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How to make a professional corporate presentation video?

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Corporate presentation videos are a wide range of videos that are not designed to generate conversion and raise brand awareness. In particular, the corporate presentation video focuses on the brand identity by strengthening brand awareness among a specific target audience.

This type of video is by no means secondary. On the contrary, it is very important in carrying out communication strategies with customers and partners and employees. In this article, we will take a closer look at what it is.

What is a corporate presentation video?

The corporate presentation video is an institutional corporate video that focuses, as the name suggests, on the presentation of corporate reality. The topics of this particular video will mainly focus on:

  • What is the brand;
  • What the brand does;
  • The relationship of the brand with employees or partners;
  • The successes of the brand.

The target audience of these videos usually already knows the company and its services, so they don’t need any further information. In fact, if the company chooses to make institutional corporate videos to show its catalog or commercials that aim to sell, it will have to move in other directions.

As we have already mentioned, creating a presentation video is useful for consolidating brand awareness internally (with employees) and externally (partners or potential collaborators).

The first, for example, maybe the case of a corporate video presentation made to congratulate employees on their successes, perhaps on the occasion of a corporate event at the end of the year. The second can be aimed at collaborators, potential or already acquired, to show the results acquired thanks to partnerships and those that could be achieved with new investments.

How to make a corporate presentation video?

We have already insisted a lot on creating a corporate presentation video. It is not like making a commercial, so it needs to be created with a language suited to the type of message it wants to launch. Since with a corporate video presentation, the company aims to highlight its corporate philosophy, skills, and successes, it is good to consider some characteristics.

We list some that, in our opinion, are to be taken into consideration when creating a corporate presentation video.

  • Telling a story: when creating the concept of the video, it would be advisable to have in mind who and what to film to suggest an idea of the narrative video.
  • Attention: this does not mean that you have to invent a story with your employees as protagonists as if you were in the cinema, but to take back the company into account the aspect of storytelling.
  • The human component: the human factor creates empathy and helps strengthen the bond between employees or partners and your company. This is why every corporate presentation video should always show people.
  • Sound component: voiceover, dialogue or just music? It sounds like a detail, but the sound component contributes to giving value to your message. That is why it is advisable to carefully consider how to insert it according to the type of corporate video presentation.

Obviously, these characteristics are ideas that can be adapted in a thousand ways based on the concept.

Advantages of a corporate presentation video

Like any other video, even a multimedia company presentation has many advantages that derive from the immediacy typical of the means of communication. As you surely know, a factor is more than essential in these times when we allow ourselves to be distracted so easily.

This is why, sometimes, a well-made corporate presentation video can capture the attention of a large audience better than a speaker who, no matter how good, risks becoming monotonous. This makes video presentation a privileged tool for any kind of internal or external corporate communication.

This does not mean that a company presentation video cannot be uploaded to YouTube, a great way to show your brand awareness to even more audiences. Here are two important benefits of a corporate presentation video:

1. Show off the best moments of a corporate event

What’s better than a video to show what happened during a corporate event? In this way, it is possible to insist on one’s own brand awareness, dedicating space to one’s employees and all those who intervened from outside. It is a great strategy to “entice” everyone to participate next time.

2. Give thanks

We must never forget to say “thank you” to your supporters, whether you are talking about a globally known brand or a small business. This allows you to communicate to your employees, customers, or supporters how important their support is to ensure that your brand continues to grow.

Tips to make a company presentation video

What is the first step when you want to create a corporate presentation video? As we have already said, all the ways that allow you to take home a company presentation video for free should be avoided.

Any investment, if of quality, has a price. That’s why turning to professionals is the best choice you can make. In this way, you will be able to compare yourself with expert video makers who will give you the best advice to enhance your brand, obviously starting from your idea. For this reason, whatever your budget, you have a responsibility to do something well done.

If you are a small company, you obviously don’t need to create a corporate presentation video like Apple’s, but not a home video shot with your smartphone. Here are a couple of tips not to forget:

1. Prepare a script before shooting

Writing a script with precise shot directions is a great idea to save you time and money, especially if your budget is limited. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary shots so that, who will take care of the editing, can concentrate on the right ones to work the shot.

2. Sound effects and color grading

As we have already said, sound effects are really very important in corporate presentation videos, so make sure to entrust the mix to an expert technician who knows how to work on dialogues (if any), music and sound design.

Another fundamental aspect in post-production is color grading, which helps emphasize the shot through a particular palette that will be selected based on the type of message we want to give.

How much does a corporate presentation video cost?

By now, you know how important it is to entrust the creation of your corporate video to professionals in the sector. That doesn’t mean spending a fortune: nowadays, it is possible to achieve excellent results with lower budgets than big brands. The final cost can fluctuate a lot depending on the type of work to be done on set and in post-production, so it is not easy to establish a fixed price list.


In conclusion, why is it worth investing in the creation of a corporate presentation video? As we have seen, this type of video allows you to get in touch with your employees or partners, communicating a message strictly linked to the brand’s identity. It is a very useful way to consolidate brand awareness at corporate events or meetings, and which, of course, can also be subsequently shared on social networks.




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