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6 Biggest Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

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Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, mobile phones have transformed from being communication devices to an all-important business tool. iPhone’s App Store was quickly followed by Android’s Play Store.

Now, both of these stores have at least 2 million apps each. These tiny slices of the web are a constant reminder of what can be accomplished by merely moving a finger across the screen.

Naturally, corporations have gleefully adopted to use mobile apps as an extension of their digital footprint.

How can a mobile application development company help your business grow? We take a deep dive into the reasons.

Reasons Why a Mobile App is Essential for Business

  • Increase Customer Engagement

An app is a direct avenue for marketing to your customers. Once the user installs your app, and you understand the buyer behavior, there are no limits to the number of offers and rewards that you could send across.

Push messages appear in the notification bar of the device and remain there till the customer reads it. Unlike email marketing, the reader can’t send it to trash without opening. Like email marketing, it costs peanuts to create a campaign using one.

  • Rise in Visibility

An app is usually very distinctive. An average person spends at least two hours daily, checking for messages, emails, and browsing the mobile. When toggling back and forth, they cannot help but notice the icon.

Even if they are not using your services that hour, they are constantly reminded of your brand. This kind of all-time access day or night to the customer’s psyche is not possible even through saturated television advertising costing millions.

You are assured that when the customer requires the service you provide, your name would be uppermost in their mind. It is not possible to measure the immense value of this omnipresent visibility.

  • Reduced Costs

Through offshore mobile app development, you can radically cut down the cost of entering the smart device arena.

In effect, once you have a presence via the app, you can safely cut back on all other forms of communication. These include SMS marketing, email marketing, and newsletters.

This reduces the staffing cost and the overhead you incur for generating somewhat repetitive content that the user, in most cases, sends to deletes without looking.

  • Create Barcode Scans

All modern mobile devices can scan barcodes and QR codes. This makes it easier to locate an item, create a cart, and checkout using an app.

An excellent example of this is the contactless dining format that is set to become the norm. Instead of browsing through a menu at the restaurant, the customer scans a barcode on his smart device and selects items. The app creates an order with the table number, bills automatically, and accepts payment through credit and prepaid cards.

It is safer and less intrusive and allows patrons to enjoy more privacy. This contactless model can be adopted in some form to nearly every business that offers standardized products.

  • Accelerates Speed Of Transaction

Without an app, the customer would have to launch a browser, type in a web URL, and patiently type in what he needs through a tiny keyboard.

It is a most exhausting procedure, and though Accelerated Mobile Pages technology can make loading times quicker, they can’t offer any help in this regard.

The only option is to take a browser-independent approach through an app. When typing fields with letters or numbers, a magnified keyboard can be presented, and the rest of the screen minimized.

To put it simply, an app is many times faster at completing the same operation.

Moreover, an app can be easily integrated with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other location-specific protocols that allow easier access to a customer.

  • Provide Enhanced Support

One of the significant advantages of the app is that you are just a tap away from the customer. It’s tedious for a customer to write an email or call a toll free number. Both require time and a certain level of privacy.

With an app, it is as simple as composing and sending a short text complaint while going from meeting to meeting.

If the content of the complaint is not explicit, the customer could choose to receive a phone call from your end when they have enough time. In the meantime, you could isolate the problem reason and already commence a service request.

So, What Should You Do Next?

Hint: Engage the best app developer company in India; it’s worth it.

An app allows you to stand out from your competitors in nearly every imaginable way. It enables you to raise the game to a new level.

A business app is also a smart way to convince a customer that your business is up to date with all technological changes.

If you are not investing in a business app, you are losing out at cultivating customer loyalty and generating new leads.

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