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5 Reasons Why Your Business Cannot Ignore Recording Customer Calls

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Call recording is no more a siloed application. With cloud-hosted telephony services, call recording has become an important feature offered by every service provider in their call management suite. However, only a few of the organizations using this feature understand the significance and importance of call recording for their business.

In this blog, you’ll understand the importance of call recording feature in handling your everyday business tasks and its overall contribution in maintaining the quality of your products and services.  

1. To Train Agents

Theoretical knowledge alone cannot serve when it comes to training agents. You need to ensure your agents are well-versed with the realistic side of their job as well, i.e., handling tough and unpredictable customers promptly. Thus, listening to call recordings where actual conversations have taken place provides practical insight into tackling a situation. It also helps them find answers to some basic questions, for instance,

  1. How to politely agree with the customer in case of disagreement
  2. How to respond to an inappropriate question
  3. When to transfer the call to a senior
  4. How to handle a disappointed customer

And more.

Getting answers to these and more such questions in training prepares your agent beforehand to handle any kind of customers from frustrated to over-enthusiastic ones. Moreover, you should segregate and store the recordings under the solution or situation it depicts.  As an example, place the recordings addressing tricks to handle frustrated customers in one category. While the recording which provides the solution to handle tussle between customers and company policy can be placed under another category. This approach makes the training process quick and also presents a variety of solutions to handle the same situation.

2. To Get An Insight of Customer’s Expectation

Your business is all about customers. If you’re not catering efficiently to your customers then certainly your efforts and money are channelized in the wrong direction. To understand the gap between your efforts and the customer’s expectation, you need to be aware of what customer’s talk and say about your service and product.

Here, call recording is the best solution which can help you understand the customer’s perspective. Listening to call recording and understanding the expectation in customer’s words help you understand the precise gaps in your services.

Reasons for these gaps can vary and there is a high probability that customers are unaware of the existing customer policies already in place. By paying attention to the recordings, you can precisely understand customer’s knowledge of your product and also verify your knowledge of customer’s need.

Apart from cementing the existing gaps, these recordings also help business to improve their product and services by identifying the untapped potential.

3. Keeping Track of Details

It is nearly impossible for agents to remember every detail of the conversation they have with customers every day. Although CRM software and note making features have eased up the information tracking, there are probable chances of the agents missing out on some crucial information or entering incorrect data.

In such scenarios, call recording provides the required backup. To ensure the accuracy of the information or cross-check the missing field, agents can simply listen to the call recordings and fill the gaps with the right information. This not only makes the process accurate but quick.  

4. Compliance Check

Quality of business is ensured by the industry compliances it follows. According to the industry and service, every organization is mandated to meet a set of quality standards in order to list themselves as credible. For example, recent compliance GDPR which has been the talk of the town is considered as an important compliance check for every industry.

Thus, to examine the quality standards followed by agents in the interactions, call recording feature is of great use. Listening to the precise conversation helps the managers to cross check if the agent is abiding by all the regulatory and compliance laws stated by the company.

If discrepancies are detected, managers can take corrective measures or conduct training for the agents to increase their awareness.

5. Dispute Resolution

Discrepancies in the information communicated between the customer and agent have always been a point of dispute. This can also lead to customers filing a legal case against the company. In such cases, call recording of the disputed conversation is the strongest evidence any company could have in their defense.

Call recordings can prevent disputes from inflating and taking a disastrous shape. The interaction is recorded and can be heard by both the parties. Thus, you can easily avoid the blame-game before it starts.  This speeds up the dispute resolution process and provides a much accurate solution to the problem.

Go for It

The above features clearly show that call recording appeals in improving the overall quality of the business. From understanding customer’s expectations to preventing any legal battles, this simple call recording feature proves to be of great convenience and profit. And, it’s no more a costly feature which only large enterprises could afford. Even small companies with a limited budget can utilize this feature for their benefit by opting for cloud-hosted telephony services.

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