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7 Key Design Tips for High Converting Landing Pages

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Landing pages are fundamental elements of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Indeed, this is where your lead generation efforts are centralized. That’s why every campaign you launch and offer to create should be linked to a tailored landing page, not an ambiguous landing page.

While a large number of lead generation services can have a big impact on lead generation, it’s also important to note that landing pages need to be well presented to get good results.

To help you design good-looking landing pages that offer a high conversion rate, here are some tips that will help you find the best design:

  1. Adopt a Clear and Short yet Brief Message

We all know our attention span is low, so why don’t we take that into account when creating a landing page? Online audiences tend not to read entire pages full of information. However, they seek the information they want by scanning the gaze page to find what interests them.

Use Color ContrastKeep in mind that the primary call-to-action (CTA) of a lead generation agency should be obvious to visitors. When you encourage them to fill out a form and click the “Submit” button, make sure they find it easily.

By using a complementary and contrasting color palette, you can direct their attention to where you want it.

  1. Display Your Logo

Make sure your visitors know where they are when they download your content, and that they remember your brand. All of your landing pages should display your logo strategically.

You don’t have to make it the focal point of every page, but it’s important to make it visible enough for visitors to identify your landing page as a post from your business. This is especially important for visitors who come to your landing page from unbranded external sources, like social media and search pages.

  1. Avoid Visual Overload

Displaying extravagant visuals on your landing pages might seem like a good idea, but testing shows that adding too many images has a negative impact on conversion rate.

Images often distract visitors’ attention from the main focus of the landing page, creating more friction points rather than supporting conversions. Not to mention those visual elements, while attractive, also increase your site’s load time.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Layout

The layout is especially important when designing landing pages and can have a strong impact with minimum effort: Clear presentation of your titles, images, text, or forms creates a visual user experience that guides visitors and entices them to convert.

A good layout can thus help you underline the value of your offer and achieve good conversion rates.

  1. Add Case Studies or Testimonials in Lead Generation Agency

Try to incorporate case studies and recommendations into your landing pages as they add external credibility to your content and offers and can help you get more conversions.

Also try to research social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform of your choice. You can consider embedding tweets written by users who have uploaded your content and expressed satisfaction or ask someone who left a flattering comment on your Facebook page if you can quote it.

Do you have data on how many people have already downloaded a specific offer that you might mention on your lead generation services? For example, “10 thousand people have already read or downloaded this post! This is proof of the quality of your content that you can integrate into your landing page.

  1. Be Consistent

The presentation of landing pages is essential, as elements that modify the presentation of a page can complicate navigation for visitors. It is important to continue testing your landing page elements to get the best results possible, but make sure you don’t completely change the layout of the page with each new test. A feeling of consistency helps people navigate your site from one visit to the next, removing the annoyance that would result from a constantly changing presentation. If a user has to refamiliarize themselves with your site upon each visit, you will notice a drop in your conversion rates.

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