is a series of techniques or digital marketing strategies used in the e-commerce, which works through an automatic process of education and loyalty between the company and the client, in order to close a business. It includes a commitment on the part of the company to accompany the potential client throughout the process, in which the client shows interest in acquiring their products; these actions are what will make the relationship profitable and successful.

It is a process of accompaniment through actions and automatic interactions of a company with a client interested in making an acquisition of a product or service. This process ranges from the client’s first visit to placing it in a database, until the moment of closing the commercial transaction. If it is a question of old clients it is necessary to reinforce with cross-selling and up-selling, to maintain the interest of the client.

This selection process chooses the potential clients, through pre-established criteria such as, amounts of times that enter the blog or website of the company, number of links, downloads, etc., that is to say, that they show interest in the site, for Finally, group them in a database.

The configuration of processes and automation tools offered by inbound generates leads and parenting processes to obtain more productive results through the use of tools such as emails marketing, retargeting, dynamic lists, smart CTAs or chat-bots, and social networks.

Lead nurturing techniques to close a business

Knowledge of the company; the tool of inbound marketing, allows to know how many times the lead or potential client has interacted with the company, it is the most important phase of the sales process. This measures the degree of familiarization from 3 interactions, that is, downloads, clicks, invitations to demos, personalized offers, among others.

  • Use personalized and specific content.
  • Use techniques of scoring potential clients to maximize results.
  • Respond to questions from customers as soon as possible, they will search your website, networks, blog, before buying. Show that you care about your business to gain your attention.
  • Make the most nurturing techniques, use dynamic website content, use social networks, emails, etc.
  • Status of the process; This information is obtained through a series of data recorded on the company’s website. It lets you know if the customer is in the process of purchasing or not.

Lead nurturing steps

    • Complete the profile.
    • Make sure the lead knows the company.
    • The affinity between the parties, meaning that the user interacts with the company.
    • Prioritize customers based on their purchase intention.
    • Induce the user to purchase.

Benefits of using lead nurturing

      • Generates confidence in the user.
      • Make the sales process effective and effective.
      • Sales quickly.
      • Fidelity of the client.

Before taking the step towards lead nurturing, it is necessary to create a consistent and firm structure to obtain an optimal result, that is, you must effectively qualify each of the leads. It is recommended to use lead scoring beforehand.

This process must be done by people who know the subject since an incorrect selection of the lead could be counterproductive for the company and produce negative results such as; poor efficiency, information sent out of time and loss of the client.

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