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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing

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It’s impossible to escape the immense chatter surrounding blockchain, and for good reason; of all the recent innovations that have upended established ways of doing business recently, blockchain takes the cake as being the most important. Savvy analysts are finally beginning to realize that the meaningful applications of blockchain could be endless, especially as it becomes increasingly clear that blockchain is set to revolutionize digital marketing as we know it in the forthcoming years.

Here’s how blockchain will revolutionize digital marketing as the cutting-edge technology continues to mature, and what industry professionals and interested investors need to know as they enter the future.

Blockchain-powered ads are just around the corner

The tumultuous world of digital advertisements is ever changing. With the introduction of popular social media platforms and mobile phones, for instance, advertisements, as we had come to know them rapidly, evolved overnight. Now, advancements that have put blockchain at the forefront of emerging technologies guarantee additional disruptions are just around the corner, as a new era of blockchain-powered ads is about to dawn. Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are no longer pleased with traditional advertising options, and instead, want a more digitally-savvy approach befitting of the 21st century.

Industry analysts who have come to appreciate the power of blockchain are beginning to learn that they can use it to monetize end-users, for instance. Targeted marketing will become more accurate than ever before, meaning advertising and marketing professionals can enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to picking their preferred audience. The fact that blockchain will singlehandedly reinvent targeted marketing as we know it today is perhaps the chief method by which it will revolutionize the digital marketing industry over the next few years.

The ability to monetize end-users, too, will drastically change how we view marketing. Email services like BitBounce will continue to proliferate as businesses come to realize that literally rewarding customers with cryptocurrencies for their attention is a surefire way to bolster their brand’s image. As cryptocurrencies grow to become more popular and eventually morph into mainstream economic assets, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see more marketing professionals leverage those digital tokens in the pursuit of success.

Future marketers are being taught about blockchain

Another surefire way to see that blockchain is set to revolutionize the digital marketing agency is by analyzing the current education industry. The marketers of the future are currently being thoroughly educated when it comes to blockchain; indeed, around the world, a number of major businesses and nations are rolling out expansive initiatives explicitly aimed at educating the professionals of the future when it comes to the blockchain. The Maltese government has already launched a blockchain initiative which it hopes will certify experts so that companies can find blockchain expertise that’s reliable.

Expect the marketing industry to thrive as a result of academic bodies around the world warming up to the idea of educating their throngs of students on the blockchain. As blockchain startups continue to accrue impressive valuations for themselves, too, newcomers to the tech and marketing industries will realize they can garner impressive fortunes for themselves by becoming experts in this rapidly emerging field. More so than even newcomers to the market learning about blockchain, however, the encrypted and secure nature of blockchain is what’s set to make it so popular in the near future.

The encrypted nature of blockchain technology means that companies everywhere can simply make more secure ad purchases, and the subsequent increase in industry trust will buoy everyone’s prospects. It’s estimated that literally billions of dollars are wasted every year thanks to ad fraud, which the application of blockchain technology can drastically reduce. In 2016 alone, for instance, marketers lost out on some $7.2 billion that may have otherwise been secured if reliable blockchain initiatives existed to help make ad purchases more legitimate.

The future of marketing may come down to trust

As consumers and companies everywhere are growing deeply distrustful, it’s imperative to note just how important blockchain’s reliable, encrypted nature is. As the very future of the marketing industry could come down to trust, technologies like blockchain which enable disparate third parties to make secure, legitimate transactions with one another will help bolster faith in the overall market. Companies and customers alike don’t want to shell out their cash if they’re uncertain of what they’re buying, especially as the bitcoin price continues to fluctuate unpredictably. And the widespread adoption of blockchain services across the market will help make buyer and seller alike more trusting when it comes to parting ways with their precious greenbacks.

A number of wise brands are already making use of blockchain for precisely this reason, as they view establishing themselves as a secure, encrypted company that cares about information security as being essential to success. Aspiring marketing professionals who are trying to brainstorm innovative new ways to apply blockchain to their specific situation would be wise to read up on the examples provided by others. Cathay Pacific and Havas have already used blockchain to announce enticing rewards programs and communications programs that can be useful to a wide range of industries.

Blockchain a popular buzzword, but not much of the public has a deep understanding of this technology. As more companies like Havas and Cathay Pacific employ blockchain services on a daily basis, however, the technology will become more widely understood and naturally gain the trust of consumers. Expect blockchain to endure a few more years of skepticism, but as the technology proves itself to be useful in a myriad of ways businesses and customers alike will flock to it in ever-greater numbers.

It’s never possible to predict the future with absolute certainty, but there’s little doubt that blockchain’s role in the marketing industry and the broader economy is about to scale up exponentially. This exciting technology is still in its infancy, too, which means that additional developments in the field of encrypted ledger technology will only further buoy blockchain’s prospects. Marketers who are fretting about artificial intelligence and automated ad purchases should look elsewhere; when it comes to revolutionizing digital marketing, blockchain is the technology that could stand apart from the rest.

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