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Why Does a Smart Grocery Business Need an App-Based Offering?

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The last few decades have seen a mighty shift in the consumer’s shopping behavior. The paradigm shift was from brick and mortar stores to shopping from an online mobile application. While we have almost mobile apps for every service we need at the comfort of our home, the grocery stores are now switching to online mobile grocery app of their own. It is the need of the hour.

According to a recent study, developed countries like the US, Japan, etc one-fourth online shoppers are shopping for groceries online and 55% are willing to do so in the coming future. To fulfill the gap between online demand and delivery of the on-demand grocery delivery app development is also growing by a 3x rate a year. The whole online grocery delivery sector is growing impressively by 13%annually. So, there exists a massive scope of online grocery delivery app.

As more people work remotely or lack cars, they need grocery delivery apps more than ever. The below figures will back my statement of how grocery apps have skyrocketed the demand:

  • The Instacart has announced to hire 3, 00,000 additional delivery boys to meet the soaring delivery demands. Instacart had recorded the highest sales in the last quarter rising up to $700 million.
  • Global grocery shopping app download has increased to 106M.
  • Amazon app download has increased by 20% since January
  • Daily download rates of Walmart, Instacart, Shipt have soared high by 169%, 218%, and 124% respectively.
  • Walmart grocery saw a maximum of 54,000 downloads per day and Instacart saw 38,500 downloads per day since February, 2020.

So the facts and figures reveal how floating a grocery delivery app can turn. Out to be a super profitable business

Reasons Why a Grocery Store Should Invest in Grocery Delivery App Development

Provides a Home-Like Feeling To the Customers

Are you confused, what does home-like feeling mean? The personal recommendations provided by the grocery app based on your order and search history makes customers feel like a home that is their own store which they will surely like to visit again and again. Additionally, these recommendations and history panel allows them to order quickly without wasting time in searching.

Extended and Easy Reach To the Customers

In today’s modern digital era, with the Smartphone and easy internet access, online grocery apps make reaching large targets easy. The grocery store is on their fingertips and customers find it convenient to order the grocery. With an online grocery app, you can find more engagement and user satisfaction with the customers.

Low Operational Cost

To maximize your profits, your operational cost of business should be at a minimum. With cut-throat competition, it’s difficult to maintain the profit levels and also retain the customers. In such situations, lowering the operations costs goes in favor of the owner. Online grocery apps are more economically viable with the least labor cost. Thus, more revenue.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Stock Listing Worries

Tt is the most cumbersome task for any business owner to manually enter the stocks and the list and number of items. But, the listing of stocks can be easily done with grocery app development. The grocery app has a large capacity to store and manage a comprehensive list of products. They can be easily updated and managed. While it is convenient for the owners, it is a blessing to the customers to find all items under a single app.

Smooth and Coherent Management of Orders and Delivery

While it can seem like a herculean task to manage multiple orders, delivery boys, payment, etc, the administrative panel of the grocery delivery app makes it quite a simple job. The owner can allot the delivery jobs, manage multiple orders, and track the delivery status with GPS tools to ensure better service. The USP of your grocery delivery app is the fastest and fresh delivery of the groceries and this is achieved via wise management which you can establish through an administrative panel.

Avail Customized Insights on the Product Engagement

With large data backup of the customers and detailed analysis, the owner can find out the most searched and ordered products and thus can stock up those products. This, insights on the product and customers’ shopping behavior can help you plan for the future.

So, I’m sure by now you are completely convinced as to why your grocery store needs a dedicated grocery delivery app.

What Are Some Special Features You Can Incorporate in Your Grocery Delivery App?

Before you approach the best grocery delivery app development company, make sure you have a complete blueprint of your app so that your grocery delivery app is one just built for you, suiting your business needs. Apart from incorporating general basic features in your app, add some prominent and special features that distinguish your grocery delivery app from those of your competitors.

Reordering Products

The app should provide the customer with the facility to reorder the items directly from the history panel or from the pre-orders items. Additionally, they can add other items to it as per the need. This helps save time and also is very convenient for the customers.

Online In-Store Purchase

Let your customers buy the products through bar code scanning in your store but buy from app to avail special online discounts and schemes. Now, this is a cutting edge benefit for the customers.

Little to No Delivery Charges

This is a crucial point. If your business allows it then you should offer free delivery to the customers but you can also go for least charges below a certain amount of order. Customers are always happy to receive some monetary benefits.

Apart from above-mentioned features, your grocery delivery app must have all other basic features like:

  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Easy ordering and cancellation
  • GPS tracking
  • Seamless payment methods
  • Push notifications
  • Discounts offer etc
  • Help and support

So, with all the above basic and special features amalgamated makes the best grocery delivery app for your grocery store.

Wrapping Up

We can go on and on to list the benefits that an online grocery delivery app can render to your grocery business. Your business begins with customers and ends with customers. These apps can go a long way in ensuring high customer satisfaction and better revenue for you.

I believe this article has convinced you as to why you must invest in the grocery delivery app. If you have made up your mind to float your own brand of grocery delivery app then, we are here to help you with an agile and talented team of web development experts. Reach out to us for better reach.

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