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20 Awesome, Cool &Amp; Unique Wine Glasses for F&Amp;B Business

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Have you ever felt bad about not being able to pair some great wines with some fine food? At home, you might not be able to remedy this kind of situation but when you plan to visit your favorite restaurant (or own one for that matter!), you want to get the best. The fine dining experience is never complete without world-class wines to sip alongside. However, the experience is taken to a notch higher with glassware collections that make a statement.

So upping your wine drinking experience and of your guests is as easy as adding these 20 glasses. They can be the game-changer: some can be significant conversation starters, others can be ironical in their own way and the rest of these can act as art collection of sorts.

List of Awesome, Cool & Unique Wine Glasses

Go through the list awesome, Cool & Unique Wine Glasses for your Restaurant and Bar Busines and let us know which ones’ have tugged your heart.


  • Modena Wine Glasses

Sculptural and shaped in a unique way, these glasses are convenient to grip and swirl the contents without hand warming the drink.


  • Martini Glass

Double-lined and artwork created by hand, these are designed by Alissia Melka-trichrome. The way these are designed, you are going to enjoy a cool drink a little longer.


  • Carafe-and-glass combo by H2Eau

Eyes can deceive and this glass can be a great example of this statement. Rather than a stack, it’s just one glass over the water-container. Put it where you are for most of the time to stay hydrated and surprise your visitors.


  • Botanical Glass

Designed by Benjamin Hubert, these glasses are a masterpiece. Light reflects in a way to create tree formations and its Saffire blue color is quite striking. Who wouldn’t want to have a sip from these creative glasses?



  • Unique B’day Wine Glass

Painted meticulously in vibrant colors to match the zeal of life in the person, these glasses offer great gifting solutions. Pick the number painted on the glass that matches the age of the person for which it’s a gift. And you will be remembered for life!


  • Tiara-mounted crystal-decorated artistic glass

Apart from being hand-painted, the glass showcases the fine artistic tastes of its designer. Shipped to the buyer in a Lolita Gift box, it leaves a lasting first impression as well.


  • Modern art on the wine glass

Wine enthusiasts with an eye for art-on-the-glass are really going to appreciate this one. Simple yet elegant, you will surely fall in love with it.



  • BOULES Tumblers

Mouth-blown, aesthetically hand-finished and fitted with a lens for visual surprise element, these glasses might surprise the wine-drinker.


  • Kinetic Revolving Collection

Crafted by Emma Klau, an Australian glass designer, the collection is meant to solve the swirling issue while not letting the hands warm the content inside the glass.


Cuts to die for

  • Baccarat Stemware / Massena Stemware

Details are what these uniquely cut glasses are loved and bought for. Their weight feels good in the hand and looks rich in appeal.


  • Duchesse Pattern with a twist

Two great art connoisseurs came together to create this glassware: Wedgwood (fine china, porcelain, glassware, and luxury accessories company) and Vera Wang (Wedding Designer). A traditional design is given a distinctive appeal with a platinum rim.


  • Timeless Vintage Multipurpose Goblet

If you want to add something that can be used in a versatile manner, this goblet can do just the trick. Utopia’s Creative Bar Collection gives you the freedom to be creative with wine glassware


For travel buffs who happen to be wine drinkers as well

  • Vino2Go- Glass with the lid

As could be seen, the lid keeps unwanted things out and the drink from spilling. And the BPA-free plastic makes it perfect for any picnic party. When are you going to?


  • Silicon wine cups

Do whatever you want with these cups and they would spring up again like they were always trained to do just that! What more, these could even be carried in a pocket!


  • Stylish glasses with no resistance for a freezer

No time to cool the drink put them directly in the freezer. No worries with these BPA-free plastic glasses! Who says these cannot be stylish?


Wine glasses with images (that appear to be inside the drink!)

  • Moustache, Butterfly and spider, Urinating boy and dog, Swimmers

If amusement or conversation starters (or both) are on your mind, these glasses are a perfect way to accomplish that. The urinating ones are from Donkey Products, tagged as ‘Moist & Marry’; Butterfly and spider collection are from Propaganda.


Unique glasses packed inside another wall

  • Intelligently shaped Wine glasses

These are designed in a way to break the ice if you want to with something insignificant yet witty to chat about. And while you do so, double-walled glasses would not let your drink get cooled sooner. The wineglass inside a mug is designed by Weinstein. The idea of these flutes came to the mind of Alissia Melka-Teichrow. The Bottom-up glass with a beer bottle shape inside is from HOPSIDE.



Wine glasses inspired by dragons and other dark themes

  • Antler-inspired, Writhing dragon, dragon paw, gothic design

The first one seems to belong to an antler; the second one holds a wine glass in the wings of the dragon; third is held by a curled up dragon; fourth is a dragon paw and the last one is studded with real sparkling Swarovski crystals into the dark gothic design. Each one is a remarkable piece of art rather than a part of some plain wine glassware set.


Wine glasses for music-creators

  • Harmonica glasses

Those wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts that have a love for glass harmonica but lack the understanding of how the music gets created can pick these glasses. Each marking gives the musical note created when the glass is filled to that level.



  • Wino Sippers

Just have a look at interesting wine glasses and you know what we meant!


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