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5 Tips to Help You Handle More Leads With CRM Software

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Sales teams need to generate as many leads as possible and convert those leads into customers by giving sales presentations, negotiating all contract terms with prospective clients, create sales quotes, organize meetings with clients, and so much more. They are also required to spend more time and effort dealing with these time-consuming tasks, due to which they may fail to achieve their sales goals. However, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps sales and marketing departments automate most of the tedious tasks involved in this process and generate even more leads.

Here we discuss a few tips which will help you generate more leads with an effective CRM software to increase the organization’s overall profitability.

Fill Your Funnel

Sales and marketing teams fill up their sales funnels to generate enough qualified leads and convert those into sales. For this, they are required to put a lot of time and effort into arranging and attending sales calls, create promotion emails for products/services to target customers, release newsletters, etc.

Fortunately, an advanced CRM solution automatically generates and sends personalized emails and newsletters to your customers, making it easier for sales teams to reach out and target specific customers. The software should enable you to categorize customers based on their responses to the emails and automatically send follow-up emails. It automatically scores the leads and provides the ability to segment contacts, ultimately helping you generate more sales.

Segment and Nurture Leads

The sales and marketing teams’ work does not end at that point. Once emails are sent to customers, they are required to segment those leads by considering various factors such as clicked links, custom tags, customer replies, web browsing activity, and much more. The segmentation process helps you understand whether each customer is just browsing, considering to purchase products/ services, comparing competitors, or are ready to sign and make a payment instantly. Sales and marketing automation software enable the sales teams to track and access more data, allowing them to segment and follow up with target customers through the sales funnel. Plus provides data for the marketing team to target certain customers based on behaviors.

Once you have a clear idea of customers’ needs and their interest levels, you can easily nurture those leads into the next levels. A CRM solution provides you with the ability to personalize email templates to organize campaigns and help you nurture more leads into sales. By analyzing data, you can quickly understand what sealed the deal in the buyers’ journey and tailor personalized messages or emails to grab their attention in the future. Some advanced solutions provide you with the ability to schedule those emails ahead of time. You do not need to bother losing the customers with too few remainder emails or annoy them with too many.

Increase Your Productivity

The software automates many of the time-consuming, tedious tasks. It allows the sales and marketing teams to concentrate on more productive tasks, which will add overall value to the organization. So, they can deliver outstanding performances throughout the entire sales process. As the process of collecting, vetting, and nurturing leads are more automated, sales teams can concentrate their time on the critical tasks that require a human touch.

Control Your Marketing Efforts

With marketing automation software, you have help to control the entire marketing process more effectively. It ensures the sales and marketing teams both have access to view the same tools and data they need to track and convert leads into sales. The marketing team can quickly determine which channels are generating more leads and which strategies are needed to implement in order to engage those specific target customers and increase the number of incoming leads.

Focusing on ROI

Analyze your existing customer relationship management processes and discover which processes slow your sales and marketing teams down on a daily basis. Purchase a CRM solution that provides you with the ability to automate and streamline these tedious tasks. If these time-consuming processes are automated, you can manage considerably more work with fewer resources. Thereby saving a large amount of capital while also increasing processes with CRM productivity tools.


Whatever the company’s size, understanding each customer’s needs and requirements is the first step in prospecting sales leads. You should know who your customers are and understand their internal attributes such as interesting products, credits or discounts, and contract type, plus external attributes such as company size, geography, and more. Accordingly, categorize your target customers correctly and implement sales strategies to generate improved leads. With advanced CRM solutions, you can use all the tools you need to generate quality leads and turn them into sales each time.

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