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Be Safe, Not Sorry –the Importance of Preparation and How It Can Help You Communicate More Effectively

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To reach your goals it is important to look at the boundaries that surround us. This could be one of the main factors that are holding you back. In reflection to an old saying, ‘it is best to regret what we did try rather than what we didn’t’. Providing the much-needed encouragement to overcome this fear. Giving you the desire to address these areas that might have been haunting you. As daunting as this might seem, this self-discovery will help you break free and ‘Unlock your Business Voice’. 


Acknowledge your limitations

The beginning preparations to unlocking your business voice are based on your limitations. The ability to highlight the obstacles holding that might have been holding you back. This can be a powerful tool and by learning to understand them can help you to challenge yourself. Putting your own boundaries back around them will put you back in charge. Giving you the ability to overcome them and move forward.

The importance of planning 

Looking back at my school days studying chemistry, a teacher had a saying which has stuck “Don’t be a bucket chemist’. Emphasizing the importance of developing a clear plan as you would in Science. Like life, in turn, you can’t just throw anything in and expect to see your desired outcome. It is the time and effort put into the preparation that will make you achieve the result you aspire to.

Unlocking your Business Voice

In business, career progression doesn’t always have to be knowledge-based. By possessing more than your colleague doesn’t automatically mean you are more worthy. It is more about the way you are able to present yourself vocally. The My Business Voice Methodology brings all the necessary components together. Compiling the aim, variables, and processes to enable you to conduct your business voice. 

The My Business Voice Methodology

Follow the below VOICE tips to aid in your success:

Vocation – Make sure you set a realistic outcome

Observation – Aspire to find and use qualities from others

Intention – Make sure you are aware of your intention

Casting – Break boundaries by stretching your natural casting

Experiment – Try finding a rehearsal buddy to experiment new methods with

Find your Parallel Universe

Introduce yourself to your ‘Parallel Universe’ as this could be a pinnacle to your success. To be used as a safe place, this world of your own imagination will enable you to break the boundaries holding you back. You will be able to practice limitlessly and without the fear of failure and negative consequences. Keep in line with the rules based on ethics, morality, and legality.  This is a space of your own imagination that can be used to your own desire. Here, you can learn the making of your own internal dial and so unlock your own capabilities and limitations.


How a buddy can help you


The next step is putting together all you have learned in your self-realization into practice.  This will allow you to attain the benefits of your new found confidence. Find yourself a buddy, someone you can use to rehearse alongside. Do not overlook this as an asset as will give you the opportunity to put into practice the techniques you have devised. Use this time wisely by making sure you are fully prepared like any other meeting. This will fully enable you to receive any necessary feedback. In my role as a coach, I believe my responsibility lies in facilitating good rehearsal through the encouragement of experimentation. This is something I believe to be an attribute of a good coach.


Understanding your internal dial

Learning how to interpret your ‘Internal dial’ will be beneficial in delivering your message. Focus on your own capabilities instead of trying to completely rework your own style. It is in the latter, that in my experience you will be unsuccessful. This leads us to the conclusion it is more about looking to your own attributes and fine-tuning them. This will take some pressure away by not trying to be something you are not. In turn, allowing more time spent identifying techniques more suited to you. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure to watch my clients progress to implementer and influencer roles from technical and knowledge-based levels.


Use your time wisely 

Time used well is a powerful tool. One of the key objectives of unlocking your business voice is learning to use this time wisely. We are all given time, inevitably we might not all receive the same amount. For this reason, it is important for this not to be wasted. Take the time to fully rehearse for all eventualities as this will give you the confidence to fulfill your voice. You will learn to grow professionally, also in terms of your own personal confidence and competences. This, in turn, will benefit you for the rest of your career and your life.

About the Author | Simon de Cintra

Simon de Cintra has over 25 years experience in business and provides coaching and mentoring for people who are looking to gain confidence with their public speaking skills or want to learn how to lead

and influence others. In 2006 Simon founded MyFirstTrainers® and has delivered workshops at leading business schools and internationally for major blue chip companies. Simon specializes in personal impact, influencing and persuading stakeholders and public speaking skills for introverts working in complex and highly technical environments.


His varied career inspired him to seek the formula behind authentic communication revealed in his new book Unlock Your Business Voice – How to Speak As Well As You Think (£12.99, Rethink Press). On-sale February 2018 from Amazon at £12.99. To keep updated visit http://www.myfirsttrainers.com/author/simon/

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